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hi, i am new to this entire thing and need help, i wanted to start palying smm but the wii u is not available anymore so rip me. with that i wanted to start making hack and watch a tons of tutorial wich were really interresting.

I then installed the znes 1.42 emulator i bought a snes30 controller and wanted to play but the emulator does not find my controller, i try to set up the key but when i press them nothing happen.

snes30, i install the lates upgrade for the controller, i bough a bluetooth usb insignia to connect the controller, i struggle to make it work and it seems to be fine since the blue light is hard on and it is supposed to be fonctional once the blue light is on.

what is the problem i have no clue, can it be the xbox one in the next room that my snes30 connected to? it is not my phone either because i look on my phone and the bluetooth find the snes30 but is not connected..

if you know why it is not working please let me knwo.

edited: i found something wrong too that might help, i plug the snes30 with the usb cable and it show in the bluetooth and other device section, there is an icon called 8bitdo wich is the controller so technically it is there but when i start the emulator load a world of smw, i press a button on the controller and then it dissapear in the bluetooth and other device section.
wow thanks for the help guy, i found teh solution on my own too after like 5 hours lol, but i just needed to do the upgrade on the controller plug the usb cable reset the controller and it worked but i did this the first time and did not work so i guess i did it wrong the first time,
i will go download the other emulator you guys told me to because znes does lag a lot when there is a few entity or sprite on the screen
hey i have look around and i can not find a lunarips can you redirect me to one please?
really nice tutorial but my map16 does not look like yours..
mine just as a title 16x16 tile map editor
all the picture
then it say edite 16x1 attributes flip x flip y
edit 8x8 attributes flip x flip y
then an other "title"
tile 0x0 ( address 0x0)

i dont have all the option you have on the left-hand side of the editor..
thanks for that,

i try the rom and it look really fun but on the first stage after the first chekpooint you need to bounce on koopa and then you land on a slope and have to jump on a far platform but after 100 try i just cant reach the platform what is the secret man how do i do it loll
Originally posted by Romano338
Originally posted by saico91
thanks for that,

i try the rom and it look really fun but on the first stage after the first chekpooint you need to bounce on koopa and then you land on a slope and have to jump on a far platform but after 100 try i just cant reach the platform what is the secret man how do i do it loll

So this is a SMW trick that is very easy, but I realize not that many people know it ;)
So on a slope you slide and jump far if you don't press any direction. Basically, push down to slide and then you just press and hold jump without any direction.

thank you very much man i preciate, i will try the trick right now lol
hi, im new to this game i have seen speedrun of kaizo, dram ect and want to play does hack but im not good!!
is there any hack out there that are tutorial on different thing that you can practice?

thanks for your help
thank you very much all, i apreciate all recommandation and i will try them right away!!

have a good all

so i play the hack, it is dun yet there is a problem on the mushroom below lvl you need to do a spin jump with big mario to glitch trough pip and wall but in the second room there is no 1-gap so it say to make one my self and use the p switch but when i hit the moving coin block that do a trail there is onyl 2 block that go out of it and then it stop it cant go above the platform in anyway.. am i doing something wrong?
hello everyone i am on my first level and the flying grey turnblock does not work for me the wings animation work but it does not move

i try to place it on a different x to try both option go up first or go down first but nothing.

i am sure its an easy solution to this but i am still a noob.

ps: i just download the lates version of lunar magic

i also want to place spinny on the level 105 but i cant because of something that say not the right gfx files loaded in slots sp3 and sp4

is it hard to fix and will the fix for lvl 105 will apply to all lvl or you need to load the file everytime?
hi lunar magic a script?

why i say that is i had 2 issue with it.

first: my malwarebite detected lunar magic as a virus and put it in quarantine

second: i open csgo (counter strike global offensive) and alt tab the game forgot about it open lunar magic to try a few thing and when i went back on csgo i search for a competitive game and it to me vac identification, i am not ban but i could not start a game i had to reset csgo to paly the game...

this is weird any idea why
i downloaded it from the tool section and i know its safe but still wondering if there is a reason why all that happen
thanks for the reply, for the 3 wide grey block is it possible to make them move when it load or you really need to jump on it because i had an idea of a lvl but with this mechanic every is fuck lol, can i use the 2 wide grey block meant for the sprite that trow hammer?

edit: never mind lol i did test by my self and it work with the 2 wide frey block lol
thanks konata you just gave me an idea loll
hi, i'm looking for an invisible block that is out line so the player see it, do i need to download a block design and add it to lunar magic or is there a way to make it in vanilla smw like using a palace switch blockand put an invisible block under it?
wow i knew it must of been something simple haha,
i saw a video on that but i dont remember how to change the property of a block, is it in map 16 editor?
thanks i found it but i have one problem here :s i am in lvl 105 and i can not find the block outline yellow that i change the act of it.

edit: i might need to specify that i import the texture of the spinny but importing the gfx 02 forest in lvk105
thanks for you help it all work now i was just blind an could not find it...
hi i want to use the pirhana plant or also known as muncher but i needed it up side down so i open map 16 copy the muncher and past it in the blue area and i flip the y axis, cahnge the act as to the same as muncher and place it in the lvl it show up work find but when i load my rom there is an other texture that show and i dont know what it is, some kind of mess up texture

did i forgot a step to duplicate a texture?


ok nevermind i am stupid, i forgot to save the map16 after i modified it so it would not be applied to my rom, why i did not save it first you may ask well i tough god would do it for me somehow..

sorry for wasting everyonetime
the idea sound really cool man, liek an adventure game where the lvl end after you found everything in the lvl!
hi, iwant to know how i can make the screen to follow mario because on my lvl i am going to high and i get off screen.

i also want to know how to have an infinite lifein lvl so it does not say game over after only 5 attemp.

thanks to all.
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saico91's Profile - Posts by saico91

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