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Love this site, so many great hacks in one place. But what are some of the better ones that arent on here? I imagine the majority will be outside the US

I like Luigi of Shadow a bit, A2MT looks cool but likely too hard for me.
Where can I get Ippan Mario these days?
Looks great, OW can use a little work, are you remaking the full SML2?
Originally posted by lion
Ok, so, I've played the C3 demo and I'm gonna try to word this as nice as possible.
As good as your visuals are, they're really the only thing driving this hack.

Your levels all play it too safe, they feel too repetitive and samey.
The only thing telling them apart is "this one has X sprite" or "this one has X graphics set".

If you remove the aesthetic theming and the "gimmick" (which usually isn't really explored much) from most of them, there's nothing to distinguish them in terms of level design or difficulty.
They're all over as soon as they begin, just hold right and jump when needed (outside of the Blue Switch).

I'm not saying this to get on your bad side, I'm saying this to help you improve your level design.
NSMW1 had the exact same issue and that's why I gave up on it at the cave world.

Sorry if I'm being too rough.

I don't think you are being rough. I agree with most of what you said, the first hack had the same issue, beautiful overworld, music, aesthetics were all good. But most levels just spammed lava lotuses and baseball chucks and felt like I was playing through similar challenges repeatedly. Some of the gimmicks like the falling ceiling were poorly executed too. It looked great but otherwise was a poorly designed hack. This one looks a bit better aesthetically, but repitition and such are still prseent, even iif at times different forms.
I dont like this kne very much!!!
This looks really really good. How many levels are you aiming to have in final build?
Great tool

My only question is does this have any way to differentiate full hacks from demos? But this is great, very useful tool to find lots of content. Great job!
Absolutely add a new level. Itd be fun, more content is always good, make the level vounter on the OW the famicom logo at the top!
If there was a hint, it should be very subtle.

Once again I would like to request the spot of the level on the OW be on the famicom logo. that would be so awesome!
Or just individual levels in their own patch?
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