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The "new" destination that the link SHOULD lead to.

As I understand it, the link in the FAQ was to version 1.0 of this block; the link I just gave you is to version 1.1 of this block. I personally don't know if the "block" version can work as a pipe, or if it just teleports you when you stand on it. I do know the door version should work.
Originally posted by Wiimeiser

Also, are there graphics for the included sprites somewhere?

In your PIXI folder, should be a folder called Graphics for Included Sprites
I'm helping with a community hack. I made a custom boss for it, on the request of our leader. It works good, and functions just like how he wants it. Except for one thing, which hasn't bothered him, but has been bugging the everloving fruitcake out of me. I have sought help on Discord, but with no-one having long enough of an attention span to help, I come here.

When the boss is facing/moving to the right, the upper left 16x16 tile doesn't display. And occasionally when there is no horizontal movement, the upper right tile doesn't display. The rest of the sprite is working great, but this graphical issue is infuriating.

I thought maybe it was because I had written it in the outdated compiler TRASM, so I updated it to xkas, but the problem persists.

Link to all resources zipped up (cfg, asm, exgfx, sample levels)

Link to just the asm code

If anyone could find out why the tiles do not display in these circumstances, I would appreciate it.

Oh, I should mention, this colab hack is being made for a person who may or may not be here, and who doesn't want to know any details until we are done and give it to him. So rather than posting code/comments that references what the boss might be or references the hack, could you PM me (Flabort) or FedoraFriday here or on discord?
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
What's the sprite header set to? Should be 00 or 10. If that doesn't fix it, install the no more sprite tile limits patch and follow its instructions.

Already installed.
Thanks guys! That fixed it :D
Having completed his adventure and gotten the salmon, Glitchcat7's cat Mallow takes a stroll through the city.

Uses stuff we didn't use in the first Super Mallow World hack, but which we're planning on using in the sequel. I tried to credit everyone involved that I can in the credits level, and there's a sandboxy level where we were trying out different blocks to see what would fit in our hack or not.

Obviously I want to acknowledge everyone else involved with the first Super Mallow World hack for making the hack, and for getting us started on the second.

Though the design of this level is 100% mine, the graphics and stuff are not, and I credited those in the credit level too.

Edit: Added music, fixed some palette stuff, removed a couple yoshis because 1-up sprites are broken.
Will we get updates on the judging as it happens? Or do we have to wait until the judging is done to get information on judges' opinions?
I do not expect to win this or even get top 10. But I am interested to see where I DO place when this is all over, and hope I did well.

I know there are levels better than mine for sure; at least, they are better in my opinion. But, I don't expect I did the worst, either. If I could timetravel and skip straight to the end of judging to see the results, I would, because I am certainly excited to see how everyone did.

Originally posted by Blind Devil
I, for one, will be often updating my title with the number of submissions judged. But all comments and scores will only be made public when all judges are done with all entries.

Good enough for me. At least this gives me an estimated timeline.

It's been 3 days, status currently says 6/35, for an average of 2 per day, but I can't assume all will be judged at the same speed; longer levels may take longer. An estimate puts the results at the end of the month, which definitely works for me, and is exciting. I would probably be much slower...
Originally posted by Manofer
Originally posted by idol

I liked the codenames according to the theme of each level, really, a sequence of boring numbers would not be very good. :O

Not all of the codenames fit the themes, but that's fine. I'm not complaining about MY codename.
Eeeee! I can't wait for the results. :D I'm excited to see the judge's favorites, and their criticisms.

The 30/35 in Blind Devil's title is making me antsy. At this point, there's only 5 left for him (no news from the other judges yet), which means pick any given level and the odds that he's played and judged it are higher than the odds he hasn't. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the results.

If the other judges have recorded livestreams, I haven't seen them, but I don't really want to see them; I want to wait until the results are published to see the scores.
Originally posted by ft029
seems like everyone is done judging

No, I believe one judge still has work to do:
Originally posted by FPzero
Just letting everyone know that I've finished up all the projects that took away my time this month and I'll be able to start my level judging soon.
For those of us who don't want to bother setting up an SCP player, any chance somebody could record .mp3 or .wav files for all the songs?

Of course, if not, I'll just have to figure out how to play them on my own. I guess that's always a possibility, but I won't be able to do it right away.
Originally posted by MaxodeX

He wants it done for him, he didn't ask for help on how to do it himself.

Which, I realize, is selfish of me, but that is exactly what I'd like.

I'll probably wind up installing a player on my own anyways, but not yet.
A perfectly average submission. Probably nothing memorable about it.

But I hope you like it anyways.
Originally posted by toad64
Originally posted by FPzero
Originally posted by toad64
Download the VLDC11 Base ROM Link does not work for me.

I don't know what to tell you. I just downloaded it fine and so have all the other people working on their levels already.
It display random junk of letters and numbers however this only happen on my Microsoft edge. it does fix it in other browser apps

OK, I'm not sure I'm understanding.

Did you manage to download the file using another browser, but just couldn't using Microsoft Edge? If so, that's fine, just use the version you got from the other browser.

Or is the file that you downloaded random junk? Because it's not the full rom, you need to apply it as a patch using FLIPS... see the FAQ on the menu to the right of the forum page.

If you can't download it at all, then I don't know what to tell you.
How in the world did you manage this with vanilla gfx? There HAS to be something custom here beyond flipping or rotating.

That is just insane, and good job.
OK, so the arrows must be part of the plant things from some levels, so I guess they're vanilla graphics. But certainly the enemies looping must be some sort of ASM, isn't it?
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
Originally posted by Flabort
How in the world did you manage this with vanilla gfx? There HAS to be something custom here beyond flipping or rotating

I think this is the second person you have basically accused of not abiding by the rules. If you look closely you can clearly tell they are all vanilla tiles that can all be animated in lunar magic itself.

I still have issue with the flashing red ! blocks (specifically, the way it's outlined), but I can theoretically think of how it's done. I just... can't believe something like this can be done, it's astoundingly good. Definitely top score material if this is legit - which I have been all but convinced it is.
Originally posted by Conal
I like your beginning. When the inevitable compilation ROM comes (and I'm sure it is inevitable), this would be good to get placed in the clouds.

The previous compilation has to be finished before anyone starts planning the compilation for this one, and apparently that's on hiatus. So...
Yeah, I'm not surprised you gave my level a low score for being average and kinda bland. I just wanted to play with the arbitrary level shapes, mostly, and didn't really bother with anything super creative. I've seen some of the amazing things people have done with mixing tilesets and 8x8 tiles, and while I suspect some might be cheating, I have no way of proving it and I'm more impressed than I am suspicious. I honestly hope they don't get disqualified and they get high scores, I'm just happy to participate.
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