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"This Hack Needs a Name" was the first hack ive played and it just blew my mind. Still one of my favorite hacks. It really feels like a real game. Even though nowadays im preferring harder/shorter hacks, that one is easily one of the best hacks ive played.

Im finishing my first Smw hack called The Joy of Kaizo.
Its a Kaizo Light intended to be possible of beating without savestates, yet somewhat challenging.
as the name suggests the stages are inspired by paintings shown on the Bob Ross tv show The Joy of Painting.
You play as Bob Ross on his way to beat the devil from this hack.
it will be 17 stages, five of them are the special world.

ive finished the levels and from now ill be working on the Overworld and a few things i have to fix. I hope to have this posted in the next couple of weeks.

here are some screenshots (not sure if its showing)

Originally posted by Noivern
Your screenshots aren't showing up.

thanks. i think ive fixed it.
thanks for the compliments about the backgrounds, ive sure put a lot of work on it.

since this is my first hack i still have a lot to learn on level design, but ive tried my best to make it interesting and enjoyable.

ill update here with more screenshots and videos as soon as i can
Originally posted by Thomas
Wow, this looks visually really cool! Hard to comment on the design without a video, but one thing I would suggest is maybe replacing the cement blocks in some of those levels; large areas of a single tile tend to not look very good. Usually you can just replace them with Map16 ledges though, or if you want them to remain as cement blocks, you could create some variations on the standard blocks (such as larger 32x32 blocks or elongated 32x16/16x32 ones) to vary up the visual appearance a bit.

I'd also recommend changing the palette of those logs in the 6th-from-last screenshot. The white border in particular makes them look a bit out of place.

thanks for the feedback

those cement blocks on the 5th from last screenshot are on a "5 room" stage. its not the whole stage like that. but ill take that in consideration.
ill see what i can do on the other stages to avoid awful repetition

the white border is in reality an animated palette to look like ember. it acts as 12f
im editing he SMW hex using Shex
im having some issues here:

$0399EC 	1 byte 	ASM 	Change from F0 to 80 to make the Reznor platforms non-standable (fall-through) after Mario hits a Reznor from below 

this change is making mario die when jumping on the platforms, not fall through. is there any other value to make it fall-through?

$05CC85 	1 byte 	Misc. 	Change to 00 to disable "Course Clear" from appearing. 

i cant make it work. the course clear message still blink for a moment and if layer 3 is auto scrolling it will appear scrolling. Switch Palaces/Orbs/Bosses the message appear as usual.
any way to completely remove the "Course Clear" message? Since most of my levels have layer 3 enabled and some have the text tiles bypassed, its really messing with the hack


is there any way to make the direction when flying off a vine consistent? it seems to be random
same thing when spinning when flying, sometimes mario change the direction, sometimes stays the same.
Thank you very much Thomas
both edits worked

is there a way to make the Reznor platform act like clouds? (pass-through coming from below but mario can stand on it)

the Course clear edit worked fine on every level except in one of them a 0 still appeared

i think i can live with that
Ok. so ive finished the game early and ill be posting it today

ive uploaded on youtube a full gameplay of the game (tool assisted)

EDIT: uploaded a better quality capture
Originally posted by Ruben_
Really well made hack specially for a first one! Has creative obstacles and nice backgrounds. The only major issue I see is the slowdown at some parts, but it doesn't last long. Good job #w{:>}

slow down seem to occur only when i play using Zsnes. With Snes9x its minimal. i dont know other emulators and havent tested it on snes. i hope its a Zsnes only thing

postei hoje minha primeira hack
O personagem principal é o Bob Ross (pintor que tinha um programa de tv, etc..)
O tema/cenário das fases são baseados em algumas das telas pintadas em seu programa "The Joy of Painting"

Está na lista de espera de moderação mas já dá para ser baixado

fiz um video com o jogo inteiro (tas)

Mas é um kaizo relativamente fácil, sendo possível ser jogado sem ajuda de savestates etc..

So ive already posted my hack but theres still a few things bothering me

1: after you finish the stage the order of the layers change.. example:
at 1:44 the layer 3 (the mountain) comes in front of layer 2 (trees)
at 3:17 the layer 3 comes in front of layer 1 and sprites
and so on..

any way to keep them where they originally are?

2: any way to make the death sequence faster? (i mean to not have to wait for that death music to play and fade out.. just fade out and go back to the map..)

im new to patching things so hex edits would be preferable if its possible.


EDIT: the death i could do what i wanted by changing $00F61C from 30 to 00 not sure if theres any side effect.
i need another help. this one should be easy
i want to change the overworld text from "DEATHS" to "Happy Accidents"

i think ive figured out the letters, but it only shows 7 characters.
ive tried changing almost every value on the code without success.

the asm im using is this: (by Thomas!?)
!counter	=	$7F9D00		; 5 bytes of free RAM that don't get cleared.

org $008F3B
	autoclean JSL SBDisplay
	BRA +
org $008F5B

org $00F614
	JSL DeathCounter

org $05DBF2
	autoclean JSL OWDisplay

org $008C89		; Status bar text
    db $0D,$38	; D
    db $0E,$38	; E
    db $0A,$38	; A
    db $1D,$38	; T
    db $11,$38	; H
    db $1C,$38	; S

	LDX #$04
  -	LDA !counter,x
    STA $0F15,x
	BPL -
  - INX
	LDA !counter,x
	BNE .ret
	CPX #$04
	BEQ .ret
	STA $0F15,x
	BRA -

	LDX #$04
  -	LDA !counter,x
	STA !counter,x
	CMP #$0A
	BCC .ret
	LDA #$00
	STA !counter,x
	BPL -

	LDA #$09
	STA $71

DeathText:		; Overworld text
	db $07,$00,$0F,$0F,$18,$1F,$00,$02,$02,$08,$03,$04,$0D,$13,$12,$1F
	;   H   A   P   P   Y      A   C   C   I   D   E   N   T   S

	LDY #$06
	LDX #$0C
  - LDA DeathText,y
	STA $7F8381,x
	LDA #$39
	STA $7F8382,x
	DEX #2
	BPL -
	LDA #$7F
	STA $0F
	LDA #$83
	STA $0E
	LDA #$8F
	STA $0D
	STZ $00
  - INX
	LDA $00
	BNE +
	CPX #$04
	BEQ +
	LDA !counter,x
	BEQ -
  + LDA !counter,x
	CLC : ADC #$22
	STA [$0D],y
	LDA #$39
	STA [$0D],y
	INC $00
	CPX #$04
	BNE -
	STA [$0D],y
	LDA #$50
	STA $7F837D
	LDA #$56
	SBC $00
	STA $7F837E
	LDA #$00
	STA $7F837F
	LDA $00 : ASL
	CLC : ADC #$0D
	STA $7F8380
	CLC : ADC #$05
	STA $7F837B
unfortunately it changed nothing. it still appears only "HAPPY A"
i dont have the owtext.txt so ive used the codes for the text

i dont understand what you did but it worked. Thank you very much.
Originally posted by TheBiob
Oh right, sorry. If you (or whoever else finds this thread) still want it then here (owtext.txt)
It's much easier to work with than the hex values directly.

for sure it helps.
thanks a lot
difficulty selector



my english is kinda broken but ill try to describe..
ive seen something similar but what im thinking is if theres a way to make some sort of difficulty selector where the overworld loads a different level depending on the difficulty selected.

what i mean is like if i could select between something like:
Kaizo Light
Kaizo Hard

and for example the Hard level 1 would be like level 105, on the Kaizo light would be 106 and kaizo hard 107.. while keeping the same overworld
im using this hex edit to make the boo ring without the large gap
org $02FA84
db $00,$00,$00,$33,$00,$66,$00,$99,$00,$CC,$00,$FF,$01,$33,$01,$66,$01,$99,$01,$CC

but even though the angle in the hex doesnt change, every time i die in the level they appear at a different angle making it almost impossible to stay consistent

theres any way of making the boo rings appear on the same angle every time?
thank you very much Thomas
i guess its working now

but the dw thing didnt work if i write $0000,$3300,etc.. it doesnt work. if i write $0000,$0033, etc it does.. im doing something wrong?

and i was not sure to where to put the code with UberASM (total noob here). ive put it on the level and the boo ring wouldnt rotate.
Then ive put it on the ow and it worked. but im not sure if thats the right place to put it.
i was thinking maybe inside the global!?
thanks for the explanations

im trying to learn this slowly.. its interesting though its a bit counter intuitive
i believe there was a fix for that inside this patch

but i think that was removed for some reason and i could not find it anywhere..
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NaroGugul's Profile - Posts by NaroGugul

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