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How do I post forum topics with a art or something, like a drawing around this post or something.

The favorite AVGN moment of the Voltrez is the ending of the SMB3 Review

I know some of you have been waiting for a Hex Editing tutorial, so I will type almost all I know about Hex Editing. Here we go!

1. Hex Editor
You can down load Translhextion in the Tool Section.

2. Opening you rom (SMW.smc)
Extract Translhextion to somewhere in you computer, then open up Translhextion and click on File ---> Open then open up your rom.

3. Hex Editing
Go to Offset ---> Jump to then type x(the offset), for example x18C7 is the title screen music, its currently on 01 which means TITLE SCREEN MUSIC (02 is OVERWORLD MUSIC,03 YOSHI's ISLAND... you get the point.)
So lets type in where it says 01 (Title Screen Music) to 09 (Special World Music). Then go to File ---> Save and load up your rom.

And thats it! You can get offsets in the ROM Map Section of the site. Remember, before and offset, always type x then the offset number. Thats all I got for now. See ya'z! =)

P.S. - Can you guys "sticky" this? I mean, you don't have to, but I just asked, this is just my second friggin tutorial, I'm not the good yet xD.


Well, I use my own words, not "scientific" like science teachers do (No offense to the science teachers around here) ^^

P.S. I'm not Racist.

Lasagna or Pizza. Pretty much Italian food.

Maybe your rom has been Hex Edited, cuz from what I know, the offset x18C7 is the title music offset and its normally at 01, not 22

I disagree.


Mario: Being a selfish pansy
Luigi: Owning Mario at everything, even in Mario Kart Wii.

Hey guys, again. I found a really cool video called Super Mario Hyadain. Its japanese but it has subtitles. For the people that like the Piano theme from SMW you are in the right thread.

Here's the video.

Made by NicoNico and others

Originally posted by X-King
Mario:Rescue Peach,Eat Spaghetti,Make Party,Play Tennis,Play Soccer,Play RPG's,Play Jump'n'runs,Fight against other Nintendo Veterans,Read instructions

Luigi:Crying,Be a Mama,Scare,Eat Spaghetti,Talk about Broklyn,Watch Rick Roll Chocolate Rain Screamers and Youtube Poops

Once again, wrong.

Mario: Being a selfish pansy
Luigi: Owning Mario

Happy Chinese New Year SMWC! Well, it's Chinese New year in Macau xD.

Originally posted by Demonsul
I saw the flash on Newgrounds. It's good, isn't it?

Yeah, its really freakin' good

And I thought I was good at drawing, you are better... a FIVE STAR rating to you WYE!

Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
If you want to change the graphics of Mario, see this thread. As for glitches, could you please be a bit more specific? Most of the users here aren't psychic, you know, and we could use some information about what kind of glitches you are encountering...

ON TOPIC: Seriously, I dunno what glitches Mario has in his pair of GFX32 or in-game.
OFF TOPIC: Hooray, someonne posted a link to my thread! I'm now famous?

Originally posted by terplana
like sprites glitches =/ the green baby yoshi is only a green square and when i cleared the first part of the hack ... when i was in the end it apear like thousand boo's but glitches like is wat idk how to explain =/

Unfortunately, I dunno how to fix that. Maybe changing the sprite memory?

Clicking the lakitu head button on lunar magic