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lawlz, I'm 13 turning 14 on the 29th December :P
Lol, that was pretty random O_o
Anyways, do you guys think the nes (new) site's gonna be good?
Any good flash to Avi (or other youtube suitable media type) converter out thier? Just wonderin xD
Look, people may tell you but it all depends on why you want to use it?
So, why do ya wanna use RLM? I may tell you if you have a good reason ;)
Run -> C:\Folder\rlm.exe nameoflockedrom.smc nameofunlockedrom.smc

Make sure "nameoflockedrom.smc" is in the same folder as RLM.

Their ya go that should work i thinks ^_^
Originally posted by darklink898
Originally posted by freakishblob
That was awesome! *Downloads*
EDIT: On another note, is it just me who finds it wierd that KPhoenix just disappeared from the site O_o

He won't return here anymore. He is registered as Rahze but I doubt he will come back after what happened. (don't ask)

Also, he might not be on MSN or AIM too much 'cause he's banned from the computers everyday but weekends. :(

That sucks :( although usuallz when i'm on msn he's thier but never answers O_o
lol good idea :P thanx
Errrrrrrrrm.... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... can I come back to ya on that one?
Well, at the risk of being off topic, Accidently killing someone O_o
Originally posted by Reini
She said she won't. Read the posts.

Actually Reini, She didn't YOU read the posts :P
Anyways, yeah screens are lookin awesome!
Wowz, you're REALLY good at that aren't ya?
I tried but failed :(
Oh noes, i used super but it said that my swf file didnt use flv1 (O_o)
does that mean i gotta download a codec?
Originally posted by Trelic
Heights, being alone in the dark, and fear.

Fear of Fear=Phobophobia?
Does that mean if you got scared by lets say heights, then you'd get scared that you were scared and would go in an ednless loop of scardeness? Just askin' ;)
Well, The title pretty much explains it right?
Wo0o0o0t! XD
Wowz, that reliant k song was good, and yes hamster dance pwns :P
lolz, yea i was almost gonna say it but i remembered that new rule :P
Anyways kk
lol, even though all htose chick norris jokes are extremely clichéd i gotta laugh
Off-topic: Official hug giver ar ya? I'd like to see a certificate of approval! :P
Okay, you sound more like a life coach/Psychiatrist(chologist?) then a official hug giver
Adds DarthRiko to list of fears.............. j/k :P
Hell, if everyone's introducin themselves i might aswell:
Okay, so i've been here for about 4 months or so and well yea, i was gonna make a hack (HA!!) but lost interest (btw, anyone can carry on this hack IF you remember it :P) anyways yea i usually lurk around the forums (lately :P) and just comment on about everything that catches my eye and yep that's it! Think of me as....... lazy :)
Nice work mimic, em....... yep that's about all i can say in this post :P (without getting off-topic)
Off-topic: I've been listenen to hamster dance on a loop for about half an hour :P
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Mystia Lorelei's Profile - Posts by Mystia Lorelei