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Thanks for the helpful post#lm{1door}
I recently got got a song to replace the Yoshis Island overworld music (starting area) It came with an SPC file and a txt file with code
Can I insert it using Lunar Magic? and if I can, How do I?
If I need another tool, please tell me
Originally posted by MaxodeX
Have a tutorial! You will need AddmusicK.

Thank you, but I have a problem. It will not work. the computer I am using thinks one of the files is a virus... Are there any other programs I can use?
I have 2 questions. 1, how do I make custom title screen sprites in Lunar Magic, and 2, How do I edit the file select/Player selections to say something else?
I saw it in the Level Sprite Editor (The 8X8 editor) and edited it
Originally posted by Konata Izumi
Originally posted by Imasheep
1, how do I make custom title screen sprites in Lunar Magic?

You don't. Lunar Magic handles virtually nothing when it comes to custom sprites.

What tool can I use for this?
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