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Originally posted by B.B.Link
As I play other people hacks, I am surprised, appalled and laughing my ass off at how some of these "hacks" fail at the most simplest of levels. From Mario dying at the title screen, to getting stuck in levels because of retarded level design, these hacks drive the SMWCentral community down and make people think that they can submit anything as long as they can move some shit around in LM.

Not anymore

So in a effort to clean this place up, and for you to be a better hacker, there are some new simple guidelines that MUST be followed for your hack to be approved and stay in the hacks section, even if it's already there.

All I'm looking for is this:

1. The demo plays out without Mario dying, getting a star (it will freeze the game after you pick 1p or 2p game), or entering an exit enabled pipe (leads to and endless demo).

2. The intro level plays out right. Did you know that if Mario lost all his lives on the intro, he'll go into an infinite lives loop with a glichy lives counter? I prefer Mario not being near ANY enemies during this for it to be fail proof.

3. The OV plays properly. Events and paths work like they should. RED DOT LEVELS MEANS THERES TWO EXITS, DAMMIT, and fortress, switches and castles should collapse UNLESS there a reason for this.

4. Level-wise, all I care about is can the stage be finished without:
A. Mario falling in areas he can't get out.
B. Exits that lead to level 000
C. Mario dying or having garbage BG's when coming out a pipe because of poor FG/BG setting.
D. Any other problems with custom blocks that make horrible glitches

I'm not judging Gfx's, level design (if it's possible to finish the level), grammar (although I should), or palletes, that's not my place, thats for the community to comment on. My job is to make sure the hack is PLAYABLE all the way through, thats all. No more glitch and broken hacks. Use common sense and good judgment when level editing.

TEST YOUR HACKS before you submit them. All exits, level situations, OV events and paths, whatever it is, just test it before even considering submitting it here. Ask for beta testers if you're unsure of you're hack. If this was done in the first place, then I wouldn't be making this thread..........

DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR FULL ROM. Make an ips patch with Lunar ips. Find it in the tools section. When creating a patch, use an unmodified SMW rom first, then your modified rom (hack) to make the patch. Use Smallhacker's SMW clean rom verifier to see if you have an unmodified SMW rom. An unmodified rom must NOT be opened and saved in Lunar Magic. For best results, once you verify that the rom is clean, zip the rom so you won't make a mistake. LM won't open zipped roms.

I will PM people with what needs to be fixed in their hacks for it to stay here and guide you to how to fix it IF its not in the FAQ or manual. Please utilize the FAQ, LM manual and the Basic SMW Hacking area before jumping in something you're not sure about.

Same rules apply here. But if you have any other rules you would like to add, let me know........
Here we go...........

Originally posted by delmaru
and zelda is one of my favorite games.

Mine too! See.............

Should I go for a different BG or not?

EDIT: Yeah I will. It looks sloppy when the tables stretch............
Right. Thanks anyway.
Removal: The Mario Journey

Reason; At the author's request.

Removal: Luigi In the Dark world Demo


(throws up)

(more throws up)

Don't forget about the glitched graphics...

You must add a Street Fighter game. I will rule all..............

Also, have anyone ever played Yoshi Cookie? Can I suggest that, too. I will also rule in that.
So they finally nuked it. My old hood Acmlm's Board. Thats where I came from, my first board I've ever posted at. My first internet flame fight, my first hack submission. My noobish tendencies. Everything came from there, and now it's gone......................Good times........Good stuff...........

(pours a 40 on the ground)

My all of the bu**s*it that happen there and lead her to her demise burn in hell.
My Acmlm's Board sleep her eternal, peaceful rest. She damn well deserves it.

Damn, before Acmlm's Board's nuke, I left mattazelle a PM about asking him for those Yoshi Island Yoshi's color offsets, an I never checked if he replied. They could have at least left an archive like before.......
Originally posted by S.N.N.
It's back again, for now, but there seems to be a bit of debate whether it was the smart choice.

Well, that made my entire thread look stupid. Why don't they just pull the plug already and get it over it? No sense of kicking a dead horse. In my opinion, no one there is cooperative enough to run it, so just let her go................
I wondered where the thread went. But now I'm going to have to bite my tounge a little now that it's public..........


Removal: Super Mario World - The Lost Lands

Reason: Thank Firephenix for the find on this hack; The levels doesn't exist, meaning he had an RPG OV, but there we're no levels to play. WTF?

Originally posted by Orbis
Hacks should be reviewed by B.B.Link.

(thumbs up). But now i'll have to play ALL the hacks here, and i'll be a hated critic, ouch -_-.

Maybe I could hire an Elbert to my Roper while we go through these hacks together. Who's wants to try it?
Can't find it. Can you direct link me please, too lazy to search myself right now...........
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