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I wait 4 this so long.
I'm really good in making levels u know,
i just joined smw central just some time ago.
I need to ask something:Where to post u'r overworld?
En how can u level up on smwc?
Thnx if u answer thos =D
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Does some1 know how can edit ONLY the fire mario thing en when it is he throws gireballs up instead of forward, lika an jumping piranha plant does?
Please help me ;)
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Can some1 tell me how hex edit works?
Originally posted by ty

and how do custom blocks/sprites work

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It was Azure's chaotic ;)
(Or something like that =P )
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in the level: GALEON´S FLEET, maybe ypu can place a custom warp block in the ships, that will warp you into the ship =)
That should be nice.

If i can help you with something, contact me ;-)
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Aww sad it's over already, I just made something nice ;-)
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Hey hey, i'm currunctly working on a hack called: SMW Rearmed!
I will post some video's and stuff here.
This hack isn't going to just be a small joke.
If you have some ideas or tips for me just post something!
Here is a video: *NOTE* This is pretty old, its much better now!

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

A picture of one of my levels in LM:

Hmm i post more later but now i have to go to guitar lessons ^__^
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Here is my Kaizo hack called: Kaizo Mario Extra.
*Note* After completing the ghost house, the game is finished ^__^
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All the problems above are already fixed in the newer version ^__^

Becouse i'm a level 1 chikorita, it doesn't mean i'm a bad hacker ^__^
I'm hacking for 3 years i think XD

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Does someone know a good place to upload your images?
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I know there is cut off

More Cut off

Ignore bad palette

Again, Ignore goomba palette

Very little cut off at small pipe

The wrong block over there is a trap.

That cut off is fixed.

Not my ExGFX

you will fall trough the grey blocks.

Fade out fail ^__^

Is this palette good?

Hmm not sure i'm going to use this :)

I will use those instead


Scary... Does the Eerie have the right palette?



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Hey hey, i have a little problem.
I used a lot of ExGFX, but i don't remember the name of the makers,
and i didn't make a credit thingy yet ;__;
Any help?
Hmm maybe i'm going to use my own self-made graphic set =)
(Hmm don't expect a demo of my hack very soon)

Anyways, more pics here:

Ignore BG:

Also ignore palette of 'Mario'

Hmm cut off...

Test OW

Puzzle level

Dark level

More Darkness

Ignore BG

I'l fix that later ^__^


Title Screen (Not going to use this i think)

Ghost house maze

Yellow scrolling blocks ^__^

The secret: (After a yellow block did go away,you can see the keyhole)


It's a red Yoshi!

*tututu* entering pipe

This is fixed already


Dolphin and Puffer ahoy!


more OW:

Ignore those block on the left
(Yes i know not to place a coin above a ? block)


You didn't see those glitched blocks!


This looks better now



That's a ladder.


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What to do at the magnet train??? i don't get it :P
If it is a bonus level, why i lose a life when time runs out???
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Ehh, i downloaded 4 roms, all 1.0 but it sill gives the error? help?
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Uh.. i need some help: When i select direction to enable when a normal exit is used: Left. It doesn't work? But when it try it with secret exit it does work... help please?
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Well, i'm new to ASM but:
What's the RAM/ROM number of mario being starman???
Or is it a powerup? Please tell me :)
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Well i paused this hack, i started on a new one! =)
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