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Posts by Nanoha Takamachi
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Which is better? Black or white?
Me claim "Alice Margatroid"
umm.... I pick....

What's better? A half-full glass or a half-empty glass?
*Gets Mario*

*Inserts Vista*
*You get a half eaten "pizz pie"*

*Inserts a spell card*
Now I think we need to disassmble the koppa kid sprite...
pieguy (yum...)

Which is better? Family, or all the wealth in the world?
That's it!!! Your going to cry, Crys!!!!!
*Sends an army of killer dolls with knives to kill everyone*
*Pulls out a doll of Marisa*
Puppet Sign "Love -Master Spark-"
He, he!
*Gets Yukari to sent Armageddon into Kazio Mario World*
That oughta keep him buzy!!
*Eats tomato*
If they made a super editor, most likey, no matter how hard they try, it would have leaked out somewhere ion the internet.

WAIT! I gots an idea!! Maby they had a full dissassmblly of the SMW code way before we did!!
Consider this, How many Jap hacks come out every month, how mant American ones? Maybe their just working longer on each hack...
Very true... I'm currently doing a search for "smwハッキング" on the Japanesse Google...
*Sends a army of dolls carying snipers to er..... snipe everyone*
*Watches blood splater everywhere*
Dose this even belong in Advanced SMW Hacking?
Well... You should be able to replicate the effect in Level 24 with a Custom Block... Just that as far as I know nobody has made one :V
Sorry! Your nuke landed in the sea and did nothing.
*Launches big swarm of magic missles at grishnax*
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Nanoha Takamachi's Profile - Posts by Nanoha Takamachi