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Originally posted by Dry Bouncy
How do I make a website? I've tried looking for website creator tutorials, but none of them helped me... :P

1. Website creators are bawwww.
2. For the structure of the website HTML is used.
3. For presentation/style, CSS is used.
4. There are several server-sided scripting languages that can be used for adding dynamic content to one's website. i.e. PHP

Uh, hope that helped, or something.

Why yes of course.
Originally posted by uNkNowN5642
[...] Why can't we hack him back somehow?

Because doing so would totally make you better.
Not hypocritical at all, nope.
Current desktop

Yay, or something. =<
<form action="insert URL" method="post">
<input type="submit" value="Stuff">

<form action="http://www.smwcentral.net/" method="post">

Personally I think it's at least somewhat amusing, but if it bothers you so much - Sprite, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, ASM, Hack, Hacks, Block, SMW, Music, Custom. - just bypass it like that, geez. =<
EDIT: SNN how cruel. :<
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