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1. Best male regular member: (Leaving blank for whatever reason)

2. Best female regular member: Ersan

3. Best local moderator: ERSAN (obligatory)

4. Best super/full moderator: smkd

5. Best administrator: S.N.N., Boom.dk (Sure why not)

6. Best overall SMW hacker: Ersan (Again, obligatory)

7. Best musician and/or artist: (Blank, yay :D)

8. Most likely to LDA and STA their ASM skills everywhere: Ersan (myes)

9. Nicest: Remilia Scarlet, Ersan, Cirno (Obviousness, woo.)

10: Funniest: Ersan, Remilia Scarlet, Cirno (Yet more obviousness)

11: Most fun to talk to: Remilia Scarlet, Ersan, Cirno (:o)

12: Most unnoticed person with hidden talents: (meh)

13. Most likely to be the most likely to be: Ersan (Oh yes)

14: Best post layout: (BLANKASIUHDUAIHDA)

15: Most helpful: Ersan (Sure)

16: Best contributer: Ersan (:D)

17: Worst spelling/grammar: Ersan (Ehehehe)

18: Most informative posts: Ersan (Myes)

19: Most likely to become staff: Ersan (leaving blank)

20: Least likely to become staff: Ersan (Blank again)

21: Most likely to be driving the Desert Bus: Ersan (The what)

22: Most likely to get a lump of coal for Christmas: Ersan (Oh ok)

23: Biggest optimist: Ersan (Yeah.. right)

24: Biggest pessimist: Ersan (Wait... what D:)

25: Biggest Touhou fanboy: Ersan {9} (Sure, why not)

26: Best avatar: (BLANK)

27: Most likely to be banned: Ersan

28: Biggest pervert: Ersan (Nah)

29: Most likely to become a politician: (who knows)

30: Most changed (best or worst): (stuff)

31: Best username: Ersanio (Woo)
Originally posted by Ersanio
What the crap Onion? o_o

omg the o_o expression again aaaaaaaaaaaasdhahdad.

It was obligatory. D:
Originally posted by Anti-matter Drone
I have no idea how to make gradients or transparencies work in CSS but thats how he did it. Also, the quote box goes outside the quote box if it is in the quote box. You should try to fix it. Maybe, with some javascript you could make it so that is reduces the size of your text if you have enough text because that looks like an oversized post.

Gradients in CSS? Serious lolque. As far as I know, that's a background, the gradient itself has nothing to do with the CSS. :V
Secondly, javascript can't be used on SMWC, and you could easily change the appearence of a quote inside a quote via CSS, in any case..
Originally posted by MATTAN
Why is mario sad?

Eh, looks more like he's angry rather than sad, to me, however irrelevant that is. In any case, good job on the drawing so far. =D
some place where you can obtain jetpack fuel, after obtaining the fuel, the game glitches up, rendering it useless. The end.
Originally posted by Reading
... do you tend to think often? Just think? About things? ...

No, never, of course not. D:
Eh, was bored and decided to make this;

Which apparently displays the forum stats of KaOni, so far, or something, obviously.
Might add more stats later, if I overcome laziness. =o
Double post, mmm?
Oh well, either way, another thing made out of boredom and whatnot;

The URL itself being "http://kaeru.pac.am/Onion/stuff2.php?num=0123456789"
So, as you probably have already guessed, one can change the value of "num", so that the catgirls appear in the specified order.
Nothing too complicated, but at least it was fun to make. =D
Oh, and the original images'd be from danbooru, apparently. o=

EDIT: Too lazy to add decimal point compatibility and such, so, eh.
Originally posted by Kaeru
... I have to let go my anger on something...

* Onion points to himself before running away.

Eh, whenever I get angry (which is very rare o=) I tend to think about the cause of it, and usually calm down after a few minutes, so mweh. =P
Posting here for ;awesome++
Any case, looks nice so far, I suppose.
Too lazy to elaborate, in any case, I demand full ownership of this hack due to my username.


Or not. :D
Hmm, quite good, Kaeru. o=
Uh, not sure what else to say, but mweh. =D
Originally posted by fyarball
Originally posted by Smallhacker

Naah, I'm just kidding.

It's not supposed to be useful. Some people spend large amounts of money for paintings that just hang on their wall taking up space. You don't pay a cent for this, and it only takes up 100x24 px of your layout or bio.

The thing is, what we're dealing with here isn't a painting, now is it? =P
Any case, nice enough, I suppose, though I predict mass over-use of it. =/
Originally posted by Remilia Scarlet
Sure, why not.
*insert blah*

Though I've already commented on such on most, if not all of the above images, I'll say again that they're all superspecialawesome. =D
Oh and, perhaps, then, provided you're not too lazy and such, you should draw more, since you're really quite good at it. =o
Less importantly; ffffff serious ending of epic non-postingness ;-;
Originally posted by Pseudo
How about, for the music section, an option where you can listen to the song before you download it? It saves you a lot of time searching for songs.

Eh, really, the only way (without much work involved) this would work is if an additional audio file of the song was uploaded (MP3, WAV, etc.), and, personally, I doubt the composers would be willing to convert each and every one of their songs to an audio format that most browsers can interpret/play.
Not only this, but it'd also waste considerable amounts of space, and take quite a bit longer to upload. =\
Originally posted by Grenade
My guess: the fact that it was coded in HTML.

But, although I'm going to regret this for BSMing, I don't think advertising websites is allowed except for the thing at the bottom of the page...

HTML is by no means to be considered programming, though... =V
Any case, in regards to the website itself; Erm... it looks... rather awful. =|
Try learning CSS and whatnot, and perhaps learning more HTML before attempting again... =\
Oh but 4chan IS attacking us. D:
They're eating through the servers with their ingenious mental warfare, EVERYONE RUN FOR THE HILLS. D:
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