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I want to made Classic Piranha Plant and Upside down Piranha Plant work like Red Piranha Plant from SMB2J.
Something like this

Edit: Add a video.
I want to make them coming out even Mario near the pipe, but not if Mario stand on the pipe.
What is "Pitch Modulation"?
The blue P display between E and N on SPC700 Player.
Game: Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story
Track Name: Magic Shop of Raspberry
Sampled?: None
Audio Reference: Youtube
Note Data Reference: Dowload
GameTouhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story
東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story
Track NameMagic Shop of Raspberry
Audio ReferenceYoutube
Note Data ReferenceHere (Convert from original file)
The Requests Forum only display 1 page. No matter how many threads are.
Originally posted by Katerpie
I'm not sure this is a bug per se... how many threads per page do you have set in your profile?


I noticed this because my request just disappeared from the page for now.
Oh, page 2 appear now, and my request appear.
Maybe because the ghost thread take up a slot to display, but the request forum didn't really have more than 50 thread (Since these complete request has moved to Archived Requests), so page 2 wouldn't appear.
果然中文圈關注SMW Hack的人這麼少嗎……
在YT上SMW Hack也只有零星的實況系列……
I think this should be fix to prevent some requests disappear.
Don’t know if this is same problem, My mobile is still cracking when play SPC.
Support this.
Originally posted by Maxodex
personally i'd like to be able to see a list of the threads i've made. that's the one thing i've always wondered why it hasn't been done yet.

Also support this.
Game: Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story(東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story)
Track Name: Magic Shop of Raspberry
Audio Reference: Youtube
Note Data Reference: Download (Convert from original file)