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You get a fixed space-time

I insert mikeyk
I might try a hack later, but I'm retireing to ASM and the like ><

Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 42, expected </u>
Unexpected end tag (</i>) at 46, expected </u>
Originally posted by scratch799
Will this game have gameplay? :o

...I guess... (WTF!?)
ok... pointless spam...
I was haveing layout trouble, it screwed up...

EDIT: Any ideas for the name of the island or hack?
Originally posted by Sagittaire
You know what your doing, but by the way you took the screenies, the levels look generic.

EDIT: It's World 1, I'm not doing anything "nongeneric" until later.
eh, next
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Lets see...

Bland levels. Check
Bland graphics. Check
Overuse of cement blocks. Check
Things that just don't make sense. Check
Overuse of the same sprite in a level too many times. Check
Crappy Palettes. Check

I'm pretty sure its safe to say that this hack sucks.

Well... OK... I can fix it a bit...
Well... Time to redo World 1...
Heke, I made some revisions.
Not many, removed "some" filler... ><
Why did you call me a "fucker"? D:<
You get a Giant Fuzzy that just ate 30 Mushrooms (RUN!!!)

I insert Kirby and a Warpstar
darn!!! you stole my d*** answer!!!
Oh... I think I know where that is... <NOT TELLING!!!>
You get some Pikmin Seeds

I insert
LDA #$0B
STA #0100
More work for me... joy...

Oh, and the "plain and flat" thing is dew scroll1.asm from STARSW.zip creatind a graphics hole it it wasn't.
Eh... I'm replaceing the Castel... I'm going to use that later...
This has been canceled...
I might try an HACK later, but I'm retireing to ASM and the like ><
You get bloun up.
I insert some glitch ASM
You get a .asm file

i insert all the rejected hacks.
*You get pwn3t by the enemy*

*Inserts a Megatank*
*Enters room from a portel with an army of MissingNos*
*Glitches everyone up*

Justin Case grew to Level -20

New Stats:
HP -12
Atk -44
Def -13
Spec -42
Spd -29

Armageddon learned (j20jq90jc92
*Armageddon evolves into a ant*
*Step on Armageddon, killing him*

Boss Bass was corrupted beyond repair and deleated.

antiguy1372 was sent to the Hall of Fame... then corrupted beyond repair and deleated.

*grishnax evolved into a Magicarp.*

*Laughes at the destruction*

*Commands the MissingNos to spam Sky Attack*

I love systematic destruction...

*Goes back into portal*

*Comes out with 10 Megatanks*

*Sets them to "Destroy Everything"*

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Nanoha Takamachi's Profile - Posts by Nanoha Takamachi