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I am having a problem applying sprites to my ROM using Pixi, and I can't seem to pinpoint where the issue is. I have no issues using the tool on a fresh ROM (only LM's ASM hacks applied, nothing else) so I know I am using the tool correctly.

I am trying to apply 2 separate sprites that were included with Pixi, but once I run Pixi, it seems to hang right after the command prompt prints "18 Shared routines registered in "routines/", and refuses to notify me that "All sprites applied successfully".

The debug output in command prompt is as follows:

C:\Users\___\Desktop\pixi v1.1>pixi -d -k smw.smc
line: 1
num: 1, ex: 0, char: F

sprites/piranha_sideways.cfg:, 5 lines parsed:
Sprite: 01
Type: 01, ActLike: 36
Tweaker: 81, 14, 08, 00, 10, 20,
Extra: 00, 00,
ASM File: sprites/piranha_sideways.asm

line: 1
num: 1, ex: 0, char: F

sprites/thwomps/thwomp_right.cfg:, 5 lines parsed:
Sprite: 02
Type: 01, ActLike: 36
Tweaker: 01, 06, 33, 01, 01, 24,
Extra: 00, 00,
ASM File: sprites/thwomps/thwomp_right.asm

18 Shared routines registered in "routines/"
            Routine: SubOffScreen inserted at $92BCD0
            Routine: SubHorzPos inserted at $90F153
            Routine: GetDrawInfo inserted at $92B99F
        INIT: $92B872
        MAIN: $92B884
        INIT: $92D9B1
        MAIN: $92D9BC

Again, no confirmation of success.

I am not running an SA-1 rom, but I have modified it with GPS, UberASM Tool, various ASAR patches (below), and of course plenty of LM edits.

Could any of these modifications below be causing interference?

13 entries of HDMA BG/FG effects using Effects Tool code.
NSMB Pipe Cannon ASM
GM14.asm (provided in the d/l for GHB + FuSoYas Scrolling Pipes)

Around 90 different blocks (mostly pipe blocks)

ASAR Patches:
Ground Pound (mario butt stomp)
Bob-omb Fix
Darken Pause
Enemy Face You
Extended NSTL
HDMA Fix (for screen scrolling pipes)
Line Guide Act-Like Fix
No Course Clear Fade Out
NSTL Patch
All blue P-switches
Start+Select on OW Save Prompt
Slide Kill Chain Fix
Spike Swim Fix
Sprite Ceiling Fix
Sprite Invincibility Fix
Thwomp Sprite Fix
Time Up Fix

I can provide an .IPS patch of the ROM, or more information as needed if anyone knows what the issue could be.

Thank you!
Thank you for trying to help, but using those file versions crashes any level that contains enemies, custom or vanilla. The game will boot fine, and even play the intro fine, but once I enter any level the game will crash.
So I was incorrect about it loading any level without enemies; it seems the ROM will either crash completely, or hang and do nothing but otherwise load. Then, either frozen or garbled graphics seem to happen followed by a full crash.

Also, when opening the ROM after Pixi has been applied, I have no problems or errors loading up Lunar Magic.

Anyways, here is a .IPS patch of the original game without Pixi applied, but with all my other ASM additions:

And here is a .IPS of the same ROM, but with Pixi applied (the modified version):
I have repatched using Lunar IPS and updated the links above. Thank you for your help.
Thank you so much, Akaginite, your second solution works absolutely perfect for my needs so far. And thank you for locating the problem area as well, you rock!
Request Name: Left / Right and Up / Down Pipe Sprite Spawner
Type: Sprite (block?)
Tool: PIXI (or GPS if a block can get the job done)
Description: Looking for a way to spawn both vanilla and custom sprites out of pipes just like in SMB3 1-2 where goombas spawn from horizontal pipes. Hopefully it's possible to customize spawn values such as speed, sprite amounts, direction, etc.

A basic vanilla left / right sprite spawner like in 1-2 would be fine as well.
Originally posted by Konata Izumi
^ Pretty sure that's been done already.

Could you link me? I've searched every page of Sprites, a majority of the block pages, searched for various keywords with no hits, and tried google, all with no luck. I've played hacks with this sprite before but I can't find a download so I decided to request it.
It's been about a month since my last request for sprite pipe spawners like SMB3 1-2 level, but I understand that type of sprite may be more time consuming to code than my following request.

I'd like to request a patch that will prevent throw-able blocks, shells, goombas, etc from being destroyed while holding them and spin jumping on other enemies.
I'm trying to change Mario's hitbox to become 8x16 only while small and ducking, and I have been looking over the ROM map, google searching, forum searching, and can't seem to figure this out. I did find two pieces of code that alter Mario's hitbox, but I don't know what to change to get the desired effect. Could someone help me out? I am looking for this to be a global effect as well, not level specific like the second patch indicates.

Here is the code I found:
;Big Mario hitbox to Small Mario hitbox
org $00EB79
db $A9,$00

org $01B4C0
db $A0,$00

org $03B67C
db $A9,$00

;No ducking
org $00D604
db $80

org $01EB16
NOP #2
LDA $73

And this code as well:
;Ram Controlled Hitbox Version
;By: Chdata & Chibikko
;***Incompatible with Jagfillit's $19 Expand Patch - Although I made him a new version that lets you do the same thing as this patch***


		;1 = SMALL
		;2 = BIG

org $EB77
JML main_1

org $01B4BA
JML main_2

org $03B676
JML main_3

org $10ED04

db "STAR"	; RATS tag
dw Endcode-Startcode 
dw Endcode-Startcode^#$FFFF 


main_1:		;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

LDX #$00


LDA $19


main_2:		;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

LDA #$00
LDY $73

CPY #$00

LDA #$00
LDY $19

LDA #$08

LDY $187A
ADC #$08


main_3:		;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

LDX #$00
EOR #$01
ORA $73
;LDA $73

LDA $73
LDA $19
JML $03B680

JML $03B680

JML $03B681
print "I'm psychic, I knew that you would patch this."
print "-Chdata-"
Originally posted by TheBiob
You could try this tool to change the hitbox.
Do note the warnings and test thoroughly though.

Thanks for the reply TheBioB, your tool works well. But Mario's hitbox while small and small ducking are the same in Vanilla SMW, so changing his small hitbox with your tool, alters it globally instead of only while ducking, unless I am missing something?

I'd like Big Mario (and powerups) to retain their 16x32 hitbox.
I'd like Small Mario to retain his hitbox of 16x16.
I'd like Big Mario + ducking to retain his 16x16 hitbox.
I'd like Small Mario + ducking to change to an 8x16 hitbox, then revert to 16x16 when standing.

I thought it might be something along the lines of calling a routine that checks something like:

>if small = Vanilla 16x16 hitbox
>if small + d-pad down input = hitbox of 8x16
(NOTE: I'm unsure if a ground interaction flag is also needed to prevent Mario's hitbox changing to 8x16 in midair, although I don't believe that it would have any negative effects if it did.)

Obviously Vanilla SMW does something very similar when Big Mario ducks by changing his normal 16x32 hitbox to a 16x16 hitbox when ducking. Can this code by hijacked and modified to achieve results while small? Or modify this routine, copy it to some Freespace, then call upon it while small ducking only?

What I'm trying to accomplish is allowing Mario to avoid ceiling hazards while small ducking, but still be killed by the same hazards if small and not ducking. I also still need him to be vulnerable to attacks, so making him invincible while ducking to avoid collision isn't feasible.

Thanks again for any help or insight on how to achieve this.
What I am after is a block (1) that, when touched by mario from any side, causes a different block (2) to change into another block (3) for a few frames, then revert back into it's original state (block 2) when no longer touching block 1.

I use a modified version of Snowshoe's P-Switch Set on Powerup Block that does what I need, but would like to make a much more versatile block that doesn't rely on p-switch timer code. I'm hoping to create a new value to be read but don't have much ASM knowledge, so am looking for someone to help me out.

The code I currently use is:
; this block shortens and expands p-switch timer length depending on what power mario has, be it normal, mushroom, or fire and cape.
; by Snowshoe

db $42
JMP Mario : JMP Mario : JMP Mario : JMP Sprite : JMP Sprite : JMP Cape : JMP Fire
JMP Mario : JMP Mario : JMP Mario
print "A p-switch timer block that activates for only 3 frames."
Mario:	LDA #$00
	STA $1DF9
	LDA #$00
	LDA #$00
	STA $1887
	LDX $19
	STA $14AD	; Note : Change to $14A_E/D for silver/blue P-Switch
	RTL             ; RTS Crashes your rom when using BTSD, it only works for bin blocks.

	db $03,$03,$03,$03	;db $3F,$7F,$FF,$FF

So far I have this code which allows the p-switch timer only 3 frames of activity before reverting back. I would like to keep this functionality, as well as the powerup functionality but remove the reliance on the p-switch timer code.

This video shows what I want to do, but because of p-switch timer code the music gets restarted, and I can't use the actual p-switch alongside this block.

I suppose two custom blocks would accomplish this task much better:
1. To be the block that is passed through to activate block 2.
2. This block which would act as one of two different Map16 blocks depending on block 1's timer.
I'm looking for some UberASM that will restart the level (respecting check points) if baby yoshi is fed, or adult yoshi eats, certain sprites defined in the .asm file. More than one sprite should be able to be defined, custom sprites included please if manageable.

In other words, a blacklist of sprites that set you back if eaten, but all other edible sprites allow you to proceed as usual.

Thank you

EDIT: Having Yoshi disappear in a puff of smoke when certain enemies are eaten could be viable as well.
Originally posted by randomdude999

Done. Also supports custom sprites.

You're a great person! Thank you very much for this, it works perfectly :)
As the title says, I'm looking for a way to make Dry Bones' bone spin-jump friendly.

I've looked around to see if it's been done, but can't find anything about it. I was hoping it would just be a quick hex edit, but only found tilemap and palette information in the ROM map.

I also found the address #02A3F6 for extended sprite interaction. Maybe it could be useful?

I'd like to second this request made by Idol.

Name: Camera Follows Enemy Bounce
Type: Patch
Description: A patch that allows the camera to follow Mario when he bounces or spin jumps off of enemies.

If you're feeling bold, some customization options could be, enable/disable following vertical scrolling, selective between regular bounce and spin jump.

Originally posted by idol
request: camera scrolls up with player when they jump on enemies

type: patch

not to be confused with the hex edit that makes the camera always follow the player, nor the center scroll patch.

basically emulating what happens when you jump off a springboard onto an enemy, but like... always. not having to rely on springs or anything lol.

also i'd love if it was sa-1

please help me my family is dying
Thank you Ladida, it works exactly as needed.
Request Name: Fuzzy
Type: Sprite (+UberASM)
Description: A sprite that would act in a similar manner to the Fuzzies in Yoshi's Island level 1-7 (wavy FG/BG, music change, alternate motor controls). Is this even possible with SMW's capabilities? I imagined using some UberASM to activate an effect would be possible, but probably a lot of work to create.
I'm gonna cancel my last request for YI Fuzzies as I believe there would be too much lag without SuperFX or SA-1.

Request: Layer 3 Overworld Fix Patch
Name: Patch
Description: A patch that can fix the black bar draw issue caused by extending the Layer 3 border of the overworld. The effect appears or disappears when switching between overworld maps using exit tiles/pipes/stars almost like Layer 3 isn't being redrawn after the transition windowing effects. See photos below for the issue:

The black bars on either side of the overworld

What is looks like without the black bars:

Also, another small request similar to above:

Request: Layer 3 Background Fix Patch
Name: Patch
Description: When entering a level Layer 1 and 2 layer all pixelize before coming into focus. Layer 3 always remains focused. A patch to cause all layers (sprite layer also?) to pixelize before coming into focus would be great. See photo below for example:
Name: Jumping Fish
Type: Sprite
Tool: Pixi compatible
Graphics: SMW default fish from SP3=13
Description: A single fish that acts just like Sprite: D1, the Jumping Fish Generator. It can be jumped on and spin-jump killed [edit]and works without water. It would be placed at the bottom of the screen and jump a defined height into the air (set in the .asm file) and arc to the left or right depending on the extra bit.
Bonus: More defines in the .asm file for hurt/kill Mario if jumped on, can be spin-jumped on without the fish dying, spin-jump and fish explodes but Mario pops off like Rex, etc could be fun bonus inclusions to play with.
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hash's Profile - Posts by hash

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