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If you're going to do level hacking in SMB2, I highly recommend using SMB2Edit made by dtothefourth. It's the most recent and feature rich utility for hacking SMB2; you can even edit the character physics and create custom sprites.

He has confirmed that he intends to create a music editor for SMB2 as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Originally posted by NesDraug
A music editor would be so awesome! Is it weeks, months or years away tho?

He's constantly working on different romhacking projects, but I know he's really busy as of late, so who knows. It's marked as a confirmed project on his website.

2019 Hack Moderation Log: Deakula

Super Overworld 64 OverworldYT 2019/08/15
METROID MARIO WORLD WhiteWolve 2019/08/15
Super Moony World 2 Tashiro 2019/08/21
Captain Barry's Treasure MORC 2019/08/22
Captain Barry's Treasure MORC 2019/08/24
Mario and the 4 stars TheTinkerer 2019/09/24
Sicari 2 - The Brink of Time Eevee 2019/09/24
Super Beco World Adriel_Isaque 2019/09/27
Mario and the 4 stars TheTinkerer 2019/09/27
Shelljump and Kaizo diabolic Rodrigo 2019/10/13
Super Compact World Atomic-Citrus 2019/11/29
Grand Troll World MoghedienNinek 2019/12/31


File Name: Super Overworld 64
Submitted: by OverworldYT
Authors: OverworldYT
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Troll
Description: Adventure in the world, of super overworld 64 (not a n64 patch)

Official Trailer:


I know this looks like garbage, but near the end of the "level" leads to something that might be worth it.

Give it a try, and see what happens.
Removed for including plagiarism of another's work.
Submitted: by WhiteWolve
Authors: WhiteWolve
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A hack trying to be like a Metroid game. This hack is very old, I'm the creator. You control Samus through some Metroid style levels.
Music breaks in Brinstar (the first level) and causes the game to crash when you die.
File Name: Super Moony World 2
Submitted: by Tashiro
Authors: Tashiro
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Difficulty: Very Hard
Description: Moo_Moony is a Twitch Streamer and also a pecan lover! But Tashiro64, the creator of this Hack which is also a Twitch Streamer was just sick of all these pecans.. So he stole them! Moony can't stand it and decided to go to Tashiro's Castle to get them back!

This rom hack has a lot of easter eggs about Moo_Moony and Tashiro but you don't have to understand everything :)

Available in English and French!
This hack was submitted as "Very Hard", but the actual overall difficulty was nearer to "Kaizo: Light", and nearly "Kaizo: Hard" due to the last level alone. Below I'll try to list as many reasons as I can why I am rejecting this hack:

- Floating munchers in nearly every level; for ceiling munchers, you can flip them on the Y-axis in Map16, and for the muncher "towers", they either could all be death blocks, or they don't need to all be munchers (could replace a lot of them with other solid blocks, or just build some nice ceilings). Floating munchers look very messy and indicates that you didn't put much effort into making your levels look nice.

- Various cut-off; such as in "Pecans Land #2" where a vine grows and eats the whole side of a semi-solid ground mass, or in "Tashiro's Castle" where there is unnecessary formations of ground under the lava, or those 2 blocks near the end that are just castle floor blocks attached to a wall.

- There are many blind drops/jumps; essentially, what I mean by this is that there are many sections where the player has to fall blindly without seeing ground, and hope they land somewhere safe (often coming out of some difficult obstacle), and there are also sections where the player has to run and jump off a ledge without being able to see horizontally what they're jumping into. This is just generally bad practice for level design; players should be able to see at all times what is coming up next no matter the difficulty of the hack.

- Troll goal; there was one part where I had to jump to the next ledge to what I thought was the goal. It was not; it just dropped me off a ledge and killed me. Again, the intended solution was to blind fall to a ledge that wasn't visible on screen. This is just generally bad practice. There are very few situations where a fake goal belongs in a level, and this was not one of them; especially when the player can't even see the intended solution.

- Long item escorts; there were a few levels where it was required to escort an item an annoying amount of distance (in one case 7 screens) through the level. Item escorts are not always a bad thing in kaizo levels, but generally the player is doing something with the item during that time and/or they don't have it for an absurd amount of time just to have it.

- In "Pecans House", in what I am called the "Hallway of Floating Munchers", the intended solution was to climb a fence and navigate through tight muncher gaps. That fence is extremely hard to see as it blends in with the background. I died there several times before I accidentally pushed up and discovered the climbable fence.

- Random block spam in various levels. The most notable case of this was in the last level "Tashiro's Castle" at the end where it looks like no real thought was put into the dispersion of all of those green star blocks meant to block the player's path.

- The overworld player sprite didn't seem like it was finished. The player sprite is basically Mario, but with no hat and black hair, but the overworld sprite still had a few pixels of Mario's red hat for some reason.

- There were a good number of overworld tiles that were wrong; while some tiles were yellow, many were red although there was only one exit in each of those levels. Red level tiles are generally reserved for levels that have 2 exits. The level tile for "Pecan Land #3" was a pool of water, but there wasn't a drop of water to be found in that level.

- It was entirely unnecessary to have a tight timer on all the "Shiny Pecan" levels and call them speedruns. Aside from a couple sections where the player could potentially rest, the entirety of those levels were tight kaizo-style platforming that didn't benefit at all from having the extra pressure of a tight timer.

- Most levels play like kaizo levels that were created and tested with savestates due to how awkward and precise most jumps and obstacles were.

- The final level "Tashiro's Castle"; this level was entirely too difficult. This level is the biggest reason why I believe this hack wasn't completed toolless by the creator to assure that obstacles were reasonable. The entire level is 1F screens long, there's a single midway on screen 0E (which is the only thing saving this from being considered "Kaizo: Hard"), and right after said midway, there is a section that, to the best of my ability to sight read, was not passable by anything other than a midair p-switch jump in order to reach and collect a spring. Most of my time on this level was spent farming midair p-switch jumps to get that spring just to die near the end due to an extremely tight ball 'n' chain spinjump transfer. This is just not at all reasonable for a "Kaizo: Light" hack, let alone a "Very Hard" hack. Most people are not going to be as persistent as I was in farming a frame perfect trick, and that alone is reason enough for rejection.

Now, that all being said, there were a couple points in this hack that I kinda enjoyed. However, most of it was just very frustrating as it didn't feel like any care was put into properly testing and quality assurance for the player. There is potential in here somewhere for an okay "Kaizo: Light" hack, but it would require extensive time, testing, adjustment, peer feedback, and attention to detail in terms of graphics.
File Name: Captain Barry's Treasure
Submitted: by MORC
Authors: MORC
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: SMW Hack Made by MORC.

This is my first Hack. It's just a short vanilla one, but I hope you can have some 20 minutes fun with it!

Story: "Mario and Luigi found the map of a mysterious old pirate treasure! Let's go find it in this amazing island!"

TIP: You can safely follow any coin line. There is no trolling in this game.

Special thanks to:

-Mario Hacks Discord Server

-SMW Central


Let me start off by saying this hack was a great 20 minute normal hack just as advertised. I have no complaints as far as gameplay, and it's a refreshing bit of smooth sailing (ha) for your first hack, and I strongly encourage you to resubmit.

However, there are a couple reasons why I'm rejecting that are easy fixes; the main one being that the Bonus Game (level 0) is broken. When I entered the Bonus Game, I was able to scroll the screen to the right showing the cut-off edge of the room, and a wrap-around of the bonus game. All you need to do is go into level 0, and resize the bottom of the level so that it's not overflowing onto the top of screen 01.

The other reason, though not at major, is that in the level "Captain Barry Ship", I was able to get on top of the level, though the camera isn't set to scroll up to due to the conflict it would have with the tides, and all of a sudden I died from... something. When I checked in Lunar Magic, I noticed some spikes up there. Probably best to remove those so the player doesn't do what I did and die without knowing why.

Other than that, but not included in the reasons why I'm rejecting this submission, I did notice a little bit of graphical cut-off is a few places. First, in the overworld, the path that's drawn in the water on [Event: 0x7 Step: 0x1] has a dot on the far right that gets cut off in-game that makes the path appear broken, the dotted path that appears on the same tile as the level "Urchin Sea" in [Event: 0x5 Step: 0x4] doesn't need the dotted path as they appear cut-off, and the two events tiles that appear on the same tile as the level "Captain Barry Ship" have dotted paths on [Event: 0x4 Step: 0x3] & [Event: 0x6 Step: 0x4] that don't show after the level appears, but don't need to be there all the same. The last instance of cut-off occurred in the level "Sparky Cave"; it the secret exit room, there's a section where the layer 2 scrolling rope appears in pieces. It's not a huge deal, and it didn't really bother me at all, but those small pieces of rope are technically a graphical cut-off as they aren't attacked to anything.

So, as I said, this was a fine hack to sit down and unwind with for 20 minutes, very glad you decided to submit it. But please fix the two main things that I listed, and consider looking into some of the graphical cut-off. I really hope you resubmit, because I'd love to see this hack on SMW Central in the Normal difficulty.
File Name: Mario and the 4 stars
Submitted: by TheTinkerer
Authors: TheTinkerer
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Thank you for playing my ROM hack "Mario And The 4 Stars".

Now, I had posted this before, but it was taken down due to cutoff, glitches, etc. So I gave it a facelift, fixed

the glitches, and just all-around polished it up. So enjoy the new and improved Mario And The 4 Stars!!!


-fixed major cutoff

-slightly tweaked the overworld to make it look better, nothing too fancy.

-made world 4-2 an underground level and changed music.

(the same info is in the README).
There are a combination of reasons why I'm rejecting this; The player can get softlocked in the bonus game because level 0 has been used for another room, there is a spot on the overworld where the player can walk offscreen and become softlocked, there are some tiles that do not act correctly, the wrong message appears for Yoshi because Yoshi's message was overwritten by another message, there are some random out of place junk tiles, and there is a fair amount of graphics cutoff throughout.

Below, I'll list all examples I observed of the above summary along with some other things:

  • Title Screen:

    • The stars all contain cutoff.
    • "FOUR" is hard to read.
    • "STARS" gets cut off when the file select is activated.

  • Overworld:

    • Main:
      • The ladder on the right side of the map has no perspective reference and appears to be a very abrupt style change from the tiles around it.
      • Mario begins climbing down said ladder a tile too early.

    • World 1:
      • Tile for "1 - Switch" is for the Red Switch Palace, but the level contains the yellow switch.

    • World 2:
      • Bridge is cut off on the left side.
      • Path between "2 - 3" and "2 - Castle" isn't locked.
      • Tile for "2 - Switch" is for the Yellow Switch Palace, but the level contains the green switch.

    • World 3:
      • Tile for "3 - Switch" is yellow, but the level contains the red switch.

    • World 4:
      • Tile for "4 - 2" allows walking offscreen to the left which causes the player to be softlocked.
      • Tile for "4 - 2" allows moving to "4 - 3" without beating the level.
      • Tile for "4 - 2" is red and implies 2 exits, but there is only one exit.
      • Tile for "4 - Switch" is for the Green Switch Palace, but the level contains the blue switch.

  • Levels:

    • 1 - 1:
      • It's possible to get inside the pipe canon and fall through the ground.

    • 1 - 2:
      • Yoshi message is from Aaron's dad's secret room.
      • Cutoff by the goal tape; mushroom platform top doesn't extend left far enough.

    • 1 - 3:
      • Two of the 3 platforms, most of the bottom Banzai Bill, and any other sprites that are onscreen disappear, and sometimes Mario does as well.

    • 1 - Castle:
      • Tile near first set of turn/question blocks that hurts Mario and blends in with the background.
      • Top right tile of the door is solid.

    • 2 - 1:
      • There's a blind drop at the end
      • The water flowing from the pipe is cutoff.

    • 2-2:
      • The level name is "2-2" while all other level names contain spaces.
      • First Torpedo Ted launcher graphics are cut off.
      • Water & lava are cutoff.

    • 2-Castle:
      • Candle fire sprite is not implemented.
      • 1-tile high water that only acts as water if you're small, or you duck when you're big.
      • Incorrect message in the Pumping Open Official Pungent System™?

    • 2-Switch:
      • First corner tile is cutoff.
      • Second corner tile by yellow pipe is cutoff.
      • There are munchers a tile below the screen rather than pits.

    • 3 - 1:
      • It's possible to get inside the pipe canons and fall through the ground.
      • Cutoff ground by last 2 blue pipes.
      • Cutoff corner tile by last pipe canon.

    • 3 - 2:
      • Random Ground tile in the sky.

    • 3 - 3:
      • Hitting blocks with p-switches inside while there's a coin above it causes an invisible solid block to generate.

    • 3 - Castle:
      • Top right tile of the door is solid.
      • "Journey" is spelled incorrectly as "journy"

    • 4 - 1:
      • Progress past the yellow pipe is only possible with a kaizo shelljump if you kill the parakoopa, and only a frame-perfect subpixel-precise walljump if you also kill the other koopas.
      • There's water on the bottom row in some places where it cannot be seen on the screen.
      • It's possible to get inside the pipe canon and fall through the ground.

    • 4 - Castle:
      • Top right tile of the door is solid.

    • 4 - Switch:
      • There are many floating munchers.

    • Bowser's Castle:
      • Sprite's graphics can despawn when carying a shell near beginning.
      • Top right tile of the door is solid.

File Name: Super Beco World
Submitted: by Adriel_Isaque
Authors: Adriel_Isaque
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: PORTUGUÊS

Hack dedicada a todos os meus inscritos.


Inicio e Kabum = Corrigido os Pulos Cegos


Hack dedicated of my all subscribers


Start and Kabum = Fixed Blind Jumps
I'll list the rejection reasons below categorized by level (with an overall category as well). Most of these reasons on their own aren't merit for a rejection, but altogether they make up a solid rejection reason. Otherwise, this was a fun and challenging hack to play.

    • L/R scrolling can cause things to spawn incorrectly making some obstacles not line up. Consider disabling L/R scrolling.
    • Could benefit from the double spindeath patch, and the framerule patch.
    • Inconsistently coloured indicator coins throughout the game.

  • Start:
    • Semi-blind jump into a three-bucket shell that requires a far right bounce to grab another shell.
    • Parakoopa spawn causes a lot of waiting.
    • Bullet jumps feel a little blind.
    • Double shell jump to land on platform that is at max screen height.

  • Spin shell:
    • Jump from second spiny to the ledge is barely visible at the last moment.
    • Jumping off a spiny to land on a platform that is above the screen.

  • Sbravatti:
    • Timing for jumping on the paragaloomba on 1F0 is complete guesswork as the next point to land is way offscreen.
    • Required bouncing on the galoomba holding another galoomba is inconsistent as they can kill each other.
    • Jump from galoomba to midway is easily cheesable by dropping the galoomba close to you.
    • Double galoomba bounce at the end is a blind fall, and cheesable (only requires one of the galoombas).

  • Pain's Fortress:
    • Blind p-speed shelljump disguised as a midair, or a midair that's cheesable with a blind p-speed shelljump. Not sure which.
    • Blind p-speed shelljump in second section(can't see the ground; need to die to learn the timing).

  • Polluted Cave:
    • First section is straight out of Learn 2 Kaizo.
    • Kaizo blocks allow cheese jumping over munchers from skull platform near the end.

  • Paradise of Bullets:
    • Bottom Bullet Bill launcher in second set of launchers sometimes doesn't fire because it's too far below screen.
    • Section is cheesable with p-speed anyway (bullets not required).
    • Above mentioned section has a blind landing after the bullets/cheese.

  • Dino World:
    • Very easy compared to other levels. (Not a big deal, just makes the difficulty curve feel a bit strange.)

  • Stone's House:
    • Indicator coins kinda blend with the background (both are green).

  • Jaba's Climb:
    • Ground on bottom layer below screen at the beginning of the level.
    • A ceiling can be blind (just off the top of the screen) when doing a shelljump).
    • Timer softlock (About 145-160 in-game seconds).
    • Goal tape in vertical level.

  • Finally:
    • Blind landing on 1/3 assisted triple shelljump.
    • Blind jump to falling Bowser statue in room 4.

File Name: Mario and the 4 stars
Submitted: by TheTinkerer
Authors: TheTinkerer
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: This is my first ROM hack, Mario And The 4 Stars. I had posted this twice before, and twice it had got taken down due to cutoff. Thanks to Deakula, He helped me get rid of all my cutoff.

(The same info is in the README.)

PLEASE fix all the issues listed and THOROUGHLY TEST EVERYTHING before considering another submission.

Repeatedly not heeding moderator's rejection logs and not thoroughly testing before submitting may incur a section ban.

Some of the issues have been fixed, but not all, and some new issues have been introduced. Below I'll post an updated list of issues (up to "4 - 2" because it's impossible to progress from there).

  • Title Screen:

    • The stars all contain cutoff.

  • Overworld:

    • Main:
      • "Right side of map still appears to be cutoff. (Big patch of different colour tiles among all the green.)"

    • World 1:
      • "1 - Switch" is named "3 - Switch"

    • World 2:
      • "2 - Switch" is named "1 - Switch"

    • World 3:
      • Tile for "3 - Switch" is yellow, but the level contains the red switch.

    • World 4:
      • Tile for "4 - 2" allows walking offscreen to the left which causes the player to be softlocked.
      • Tile for "4 - Switch" is for the Green Switch Palace, but the level contains the blue switch. (Can't check if this is fixed)

  • Levels:

    • 1 - 2:
      • Cutoff by the goal tape; mushroom platform top doesn't extend left far enough.

    • 1 - Castle:
      • Tile after square blocks over lava that hurts Mario and blends in with the background.

    • 2 - Switch:
      • Hitting the message box ends the level.

    • 3 - 1:
      • It's possible to get inside the pipe canons and fall through the ground.

    • 3 - 3:
      • Hitting blocks with p-switches inside while there's a coin above it causes an invisible solid block to generate.

    • 3 - Switch:
      • Same level as "1 - Switch".

    • 4 - 1:
      • It's possible to get inside the pipe canon and fall through the ground.

    • 4 - 2:
      • Progress is impossible after this because beating the level sends you left offscreen and softlocks you.

Other than that, the bonus game still softlocks you. Please don't use Level 0 or Level 100 for anything if you're going to have a Bonus Game.
File Name: Shelljump and Kaizo diabolic
Submitted: by Rodrigo
Authors: Rodrigo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: nesta hack temos 2 fases de shelljump e as outras já são um pouco mais fáceis, o objetivo dessa hack é fazer as pessoas se divertirem e terem um desafio!

I'm rejecting this hack for all of the issues previously stated in the above rejection post from Linkdeadx2, for most of the reasons stated in this rejection post from Lazy, and for a couple other reasons of my own.


Rejection reasons are as follows:

- Very repetitive & boring levels; a bunch of shelljumps in a row, jumping over a bunch of munchers trying to land in 1-tile wide gaps multiple times in most levels, etc.

- Blind jumps everywhere; the player can't see where they're trying to go such as trying to land on enemies and shells that are off the bottom of the screen or do shelljumps to places way off the right side of the screen etc.

- Really long glichy events that go offscreen.

- The "easier" levels are obviously edited vanilla levels; make your levels from scratch.

- Difficulty between levels varies greatly from Normal to Kaizo: Light.

- Sometimes crucial sprites like platforms despawn making jumps impossible due to too many sprites on screen.
File Name: Grand Troll World
Submitted: by MoghedienNinek
Authors: MoghedienNinek
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: This is a troll hack which is good for first timers or a troll cono sur.

It's pretty easy, short and sweet.

Has an optional final boss for those that expect a boss.

For my first hack I feel this is pretty tidy, I'd like to extend it some day when I know more about hacking. There's hardly any map16 nonsense and where it is used it rarely kills, except for the Mog coins, try to ovoid those ;)
This is a really fun and good troll hack, and I'd love to see a resubmission, but for now I'm going to reject it due to the following reasons:

Title Screen:
Mario dies and it breaks the music.

Scrolling around the overworld with the start button reveals a lot of cutoff and garbage tiles.

A Hobbit's Tale:
There are floating munchers at the beginning. Please consider using death blocks instead.

Final Zone:
The secret exit triggers a garbage overworld event causing tiles to be shown that would be considered major cutoff.

Again, this was really fun, it made me laugh, the trolls were not tedious but well planned enough to give that good "ha, you got me, fair play" feeling, but I think it just needs a little work on the above mentioned things.
2020 Hack Moderation Log: Deakula

What's Thanksgiving Without Turkey? OmegaLuigi 2020/02/10
Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom Meirdent 2020/02/10
Not So Super Maryo World Aventrix & Cinderwing 2020/03/23
Garbage Mario World Denicentek & Dominicentek 2020/04/27
Carl vs Juz: Juzt Desserts juzcook 2020/05/21


File Name: Not So Super Maryo World
Submitted: by Cinderwing
Authors: Aventrix, Cinderwing
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: A 7 Level SMW hack with some puzzles, Light Kaizo, A short speedrun level, and of course, Trolls.
I won't bother to go over everything wrong with every single level because there's just too much, so I'll make a list of things that appear throughout the entire hack:

- Long pointless stretches of ground with no content in just about every level.

- Major cutoff in about half of the levels.

- Floating munchers in many levels.

- Ground tiles visibly overflowing to the top tile in a couple levels.

- Use of the bottom row of tiles to hide things like required pipes.

- Blind jumps and drops.

- Obstacles/death traps off the top of the screen that are impossible to blindly traverse/foresee respectively (one required me going into Lunar Magic to see what I needed to do to progress).

- Boss and sprites with garbled graphics.

- Repetitive tricks and setups throughout.

- In the final level, a crucial platform despawns making the level impossible.


- None of the levels save, so you have to beat the whole game in one sitting.

- The overworld is vanilla, contains a random 8x8 tile that is just garbage, and most of the events are broken.

Overall, this is a very broken, messy, and uninteresting hack that just feels tedious and annoying, and the trolls are not well thought out or even distinguishable from the rest of the level design in most cases.
File Name: Garbage Mario World
Submitted: by Denicentek
Authors: Denicentek, Dominicentek
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: ! Contains !

- Trolls
- Invisible block finding (but not very difficult)
- Choose a pipe sections
- Awful level design

If you hate any of these, we will not recommend to play this hack
Essentially this is not what we're looking for in troll hacks. This hack contained a lot of simple Map16 swaps that weren't executed in a fun way, repeating setups with not much variance, invisible things that kill the player or that need to be found, softlocks that are easy to fall into and make you wait for a long time, graphical cutoff throughout, and just a lack of content in some cases.

"HOT GARBAGE 1": Starts off with having to find a hidden block path to complete the first room, and then proceeds to have the same obstacle 4 times in a row with different combinations of swapped Map16 tiles that make pipes act like munchers, and floors that don't exist. Then another hidden block with a vine to finish off the level.

"NO": A slightly edited vanilla Yellow Switch Palace

"HOT GARBAGE 2: Starts off with 2 in a row of the same trick that was used 4 times in "HOT GARBAGE 1", again utilizing false ground, and this time a false pipe wall, then wraps up the first section with 2 pipes that lead to death, and a large fake wall leading to victory.

"HOT GARBAGE 3": There's a big blind jump almost immediately at the start, then there's some ground that acts like coins when the blue p-switch is active, and some question blocks that act as munchers. A tower of hidden blocks is required to proceed. Most notable is the softlock that traps you for 260+ seconds. The section wraps up with 3 fake pipes that lead to death, followed by 15.5 screens of nothing but ground, then a hidden block to a pipe at the end with no indication whatsoever (appears to simply be a bonus area with 3 dragon coins and a moon). Ends with a broken dragon coin.

"I'M LAZY": A 2 screen level with not much going on where you find a hidden vine block and there's a current kills you. That's it. That's the whole level.

"#1 IGGY'S CASTLE": You start at the boss door where the ceiling isn't solid, and it's possible to get to the big "HI" which would be a softlock if it weren't for the vertical overflow of the floor causing major cutoff before a large pit.
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