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Hack Moderation Log: FuryfulFawful


What's The Name Of This Hack? by dtothefourth(8/11/2019)

The Sagan Saga by SkyeHomes (11/25/2019)
File Name: The Sagan Saga
Submitted: by SkyeHomes
Authors: SkyeHomes
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: Hello!

This is my short-ish (30 minutes or so) level with fast paced trolls and platforming. All custom graphics are by me, asm by the SMWCentral FAQ. Thanks guys!
I think this level has some creative ideas, spoiled a bit by the tightness of the platforming. Let's go over some examples:

That last jump, since it makes the level rather unfair, is the biggest reason why I’m rejecting this hack for now – overall, the level has potential but that one giant rough patch right at the end makes the entire second CP section feel frustrating and annoying, souring all the good things you had earlier in that section. I don't know exactly how it's possible to fix this obstacle other than by completely reworking it, but I'd recommend getting a couple of blind playtesters for the next end troll before you resubmit this.

In general, loosening up some of the jumps will help make the experience more fun, but isn't strictly necessary.
Hack Moderation Log: FuryfulFawful


Carl vs Juz: Carl's Toilet by Juzcook (4/25/2020)

Hack Moderation Log - Fawful

Moderated: 1

Accepted: 1
Super Nantucket World by fome82 (7/6/2022)

Rejected: 0
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