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I'm Ben and I would like to present my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWItRt_PUBN-Bhkb0AdmdWQ

The channel is around one year old, got around 700 videos by now and is about fan made (or "self-made") Mario and Nintendo games. My focus are SMW ROM hacks but any fan-made game is welcome.

I hope the creators or authors of their work are feeling respected. I haven't run in any trouble yet (besides from taking down a video or two, because the creator asked me for it). I'm simply impressed with the creativity of some people and I respect their hard work! If you feel otherwise, please let me know!

My bucket list for the channel:

* Let's plays (in English but I'm not a native English speaker so this will be interessting)

* Compilations (for instance hacks released in 2017 etc.)

* Video interviews with the people behind those hacks

* Creating a hack by myself (and capturing every moment of it)

Any critic, feedback or suggestions for improvement is welcome!

(This is my first and last "advertising" and I didn't know where to write it down nor if it's allowed - Sorry for any inconveniences)

Thank you for stopping by #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by Mirann
Oh so you're the one that played my old hacks which I'm ashamed of. Bad. >:(

If that's the case I don't have a problem to delete the appropriate videos. It was the case with two videos in the past and I respect these requests.
Originally posted by Rainbow Star
Oh, I forgot to ask one thing: What happened to the video of the last DynastyLobster's hack (I forgot the name)? Did you take it down on a demand of the author of the hack?

Let's just say I'm a man who is keeping his word : )
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Self-made Island's Profile - Posts by Self-made Island