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I don't think I can help you with the boss, but you can disable Yoshi turning blue by changing $00FCCE to 0x80 using a patch.

FYI, you can find simple patches by searching the ROM map for terms related to what you want to do.
I want to show credits after the end of a specific level, and to that (since the level doesn't have a boss to trigger the credits) I need to run custom code. I've already figured out what code I need to run, now I just need to get it to run at the end of the level.
I do mean after the fade-out. I tried hijacking the goal tape code, but that runs too early.
This works great, except for one thing - the Yoshi's House part of the credits looks like this:

I didn't edit anything about it.
No. It's level 001 with the goal moved to the start for testing.
Originally posted by RAM map, address $7E141F
Disable No Yoshi Intro flag.
#$00 = regular behavior (depending on the tileset, the No Yoshi Intro is either shown or not).
#$80 = the No Yoshi Intro is disabled, regardless of tileset.

Looks like it depends on the tileset? I'll try setting that to #$80.

Edit: That didn't work either.
I have kinda figured out that it is somehow related to the No Overworld patch, which I was also using. Disabling that and changing the last level to 105 does indeed fix the issue, but I'm not sure why it happens.
I haven't read it myself but a quick search gives this.
If you did solve it yourself, please also describe how you solved it. That way, when someone else has the problem in the future, they can use your solution.
Bump: I still need help with this. The "Yoshi's House" part of the credits looks like this, when using TheBiob's example code to jump to credits. I also have the No Overworld patch enabled. Disabling that patch does fix the issue, but I need the patch enabled. I really don't see anything wrong with the credits code, so I think the issue is in No Overworld's code. I also tried extracting the parts of the no overworld code I needed and while that did break the music in the first level, it did fix the credits.
Try dragging and dropping your asm file from Explorer to the asar window.
I made an Imgur album of screenshots of every single site scheme currently available. Link. I hope people will find this useful.
Originally posted by Alcaro
Another bug:

Trying to register with the name " [email protected]" whines about the leading space, but not about the @ not belonging there.

It probably scans the username for errors, if it finds one then it stops and shows a message, not considering the fact that there may be more errors in the input. It's like with password validation - if the password is too short and only alphabetic, it'll warn you about one thing, then when you've fixed it, it'll warn you about the other.
I hijacked the level end routine to warp to credits after the end of the level. This works great when I take the secret exit, or the "boss exit" (ending the level by killing a boss), but not the main exit. When I do take the main exit, the first part of the credits (the staff roll) is completely black. The music still plays, however, and the further parts of the credits work fine.

org $00CA01
LDX #$08
STX $13C6+!Base2
LDY #$18
STY $0100+!Base2
INC $13D9+!Base2

(Base2 is $6000 when using SA-1, $0 otherwise)

This happens both with SA-1 and without.
I've done a lot more research on this, but still no results. I grabbed an old version of bsnes with a debugger, set a breakpoint at the start of my code, and dumped the RAM every time I reached the level end. I then beat a level 9 times - thrice using the main exit, thrice using the secret exit and thrice by beating a boss. Then I compared the RAM dumps and looked that addresses that had one value when the credits worked and a different one when they didn't. I put all those addresses in a file and looked each of them up in the RAM map. In total I got 72 addresses, but I still haven't figured out what the problem is. Here's a link to the document if anyone wants to help me.
It was the mosaic one. I actually tried every one with "interesting?" in the end individually, but didn't think of the mosaic one. (I must've figured that if there is no actual mosaic, then that could not have been the problem.) Anyways, thanks so much for the help!
Originally posted by zacmario
I can't remember if I requested this before, but I really would like a patch that allows the p-switch timer and star timer to stay activated when entering pipes and doors so that we can create smb3 like gimmick levels.

I'm working on it. Looks like it involves a bunch of NOPs at $00A635.

Edit: It turned out to be a very simple patch, involving 15 NOPs at $00A651. Here's the full patch:
org $00A651
NOP #15

I don't think this is worth the Patches section, so I'm just going to leave this here. Also, should be SA-1 compatible.
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