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how do i attach a patch to a game? i know itz n00by but itz really complicated for me and probably for other people too. so id appreciate it if you tell me in the simplist way.
Hey! Listen! I have been hacking for a while, and I really want to make my character a magikoopa. How can I edit the sprites? I extracted them, but I do not know how to edit bin files. In my hack, I, Magikoopa24, Wants to ask bowser for a raise, but I have to, *ahem* PURSUADE him for it. Really, I am amateur to hacking.
Well, how do I change the pallete to the normal one? I used a save state but it didn't work!
I am a n00b at this, but how do I un-compress my smrpg rom? It says I have too.
Scripts work, but everything else gives me a warning message, saying that it is unable to load DDL 'Lunar Compress.dll" and that the specified module could not be found. Does that mean I should put all the lunar compress files into the Lazy shell folder?
I got it working again. Now, whenever I try opening my hacked game, the front door doesn't work. Now, I can't test my new enemy! Can anyone help me?
How can I not use the preview rom? I didn't use an enemy that was used in the game so can I attach the enemy into my hack?
Hey, how do I enter this contest? What do I label my hack to get it graded?
Great! Here it is!


Is this how I do it? Or is there another way I am supposed to do it.
Actually, I made a few changes and so now I am going to repost my competitor.

Hey, MK24 again. I found out NOT to use the preview rom, and just save it to the original rom. Anyway, I want to create a totally new npc, because it would explain that I hacked this game, and that the game has been altered so that you have all the items in the game. I got so far as to post the npc I am using (it's that fat yoshi) but I want it to talk. What can I use for my new text, and how can I link it to my npc.
1)How strongly do you feel about SMRPG hacking?
2)Are you willing to know it well enough to give advice?
3)Do you yourself have/had a hack in mind to make?
4)Can you haul your enthusiasm for the long run?
5)Can you devote 45min-1hr a day to learn Lazy Shell (LZ)?
6)Are you willing to write tutorials?
7)Are you willing to advise others once you know the process?

1) I feel great!
2) Probably.
3) I've actually started one!
4) Yes!
5) Probably, during the summer yeah, but in the school year IDK.
6) I guess, if needed.
7) Well, I would help people out, but I won't just advise right away.

I hope to learn a lot, and I hope I could edit and/or add new sprites. It'll be cool to import 3D photos from other RPG's, like Final Fantasy.
I have been working on a SMRPG hack that might classify as a sequel:

Time has reversed, and all of Smithy's evil plans are being re-done! And what else, almost everyone can not remember, and everyone has a case of Deja Vu! Mario, being one of the remembers, finds out that he can help people remember by showing them certain events! He decides that Smithy is up to the time reversal, and sets out. Ironically, the mario gang are all powerful, having all attacks, including all of the other team's attacks. They have their max stats, and every enemy are their original normalcy.

I finished the stats and attacks, but the text writing needs more editing. Although with these, I think I have a shot at making a cool hack. I just need to learn a few things, like talking NPC creation.
Hey, MK24 here, and I think that we of the SMRPG hacking community, should map all of SMRPG's text. The reason of doing this is because most of the text of smrpg is out of order, and somethimes repeats. By doing this, we will be able to make text hacks quicker, easier, and less fustrating. Here, I'll start this off:

title names for walking into a room. (I.E. INN, Grate Guy's Casino)
Actually, I have the same problem. It goes under the "Freezing after beating johnatham jones and axem rangers" thing. It is something with zsnes 1.51, because the older versions stop this. Just use a different snes model, like 1.42.
That's something for the complaint box for ZSNES.
Hmm... Seems like the palette for your reswob got onto the front of bowser. You just got to get the original palette onto the front of bowser. It is a simple palette swap. Also, Luigi's health seems a bit high.
I think that a more customizable stat bar for the characters should be good. When I saw that function demo on youtube, I was hoping to make your health, attack, defense, and others higher than in the game, but I haven't been able to do that, but maybe it's there already and I haven't found it.
Oh yeah, and a Drop-down bar to the regular text of the game. I mean, it is exhausting to try to find the messed up parts of SMRPG. I have made a forum (link in header) to list all of SMRPG's text. It is a pain in the butt.
18-35- Before Valentina came, fireworks lit up the sky every night. Some guy in Moleville would make the fireworks. I wonder if we'll ever get to see them again...
36- It's a marvelous statue, isn't it?
37- We can finally walk around the castle and the town freely. People from down under will[1] probably come too. That girl at the entrance'll tell you who's here.
38- Whoa! Congratulations! You deserve this!
39- It'll let you get into my brother's Casino...wherever THAT is...
40-47- Thanks!
48- ???: I'm so...lonely. Will you play with me? (Sure) (Not now)
49- Birdo- Don't forget about me!
50- Oh... If you had played with me, I was going to give you the key to this room.
51- This statue...it...it seems so...unworldly!
52- The King gave me another job as a guard.
53- ... Prince Mallow!
54- MALLOW: Thank you so much! We were able to rescue my father with the key you gave us.
55- Don't Mention it...
56- Besides, it was YOU, who actually rescued him!
57- Mallow- Good luck in the future!
58- you too!
59- Prince!
60- Here, this is from me. Please, take it.

Now, I hope other people would join in.
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