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Hack Moderation Log: BeeKaaaay

Moderated: 29

Accepted: 18

Duck Island by decentduck on 2019-03-10
Superstar Mario World by Stiviboy on 2019-04-21
Monty Mole Island 4 - Gamma Archipelago by Green Jerry on 2019-05-01
Super Nova World by Domokun007 on 2019-05-05
Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals by bandicoot on 2019-05-30
Super Mario Classic'd by blocc on 2019-06-08
Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure 6 World Demo by GreenLightningx6 on 2019-06-29
A Super Mario World Rom Hack (DEMO) by The Hacking Yoshi on 2019-07-24
Super Luigi Land by Gamma V on 2019-08-03
Mario's Quest For The Water by waffledoctor87 2019-08-06
Just Another Vanilla Hack 2 by niko on 2019-08-09
Super Luigi Land by Gamma V on 2019-08-18
Mario, Luigi and the 7 Eggs of Peace by cyphermur9t on 2019-08-18
New Super Mario Land by izaguirrefermin28 on 2019-08-24
Same Sprites, Different Levels by eltiolavara9 on 2019-09-22
A Journey To Save The Yoshis by Yoshivert99 on 2019-09-22
JAVH 2 by niko on 2019-09-22
Mario: The Curse of the King Boo by Parahax on 2019-11-16

Rejected: 11

Bowser ruins marios Vacation by enan2017 on 2019-03-10
Super DomenyX World by LucasMegaStriker on 2019-03-18
BLOOD!!! by Yoshi254 on 2019-04-28
Super Mario World -Chapter One by AyGaAlPa on 2019-06-08
Super Mario World Reimagined 0.0.1 by hacksafe on 2019-07-14
New Super Mario World 64 by That DumbGaijin on 2019-07-17
Super Luigi World Beta 1.0 by VDROIDTGM on 2019-08-03
SMW Paper Hill by FimishHACK on 2019-08-04
New Super Mario World 2: Around the World by Pink Gold Peach on 2019-08-30 (74 exits, joint moderation with Atari)
Tithered Mario by SAMPLE on 2019-09-14
Geromine School by FullCannon on 2019-11-09
File Name: Bowser ruins marios Vacation
Submitted: by enan2017
Authors: enan2017
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal

anyways, here is the plot of the hack

Mario decides to travel, to the beach for vacation, and Bowser decides to runied marios vacation, mario must

get his revenge on him!
I have to reject this hack because it is unbeatable. After beating "Stormy Airship", I was unable to move up on the overworld to Bowser's Castle. I played on a Super Nt and SD2SNES, FYI.

Other major issues:

In multiple levels (for example, "Hot Cave"), Mario's sprite, or other enemies' sprites, sometimes disappear when a Banzai Bill is on screen (https://imgur.com/a/sUwAz9f). Please play through your levels on a Super Nintendo or accurate emulator and ensure this doesn't happen.

The level design is very repetitive. In many levels, you are required to make very long jumps, sometimes aided by an enemy in the middle of the jump (https://imgur.com/a/vv5GEiE). You usually can't even see the platform you're supposed to land on without scrolling, and I spent a lot of time scrolling, running around to get P-speed, then attempting the jump.

Minor issues:

This obstacle (https://imgur.com/a/81yrV6U) is probably not suitable for a "Normal" hack. I went back, got cape, and flew over the level.

In multiple levels (for example, "Frozen Dungeon"), sprite graphics partially disappear (https://imgur.com/a/rTpjQKJ).

Starting with "Icey Tunnel", the hack becomes much more difficult, and is no longer "Normal", but "Hard". A smoother difficulty curve would be nice.

There are a lot of English errors in the message box and cutscene text. For example, the hack name should be "Bowser Ruins Mario's Vacation". You may want to find someone to proofread all the English text.
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Bk please dont rejject jump h alf thanks :)

Please no reverse water.
File Name: Super DomenyX World
Submitted: by LucasMegaStriker
Authors: LucasMegaStriker
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 98 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal

TRAILER VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdMENjaYobI

======= PORTUGUESE =======


CRIADO POR MegaStriker aka Lucas
BoxArt by Insanit & Mega

HOMENAGEM PARA Canal domenyX e toda a tropa

Saídas: 98
Dificuldade: Normal
Linguagem: Português Brasileiro
Aplique o PATCH no arquivo bps e boa diversão!

A Tia Rita e os sete POWER CATS foram sequestrados e agora todo o Reino Das Coxitzas está sob ataque do exército do grande HATER! Apenas um herói é necessário a esta altura: o primeiro e único DOMENYX!
Passe por sete mundos diferentes além de dois mundos extras em um total de 98 saídas cremosas!
Voce é capaz de vencer este desafio?

>> Dificuldade progressiva e equilibrada para todos os
tipos de jogadores, então não precisam ficar com
medo de baixar, tentem e se divirtam!

CREDITOS DE AJUDA: Miranha, Lester Vine, TheMorganah,
Marmorial Play e toda a galera da MARIO HACKS

ALGUNS BACKGROUNDS E MUSICAS criadas por Shiny Ninetales,
Roberto Zampari, Gamma V e criadores aleatórios da

Deem feedback no post e reportem bugs! :D
Que a Coxitza esteja com você!

======== ENGLISH ========


CREATED BY MegaStriker aka Lucas
BoxArt by Insanit & Mega

TRIBUTE TO DomenyX Channel and the whole troop

Exits: 98
Difficulty: Normal
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Apply PATCH to bps file and have fun!

   Aunt Rita and the seven POWER CATS were kidnapped and now the entire Coxitzas Kingdom is under attack from the army of the great HATER! Only one hero is needed at this point: the first and only DOMENYX!
   Go through seven different worlds plus two extra worlds in a total of 98 creamy exits!
   Are you able to overcome this challenge?

>> Progressive and balanced difficulty for all
types of players, so you do not have to be
afraid to download, try and have fun!

HELPFUL CREDITS: Miranha, Lester Vine, TheMorganah,
Marmorial Play and all the guys from MARIO HACKS

SOME BACKGROUNDS AND MUSIC created by Shiny Ninetales,
Roberto Zampari, Gamma V and Random Creators of

Give feedback in the post and report bugs! : D
May Coxitza be with you!
I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into this hack. Unfortunately, I'm rejecting it because it has a lot of levels which are edits of vanilla Super Mario World levels. On the submission page, one of the Core Values is that "levels are made from scratch." There were edits of at least the following levels:

Morton's Castle
Vanilla Dome 3
Butter Bridge 2
Soda Lake
Forest of Illusion 2
Forest of Illusion 3
Forest of Illusion 4
Roy's Castle
Chocolate Island 3
Sunken Ghost Ship
Valley of Bowser 2
Valley Ghost House
Valley of Bowser 3
Valley of Bowser 4
Larry's Castle
Star World 1
Star World 2
Star World 4

There were also minor problems I'd like to see fixed if you resubmit.

Consider adding coins or some other hint for the secret exit in Alegria da Lyn.

The platforms and the background in Reduto Roniery are both very dark and might be hard to distinguish between on some monitors.

The clouds in Pequena Nala are very hard to see.

There's a lot of cutoff in the hack:


Lastly, these levels were much harder than anything else in the hack:

Casa dos Lemos (secret exit boss fight)
Ban Trajano
Bruno Cardim

Because of them, this hack is "Hard" difficulty as opposed to "Normal". This is fine, and I would have accepted the hack as "Hard" if it were not for all the level edits. But you might want to make those levels easier if you're aiming for "Normal" difficulty.
+1 for Nachos and Fried Oreos.
File Name: BLOOD!!!
Submitted: by Yoshi254
Authors: Yoshi254
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: BLOOD!!!
There is no substantive gameplay here. Just reading message boxes and running to the right. Most levels are vanilla edits, and there is a lot of cutoff.
File Name: Super Mario World -Chapter One (v.1.1)
Submitted: by AyGaAlPa
Authors: AyGaAlPa
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 82 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Argument:

This is the first chapter of eight. In this ROM, Mario and Luigi will embark on a quest to rescue the

Princess Peach far and wide of Yoshi Island, finding not only a terrible invasion perpetrated by an

enemy that seems to be Bowser again, but also with a territory full of alternative and secret roads.


-Super Jump: Keep pressing down until Mario and / or Luigi blink, when that happens, release the button and jump.

- Wall bounce: Press your jump or jump key when you are in contact with a wall.


Tested in

-Snes9X for PC

-Snes9X for 3DS

-Snes9X for WII

-Zsnes for PC


I do not remember the names of each SMW Central user whose contributions have benefited my hack, but if any of them and you play my

Hack, make each and every one of my sincere thanks.

Updates (v1.1): Is exactly the same hack, but now...Contain only two small fixes

-Fix a secret exit on a Ghost House.

-Added more effects for various kinds of castle around the overworld.

A thousand thanks for giving my hack a chance to entertain you, I hope you like it.
There is a reason you cannot submit updates to a hack while is it being moderated. Please do not try to work around this by submitting the hack again. It is disrespectful of the moderators' time. You should make sure you've fixed everything you want to fix before submitting. If you want to update your hack while it is being moderated, contact the moderator.

Major issues:
- You have the vanilla Super Mario World levels Yoshi's Island 1, Iggy's Castle, Vanilla Dome 1, Vanilla Secret 1 in this hack. All levels must be made from scratch.
- There is a soft lock in "FUERTE DE LA ISLA" if you miss the jump off this spring. The single-jump spring mechanic is in general too unforgiving for an Easy/Normal hack. If you accidentally jump on a spring you were meant to pick up, you have to restart the level.
- The secret exit in "LAGO GALLETA" is bad level design. If you don't have cape from the previous level, you have to go pretty far into the level to get the P-switch, then go back and use it to get past the spin blocks.
- In several levels with Banzai Bills, Boo rings, or Big Boos, other sprites sometimes disappear due to too many sprites being on screen.
- The overworld is confusing. After getting 55 exits, I did not know how to make progress. All warp pipes on the overworld say "ISLA DE YOSHI" but go to different places.

Minor issues:
- The difficulty of this hack is at least "Normal", not "Easy".
- You have an overworld powerup filter which prevents you from taking cape out of levels with Start + Select, but you can still beat a level with cape to take cape out. This seems harsh for an Easy/Normal hack.
- It is confusing that there is an overworld path to the left of "CASA DE YOSHI" which cannot be used.
- It is confusing that there is an overworld path to the right of "CASTILLE DE IGGY" which cannot be used.
- After beating "BARCO VOLADOR", the airship does not immediately move to the correct position on the overworld.
File Name: Super Mario World Reimagined 0.0.1
Submitted: by hacksafe
Authors: hacksafe
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: its a very unfinished piece of work, and only one level has been changed at all.
Please read the "Core Values" at https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&s=smwhacks&a=submit.

Specifically, "Levels are made from scratch." This contains all levels from vanilla Super Mario World. The only change is a new overworld.
File Name: New Super Mario World 64
Submitted: by That DumbGaijin
Authors: That DumbGaijin
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Read the included README.txt file
Please read the submission guidelines. Specifically, the "Core Values" section:

"Levels are made from scratch, excluding translation hacks"
File Name: Super Luigi World Beta 1.0
Submitted: by VDROIDTGM
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: This Hack is pretty vanilla, keeping most of the original levels. But there's one key difference. Difficulty. Dragon coins, cape feathers, and Yoshi are all removed and the timer is stricter. This hack is only tweaked up to Vanilla Dome, from then on, it's just the normal SMW

I would love to know if you guys like the Luigi sprite or not, it's not mine, but I could change it to the All Stars version if you guys want.

Edit: You guys can go check out my Youtube (VDROIDTGM) for other Luigi stuff. I have done a SMB Rom hack, and a SM64 one. So, check that out if your intrested.
Note the "Core Values" of the submission guidelines at https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&s=smwhacks&a=submit:

"Levels are made from scratch, excluding translation hacks"
File Name: SMW Paper Hill
Submitted: by FimishHACK
Authors: FimishHACK
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Go on any level evil puzzels with world 2 coming
This hack has the same problems as and is rejected for the same reason as the previous submission: the second level is unbeatable.

If you submit this again without fixing these problems, you risk being banned from submitting hacks.
Having played through most of your hack and being a fairly experienced player, here are my two cents. I have a lot of muscle memory for vanilla SMW: the controls, the movement, how sprites and blocks look and behave. I enjoyed the vanilla platforming parts of the hack. I've even gotten used to your walljump ASM even though I prefer the walljump blocks, because the ASM you use has become more common recently. I've also encountered the thwomp boss enough times in other hacks to beat the thwomp boss secret exit in the hack on the second try (I know people complained about that secret exit). The level where spin jump toggles blocks was also fun because it didn't fight with my intuition and was sufficiently forgiving. The moving blocks in the world 14 casino level were fine.

But I feel some ASM detracts from the game instead of adding to it:

- The piranha plant boss has a large luck factor in it. If you get unlucky, you die, which is very frustrating and ruins whatever level the boss is in. This is made worse by having to go through a platforming section before such a boss.
- The ice bros stun-lock you and slowly kill you.
- The cloud sprites that blow you off the platforms are obnoxious. I think it's the near-instantaneous knockback from such a large distance that is surprising in a bad way.

And now for the levels which caused me to put the hack down:

- The upside-down level in world 14 is both obtuse (I could not figure out what to do after turning Mario upside-down for the first time), and an upside-down Mario is very awkward to control since it's the opposite of what my brain and hands are used to.
- The world 14 ghost house has sprites and blocks that behave differently from what they look like. The only way to figure out how something behaves is by interacting with it. Interacting with something incorrectly for the first time might kill you. You only find out that coins kill you instantly in the second room. On top of this, the level contains some difficult platforming, not many powerups, is pick-a-door, and has trolls deep into the level (like the boo cloud and the vanishing floor which will almost certainly cause you to touch a coin and die instantly), and the checkpoint is quite deep into all this. It's all just too much.

I don't speak for everyone, but I would prefer it if people didn't use gimmicks which actively conflict with my intuition and muscle memory. And if you really want to, I'd prefer it if you toned down the rest of the level to compensate. I find awkward gimmicks in an already-difficult level to be extremely frustrating. I'm fine with grinding out a fun (or even mediocre) level for hours, but not one which upsets me to play.

To reiterate what I said in the hack's thread, I enjoyed most of it but had to put it down because the custom gimmicks in late-game made it too frustrating. So maybe be more careful with your use of custom gimmicks in difficult levels and make sure you get tester feedback for those levels if nothing else.

And, yes, your graphical and musical choices are great and made the enjoyable parts of the hack more enjoyable.

Hope this helps.
File Name: Tithered Mario
Submitted: by SAMPLE
Authors: SAMPLE
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Difficulty: Very Hard
Description: The last summer remodeling completed. Despite the first, I am very proud that it is production. I hope you too!

Please enjoy.

If Difficulty is too hard, I am very sorry.

Fixed difficulty of stages 5 and 13. Have more fun!

Added additional checkpoints at stage 13. Difficulty more friendly now
Sorry, but this hack is absolutely brutal to play, and the level design is not fun. Two moderators (including myself) have started and quit moderating it because we couldn't bring ourselves to finish it. Extreme precision in the face of sprite spam and complete lack of forgiveness is not something we or most other people enjoy. This hack plays like something intended to cause pain instead of something to be enjoyed, and is reminiscent of S. Mario and Hyper 6. While there may be a few players out there who enjoy playing torture tools, none are among our staff.

If you decide to resubmit, please do the following:

- Play each level without save-states, rewinds, or slowdown, and ask yourself if you had fun. The answer should be "yes."
- Ask someone else to do the same, and make sure they also have fun.
File Name: Geromine School
Submitted: by Fullcannon
Authors: Fullcannon
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Welcome to the Geromine School! Today we are making a world tour and visiting as much as possible. Hope you have fun!

A short but difficult kaizo hack that features 4 worlds with a complete of 9 levels to play. It requires skill to play the game. Tools are not required.


- 9 levels with changing variety

- 4 overworlds

- Retry System

- Save after every level.

- Custom Music

and more..

Thanks for playing and have fun!

Major issues:

- The second half of the first level has spawn problems. The Hammer Bros. only spawn sometimes.
- Starting with this part and continuing after, the level is extremely laggy because there are too many sprites spawned and Lakitu keeps spawning more.
- Similarly, in the beginning of the second level, sprites are prone to not spawning unless the camera is manipulated in a very specific way.
- We didn't finish the hack and began using save-states in the first level, but I'd like to note that there is also a lot of lag in the P-balloon level because there are too many sprites on screen.

Other issues, which make the hack pretty tedious to play:

- There's a *lot* of waiting. The beginning of level 1 poses no challenge and just has you run right for a couple of screens. You have to wait here for the Lakitu to throw the Spiny then for the Spiny to turn arond. You have to wait for here for the fire to to come close enough to Mario. You have to wait here for the Lakitu to throw a spiny egg and for the spiny egg to go right. The checkpoint spawn is pretty obnoxious and I found it way easier to just wait a bullet cycle instead of trying to go immediately.
- In the second half, this obstacle is very obtuse. Four hack mods all looked at it and thought it was luck-based (I'm aware that you PM'd me your strat afterward). The intended strat is also waiting-based.

Some waiting is generally OK, but it becomes more painful the harder the hack is, because the player loses a lot of time to it over many attempts.

- In the beginning of the second level, you must bounce off a rock, a chuck, and a fuzzy while offscreen. Most players appreciate being able to see Mario.

In summary, please make sure your sprites spawn consistently, there's no excessive lag (test using an accurate emulator), and consider setting up obstacles such that the player doesn't need to wait as long.
Hack Moderation Log: BeeKaay

Moderated: 25

Accepted: 14

Super Mario Archipelago by PROMETHEUS on 2020-01-31
9 LONG ADVENTURES by Jonathan82GR on 2020-02-04
Super Sweg World by ElSturge on 2019-02-25
Ten by Gamma V on 2020-03-14
Super Mario Another Retro by Infinity on 2020-03-19
SMW The Crown Tale by bandicoot on 2020-06-13
Super Mario 32 Levels by Leozoppi on 2020-07-29
Super Mario World And the 8 jars by Mario is the best on 2020-08-01
Super Enan World by Enan63 and Green Jerry on 2020-08-01
Mario VS The Police 2 by nnj on 2020-11-24
Unknown Islandz by xIque on 2020-12-02
The Mario's Greatest Adventure by Brutapode89 on 2020-12-02
Super Mario Universe by hendog30_ on 2020-12-24
Super N450 World by N450 on 2020-12-27

Rejected: 11

Super Mario World Chaos Edition by textmonster404 on 2020-02-02
The Last Straw by Diego on 2020-02-09
dumb by OEOTeam on 2020-02-10
Fast Mario World 1.0 by Dominicentek on 2020-02-16
Super Mario Bros. Advance by King Mayro on 2020-02-29
Super Toad World by 309846 -aka Greg B- on 2020-04-11
Super Toad World by Desert on 2020-08-14
SMW2 - The Adventure Continues by MegaSonic1999 on 2020-09-30
Super Mario World 2020 (R7.0) by Leozoppi on 2020-10-31
The Princess Was Kidnapped Again DEMO by Gabriel BR on 2020-11-15
Super Mario Bros. Advance 2 : Super Mario Bros. 3 by King Mayro on 2020-11-21
File Name: Super Mario World Chaos Edition
Submitted: by textmonster404
Authors: textmonster404
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: This is a hack of Super Mario World inspired by Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition by Kaze Emanuar.


Random scripts, events, snippets of code, etc. are injected into the game at random intervals, messing with it in various ways. Good Luck.

If the game crashes in any way, (with exceptions below), send me a hex dump of the address range $7E0F5E-$7E0F71 so I can figure out what caused the crash. (this range is the memory used by chaos edition)
From our core values:

"Levels are made from scratch, excluding translation hacks"

Also, didn't p4plus2 make this? Even if the above did not make this immediately rejectable, you'd need their permission to submit on their behalf.
File Name: The Last Straw
Submitted: by Diego
Authors: Diego
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: A remaster of a very old hack I made back in the day.

Mario and Luigi have had it with the Princess letting herself get kidnapped all the time. It's time they give her a piece of their mind.
Major issues (please fix):

- If you enter Purple Switch with a Yoshi (which is not hard to do since you get him in an earlier level), this P-switch does not spawn, and you're softlocked.

Minor issues:

- It is difficult to react to these spikes and the player will very likely get hit by them the first time around. Consider adding some coins to indicate the need to go around them.

FYI, this hack is harder than "Easy," so please resubmit as "Normal."
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