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if i cant get kaillera working. I cant press "net play"
HI This is a hack im currently working on
Remember its my first hack.

And by the way its only a one world hack


Yoshi has been kidnapped and Mario went to Yoshis Island to save him.
Theres really no more too it.


How do you Show a Image on a forum thread.

Edit: tnx

This is as you can see the Intro

And this is the overworld(will fix more on it later)

This is the OW with patches(will make an secret exit later)

This is a ss from 105 which is the first level in the game
Hey, thats a pow door

later in the level you will get to this growing wine...

...which leads to a strange pipe...

...wich leads to a strange place...

...which leads to a even stranger pipe!!!

After going through that pipe...

youre pretty much done

Level 105 is pretty linear and if you skip the extra ways you can do the level in seconds. Therefore ill put "You must have collected all Yoshi coins" blocks so that you cant get to the exit without the all yoshi coins

So, what do you think?
Originally posted by papermario766

You better do more. If you don't this hack has at least a 30% chance of being automaticly rejected

I said i was going to change it, but Im actually not so good at overworld hacking. So if someone would help.

(See above)

(see above)

I don't like that corner next to the purple triangle

if I knew how to I would do that years ago

This kind doen't make any sense. A cave in the sky?

Its Mario (I mean c'mon mutated turtles, walking bombs, turtles on clouds throwing some kind of hedgehogs on you), And by the way its not a cave but youre inside the pipe itself

You need to add some more level time. At least 25-40 seconds.

It was my first time taking ss while playing, so i was a bit, you know. But actually I think youre right, so ill ad some seconds

In short, you got a lot more to go. I recommend playing some of the feature hacks, just to get an idea for your own.


You should also use ExGFX, Custom sprites, and custom blocks.

will do. I will copy it over to SMW Redrawn and ad some blocks

Originally posted by darklink898
Originally posted by papermario766

This kind doen't make any sense. A cave in the sky?

Actually, Mario games have never had any sense. >_>
My only complaint about that level, can't you just choose not to enter the pipe and fall down the clouds and complete the level faster?

if you read my first post youl see you need all yoshi coins to exit, and it is one down there

there you go
The featured hacks are asm hacks, graphic hacks or something that direction. And I suck at those

And also:

I fixed the corner my own way.(cant believe I didnt came up with that before.)


woohoo, I made(re-colored) myself an Avatar

I Also made other re-colors, feel free to use them.

Anyway, back on topic:
What do you think?(the hack, not the re-colors, or maybe the re-colors too)
SS from my hack:Super Mario SYoDT

Edit: Deleted,I didnt know Youre not allowed to post screenies here if you have them on your own thread
That was on my own thread.
There are some green hill zone and marble zone ExGFX's
in The ExGFX site

Ive now copied the whole hack over to Redrawn(Will give credits to icegoom)but I'm still, far from finished with it.

and: how do i post a video?(It doesn't say anything in the F.A.Q.)
I want to take video of my title screen.

AND: If you can guess what SYoDT stands for I'll give you [lie]100points[/lie]
What about voting off featured hacks we dont like
I just got an idea when I thought about the story.

Instead of having most of the story in the beginning, and then lots of levels, we should add some "story lvls". a level which plays out just like the opening scene. (before you end up in the overworld). the "story scenes have a bit of the story each, and are placed around every once in a while(like one each subworld).

Do you get what mean?
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