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Just a regular Switch Palace

My first contest submission.
I disassembled my first sprite(s) and modified them to use proximity detection for their animation/movement. I don't like the vanilla entrance scenes, but they could be useful in providing atmosphere.

Ghost house door

Castle door
Originally posted by Koopster
I've wanted to delve into how these work at some point, but I never got around to it; mostly for making it possible to add doors to custom no yoshi entrances (our patch really could use an update by the way...). But making them usable in actual levels is a whole 'nother level of neat.

I believe their location was hardcoded by default. These can be moved, but I need to fix an issue when the sublevel has more than one screen and half of the OAM tiles wrap near screen borders.

Originally posted by LuigiTime
Oh wow, this is awesome. Are these available for download, or is it still in-progress?

Not available yet, but soon. I made these a while ago, but didn't fix the issue described above yet since my hack has these on single screen sublevels.
On/Off everything line guides

NOTE: This is a modification/replacement of Line Guide Acts-Like Fix. Without their hard work, this wouldn't be possible so I won't be submitting without the okay of imamelia and/or worldpeace. They could make it better anyway #smw{;)}



Originally posted by MDBattleFrog
Does this work if you place it at the end of a level or is it still restricted to the first screen? Asking for a friend.


Even funnier with sound.
So i guess I should fix that screen wrap bug.
I should also mention that you have full control of the "act as" in both the on and off states, via table defines. That means you can have a line guide end that turns into a straight line. Or a horizontal line that turns into a vertical line. Really whatever you want, if you're willing to do the extra exanimating.

It should also work with the castle tileset straight lines, but far less useful.
Originally posted by KevinM
I'm now wondering if this would be possible to make just by using custom blocks that change their act as based on the ON/OFF state (using the line guides acts as fix patch, of course)? The first thought is no, as the patch only checks for the fixed act as (the line-guided sprites don't actually run normal block interaction as far as I remember).

This is true. The line guided sprites actually look ahead to find the next potential block to interact with, and if it's determined that it is a line tile, the interaction happens. The first check in making this determination, however, is if the tile being processed is on page 0. Hence, the need for the act as fix, which resolves the tile being processed to its page 0 counterpart.
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