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Originally posted by PSI Ninja
3) If you don't want to use a background, is that allowed? (i.e., Deleting all of the tiles in the "Background Layer 2 Editor" window.) I'm asking because I used the options I talked about in question #2 to make the background "work" with the vertical level I'm making. So if the options mentioned in question #2 are forbidden, I think I would rather have no background than have one that looks off.

You can use level F7 background, It is a empty background.
Game: Pushover
Track Name: Space
Sample Usage: Many
Audio Reference: SPC
Note Data Reference: Download
Yukari Yakumo(八雲 紫) from Touhou project.
Name: Custom Level Intro
Type: Patch
Description: Custom level intro for all level(0~24,101~13B).
References: Youtube link
Can I request patches to convert to be compatible with SA-1?