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Originally posted by Alexander
i'm having a problem with addmusic
When i run the level insertion code it only inserts 20-26 for some reason, i expanded and INITed my rom and i can't figure out what's wrong.

Did you do anything before hand that might have changed any of the files in anyway? And you're sure ALL the files are there? :D
Originally posted by SuperMarioSquig
Fear of The Big Boo.

lolz, although it's not that scary I respect your fear (wtf?) and......
*bursts out laughing and rolling on the floor* j/k XD
well, its wierd cos its a .swf file but it somehow is related to flv1 O_o
Okay, here's how it works you say One good thing and One bad thing about the person who posted above you (about ANYTHING, smw hackin' skillz, personality etc) Just dont start an argument xD
Well? How much has it taken over YOUR life or affected it?
I like shiny and pointy things! :D
Yeah, but my school sucks!! (its an all irish school O_o) but the (cool) ppl are cool (lawl) :) i guess that makes up for the stupid people
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
The majority of people I know don't ride the bus. <_<

Same with me, most of my friends/people i know get driven in (like me)
HAH! Majoras Mask is a piece of cake! Hardest game for me is Naruto Ninja Counci 3 cos its so badly programmed >_>
lol, meh when i was in 7th grade we had to take ALL THE CLASSES but in 7th grade we decided which ones we wanted to take :D

Super Paper Mario, Super Princess Peach, Strikers charge, Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Super Mario 64 Ds, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Is Missing, Yoshi's Cookie, Mario Teaches Typing, Super Mario All-Stars, Game & Watch Gallery, Yoshi Touch and Go
Thats all im gonna do so far
Here's the site, be warned it's seriously tricky riddles
lawl, the answer is in the page, all you have to do is think litterally
ill help
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot pockets *drools* Peanut butter jelly time!!
Good: lol, is funny
Bad:Is picky? (hell i dunno)
k how can i help?
English:SMW Central is the best site ever! Every other site looks like shit compared to it
Dutch:Centrale SMW is ooit de beste plaats! Elke andere plaats kijkt als shit in vergelijking met het!
English:Central SMW are ever the bests place! Each other place looks at as shit in comparison with!

good: lol, is frend on msn
bad:is never on msn when i am
Originally posted by ???
Well, soooooooorry, it's not like i'm some smw central expert or anything!!!

^ Guess it and i'll never be stpid again ^^;
Underwater levels: Mario 64 water level music
Hmmmmmm, tell me wat ya think
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