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I am building a puzzle level which requires that certain coins always come back when re-entering the screen (there are multiple doors and pipes that lead back to the same screen).

What do I have to do to get the coins to respawn? Right now, the coins do not re-appear after I have collected them.
You are my hero, Thomas!

Thanks a lot. I was half-expecting to have to mess with the ASM, but this is so simple, I'm a bit embarrassed I didn't figure it out myself. :)

[case solved]
Kaizo 3 and Grand Poo World have a portrait in the room before Bowser:

I'm trying to do something similar for my brother's birthday. For that, I would like to get an image of him into the game.

Could someone tell me what the necessary steps are to get from an image file to tiles in lunar magic that I can insert into a level?

I would really appreciate some help!
Oh. My. God.

Why did I not know about this? (Obviously, because it is hidden!)

Thank you so much, I was really scared I was going to have to use a crazy long toolchain to do this.

I'm very happy with this, thanks again!

[case solved]
I have created a .brr sample, which is a bit under four minutes long. I downsampled it to 5512 Hz to make it smaller.

Then I have this code:

#amk 2
	"amigo.brr" $00 $00 $7F $01 $E0
	#title     "Buenas Tardes Amigo"
	#length    "04:00"

;AddMusic:	AddMusicK
;Channels:	1 (#0)

#0 @30 c2

AMK gives me "Buenas Tardes/amigo.txt: Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x15D700 bytes."

I tried to put in commands that would turn off the echo, but to no avail (because I don't really know what I'm doing).

All the global songs are the default ones.

4 minutes should not be too long, since I have inserted tracks by other porters that were that long.

Please help me! :)
Thank you both for the replies.

It is good to know that this isn't possible.

I have reduced the source .wav file to 9 seconds, and it's still exceeds the buffer by 0x4700 bytes. How, then, did they get the Hong Kong 97 sample to work, which is also roughly that length? (see here: )

The sample rate doesn't sound worse than what I'm using either.

Is there no hope of getting a 10 second sample to play in my hack? There must be... *crosses fingers*
Thank you, musicalman, for taking the time to compose this detailed explanation. It is much appreciated.

I have made one last desperate attempt. This time I reduced the sample to 2756 Hz (while leaving it at 9 seconds of length). It sounds rather horrible now, but I wanted to know if simply downsampling even further than I already had would be a possible solution. As it turns out, AddMusicK now allowed me to insert the sample. (Hong Kong 97 is 25KB, while my sample is now at 15KB)

When listening to it in-game, it sounds way too high pitched and lasts for less than a second, so I think (hope) that that can be fixed in the .txt file, but I don't know how.


After some trying, I've figured out that f+ gives me the right pitch for the sample.

What remains to be fixed is the behaviour of the loop. It does one of the following things, depending on I don't know what:

1) It loops only the first milliseconds (#0 @30 w255 << / f+2) (removing the slash does not change the outcome)

2) It skips the part that was looped in 1) and only plays the rest, but does not loop. (#0 @30 $F4 $01 w255 << / f+2) (I got the $F4 $01 from the Hong Kong sample. The documentation says this enables Yoshi drums, which doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know)

Obviously I want it to loop the whole sample.
In the Overworld Editor, I go to File > Layer 3 Submap > Load Layer 3 of Submap.

I then get the overlay displayed, okay.

When I make changes to that overlay and try to save it, a window pops up and I have no idea what to pick from the dropdown menus. If I simply hit OK using the "default" values, it gives me an error ("Cannot use this GFX file for this purpose. Choose another file.")

What am I overlooking? I'm not making any complicated edits.

Thanks in advance!
Oh, I see!

Unfortunately, when I choose, say, "80 Not Inserted", it tells me "Couldn't open file! ExGFX80.bin"

The file it wants to open does not exist. Do I have to create that file first? If so, how?



Wait, I just remembered. It's one of the mushrooms in the level editor window. I think I got it now!

Thank you for your help!
My track uses a custom .brr sample, which should loop indefinitely.

The .txt file contains the following musical instructions:

#0 @30 $F4 $01 / c2

(this line is the same as in the Hong Kong 97 file, except there it works, and here it does not)

Effect: The sample plays *once*, but the first second or so is missing.

I also tried the following instructions:

#0 @30 $F4 $01 c2


#0 @30 / c2

Effect: It loops the first second forever, but not the whole sample.

I tried a few other combinations, but it's always one of those two results.

I would be very grateful if you could help me out.
Fiddling with the tempo command did the trick. I was able to get it almost loop seamlessly (I'd have to get a tempo between 9 and 10 for it to sound just right, but it's close enough, and certainly way better than it was before.

Thanks a lot!
I would like to have an Eerie generator in the Bowser fight. This is easy enough, but the Eeries don't have the right GFX. When I change one of the tilesets to 11, then it messes with other things in the room, like Peach getting completely destroyed.

How did Kaizo 2 and Dram World achieve this? I opened Kaizo 2 in Lunar Magic, but it doesn't seem to use any special bypassing. The only thing I noticed was that the background looks completely different from mine (when viewed in level mode 0).

Does anybody know how to get this to work? Thanks!

Pretty please? :)
I figured out a way. I replaced the glitched graphics that show up in place of the Eeries with the actual graphics I wanted (I ended up using fireballs instead of Eeries), which took me a while to figure out, especially because one of the glitched graphics came from GFX22, even though that one isn't even used in the Bowser fight...

(Btw, using ExGFX did *not* work, and I have no idea why not, but this whole thing at least made me learn how to use them, so there's that)

Case solved.
Right after beating bowser, a text box appears with "Mario's adventure is over" etc. How can I edit this text?

I looked in the ROM Map but couldn't find anything there, nor did I find a patch.

(I already know how to make asm patches and how to apply them with asar)
Yeah, I'm on Windows 10 so that one program didn't work for me (forgot to mention that).

Thomas, your online tool worked like a charm! Thank you very much for that! :D
This might seem like a strange request, but I'm trying to de-cheese a puzzle, which requires the player to place a key in front of a 1-tile off the ground horizontal pipe in order to enter it. The problem is that this can be cheesed using a P-switch in the same place, since Mario gets at least one standing frame when jumping on it and thus gets to enter the pipe.

I could only think of two ways to deal with this:

1) Change the way pipes work
2) Change the way Mario interacts with P-switches

(blocking the pipe with brown blocks won't help, because the player can just get two P-switches)

Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks for the answers.

I tried the P-switch patch, but I'm still able to enter the pipe. Apparently there's still a standing frame even with the patch (?).
Maybe if walking was disabled for a few frames?
Thomas, are you a magician?

Please know that I am very grateful for your help!
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