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Hello! I've been a guest on the site for a year, but now I've decided to finally register.
I don't know much about SMW hacking (all of my levels are blatant edits) but I played many hacks.
See you around!
Normal or Hard but I sometimes play Easy hacks.
Looks good but getting to the fence in the second screenshot looks like a tight fit (for big Mario). The other levels look good.
@Mario Doge: You're welcome!
I'd like to claim level 22.
Also, I fixed a glitch and removed the Map16 fence in 134. Link is in the original post.
edit: Are secondary exits okay if they lead to the same level?
Level 22 is done!
It's all about dumping Yoshi into pits!

Also, is it okay to move the midway entrance via sprite editing mode?
When I check the member list to see who has registered I see that 3 or 4 of the new users are banned (their name color is brown and it says "Account Disabled"). Some of them don't even have any posts. Are they banned because they are alt accounts or something? I saw one only registered for 2 minutes.
Also, occasionally one of the staff members' names are brown too (and no, I'm not talking about Nimono). Why does this happen?

Sorry if this thread is already made.
Valley Fortress.
- Removing screen exits and making better pipes
- Adding a message box to tell the player that there is a moon in every world
- Make something like the "Goodbye Football RNG" patch
- Reducing the number of yellow switch blocks in YI3
Originally posted by Minuy600
Utilise some rarely used/unused objects much more often, especially the ones that aren't broken. Don't see why they wouldn't use the flying red coins or the big platform. And if they fixed purple coins to not look like pink used blocks in combination with a P Switch, i'd not have problems with that either.
Level 4 is done.
If it's too hard tell me. Oh and if you wanted the original version of level 134 PM me and I'll upload it.
These levels are interesting! Although I think that the piranha plant at the start of Snow in the sky is kinda cheap #ab{:P}
I think there are chasing Rexes in one of the Ninji Jump games as well.
Originally posted by IanBoy141
Sure, Kieran gets money from but he spends it to keep the site alive.

So does that mean that Nintendo doesn't take SMWC down because Kieran pays them?
3-level hacks are too short while hacks with 100 exits are long (for me, at least).
I think it should be between 40 and 90 exits if it's fun.
Originally posted by Ivy
You can't ever truly delete a file from the internet

because once you've downloaded it Nintendo can't delete it from your computer. If we get a C&D, ROM hacking won't die but it won't be as fun if SMW Central will. But I bet we can share our hacks via Discord or Skype or some other chat app.