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Yo, i was just wondering if theirs any tutorial or something on how to set up a acmlm board on 110MB.com (or any other free hosting site)
Thanx in advance!
wow, (darn forgot capital W) this is pretty hard!
It really makes me appreciate the backspace button!
lawl i downloaded them all, but yeah ultimate showdown and sammers kingdom are my favorites
Jeesh, you really are a super crazy hyper person, aren't ya?!
Anyways, spelling everything right is just a matter of how fast you type!
Meh, I usually type REALLY fast but no t (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) now because i'm supposed to be paying attention! :P
lol is the only thing i can safely say wiuhnut (without) screwing up, loj (i mean lol)
BEST POEM EVER! lol capslock pwns
Do not underestimate the power of........... CAPSLOCK!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!! o, wait it did nothing :( ☆○◇□△◎♪ zomg more alt + numpad characters!
meh, it all depends which characters you have installed on your browser! The wii browser has alot of them (which im using) ïÉÊËÌÍÎÔÖŒŒÕŸαβγδδιηηεεκλνξσΩΨΆΧΦΠΣΣ lawl
Originally posted by Bloop!
We can still refresh the page, right?

What does that have to do with anything? (Yes! A perfect post)
EDIT: Nevermind
Originally posted by Supertails
I don't care what it is, it's just retarded. I've always hated Halo, and found it extremely barbaric.

I remember one time that there was a murder by this guy who was imitating one from Manhunt.

I sort of agree Supertails!
In fact in England Manhunt 2 was banned!
But yes, it's extremely barbaric in a manner of speaking
(not that i don't enjoy the games, occasionally)
Sweet tomato dont think it counts as fast food tho :/
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it took me a while DX

Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Originally posted by freakishblob
Alt Code
(Insert lots of codes here)

Um, I already posted all that. And like Bio said, its easier to us the Character table.

True, sorry DX anyways how is everyone? XD maybe there should be an official ascII art thread? Who knows, and your right this is quite a popular thread!
Originally posted by DarthRiko
How about your old name, SuperFAILS? Now do names matter?

[sarcasm]First grade lol[/sarcasm]
Seriously though, its just a name
lawlz i was here since 2007-06-07 04:19:49 AM and right now its 2007-09-09 02:50:56 AM
That was awesome! *Downloads*
EDIT: On another note, is it just me who finds it wierd that KPhoenix just disappeared from the site O_o
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