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Originally posted by info.txt in
Note that none of these sprites uses 3 as the Extra Bit.

You should use 2 as the extra bit. See if that fixes it.
So I got pretty annoyed by table stretch recently and since I had Stylish enabled I started messing around with CSS to find a solution.
If you are on the default layout adding this as a Stylish style should do the trick:
/* prevent posts with large images/code from breaking the layout */
/* i have no idea why this works but it does */
div.postpadding {
	overflow: auto;
td.postsidebar + td.border {
	max-width: 0;

So when a post is too wide instead of messing up the layout it gets a horizontal scrollbar.

mod edit: let me test that on this post
Looks like the flagpole is just poorly coded. The grabbing from a screen away is (i think) caused by the fact that technically, mario's x coordinate and the flagpole's is the same - they just have different screen numbers. The way it gives you a crazy amount of score when high up is probably caused by the fact that it only checks mario's y coordinate, but not its own y coord. Not sure why it goes down forever though.
This is a very minor issue but the coin before the name of someone who donated can be on a different line than their name (see list of online users in screenshot). This is because the non-breaking space only works after a word, not an image. You could fix this by wrapping the entire name (with the coin) in a <nobr> element. Or, if you don't want to use non-standard elements, a <span> with the css style "white-space: nowrap".
Also the p-switch on the sidebar is 1 pixel too low in the halloween theme.
Originally posted by SMW ROM map
$009E35 |2 bytes |ASM | Set powerups at game start. ($19 = #$00, small Mario.)

Powerup state 1 is big mario. Hijack that location and store #$01 into $19 instead.

example patch:
org $009e35
jsl bigMario

stz $19
inc $19
stz $0dc2  ; code we overwrote

(won't work with 2 player games)

as for the intro level, i think you can just trap the player somewhere outside the screen.
Originally posted by Ladida
should be revertable within the next few days

It's been almost 2 weeks since the announcement, and I still can't change my theme. I'm a bit tired of it, honestly.
I think there was something like 9^^9999 with was pronounced "9 to the 9th power 9999 times". Called tetration or something. Wikipedia page

Also there's the googolplexian, 10^(10^(10^100))
You aren't supposed to share the ROM that you created the patch against, that's the whole point of creating a patch instead of sharing the ROM (since distributing ROMs is illegal). Also, why didn't you post the hack on SMW Central?
What you are talking about is site schemes. Usually you can change them but for halloween it's locked to the halloween theme.
You'll only have to wait like less than a week more until halloween season is over.
I mean, you can just add gamemode code for the overworld fading/loading/showing gamemodes. List of gamemodes

then you can add code for gamemode 0D (overworld: fade in) and 0E (overworld), but i'm not sure if the trigger for 0E runs after the text display.
Looks like there needs to be a file named "asar.exe" in the folder you're running spritetool from. Try downloading it from somewhere and putting it in SpriteTool's folder.
I'm working on it. I can't seem to find the screaming mario face, though - but I haven't done much searching either.
AFAIK it does each byte individually. Although I tried to write a checksum calculator and it gave me wrong results all the time. Also there was something about padding the ROM to be a multiple of 4 Mbits.

Edit: see this document, section ROM Checksum.
Originally posted by Alcaro
no megabits allowed

Fine. 0.5 megabytes.

To expand on the checksum being included, the inverse checksum and normal checksum add up to 0x10000 so they don't modify the checksum itself. Also, not modulo 0xFFFF but binary-and 0xFFFF or, if you prefer, modulo 0x10000. Or you know, just the lower 16 bits of the sum. If you're calculating the checksum for a possibly bad ROM then you should still exclude the checksum bytes in case they don't add up or something.
Originally posted by GreenHammerBro
Originally posted by randomdude999

As in this?:
db $01, $02, $03, $04

reads each byte as: 8-bit($01+$02+$03+$04) = 16-bit(#$000A) without reading a pair of bytes.

Yeah, you got it right.
Originally posted by Erik
Originally posted by Najeraldo

dude wtf ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is my secondary resource to go too ftw
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