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I made a thing for a friend of mine's birthday.

I'm posting here so you guys can use it however you please.

Hope you all enjoy it.
So, I just recently got myself introduced to amk. I read a few things about echo, about the tweak that was meant to come turned off and stuff. All that done and said. I'm still having a wide variety of issues with SFX's.

When I use create/destroy block sprite, this thing plays a SFX. When I jump and get a coin riding the snake platform, the jump SFX gets overriden and only plays for a little bit.

How do I fix that?

Are there any fixes for SFX in general when using AMK? I really wish this thing sounded like you didn't touch anything in your ROM, instead of making it blatant you are using AMK.
Can anyone code for me / help me code (I'm bad tho) SFX priority for AMK?

Since AMK joined 1DFA to the other channels two SFX channels (1DFC, 1DF9), stuff like grinders are hogging too much of the other channel (depends on where you decide to put it), drowning out every other SFX played along with them. I wanted to set those to low priority, so per example, spin jumping on them would actually play the actual contact SFX, or not just play for like 2 ~ 3 frames, which would cause the grinder sfx to actually be drowned out instead.

In the original game, jump and grinder sfx share the same channel (1DFA), however jumping for whatever reason (I dunno if it actually had a priority system) drowned out the grinder SFX, instead of the opposite.

I would like it to be configurable, something like, 3 flags, low priority, normal priority, high priority. High can drown out anything, normal can only drown out normal and low, and low can only drown out low. And by drown out I mean, clash with.

I have little to no idea where to even begin with this so... I'm requesting this / asking for help too.
Originally posted by Bloody Shadow of The Darkness
This is very pretty.

Thank you.
Originally posted by Bloody Shadow of The Darkness

Is this a background for a hack?

It could be, although I don't plan on using it this way.
Originally posted by TheJullasicFox
That's impossible unless you want to create 2 extra sound channels in SMW. Each channel is actually a RAM address that is written too, and you can't have two values written to it simultaneously, because each doesn't have its own bytes to use for such things.

I don't want both SFXs to play simultaneously, though, no need for extra channels. The original game also had SFXs clashes, it did however respect some kind of order. I just want it to be less awkward (like in the original game).

The idea is like, when you spinjump and enters in contact with a saw, the channel gets locked until the clash SFX is done playing, or something like that - so instead of having the grinder SFX play and hog all the channel, the clash is going to play from beginning to end because it has priority.

That actually happened in the original game, but with jumping instead. Grinder and Jump used to share the same channel (1DFA). The jump would silence the grinder and play through, once the jump SFX was done playing, grinder would get to play again.
Originally posted by Konata Izumi
Originally posted by Tattletale
The jump would silence the grinder and play through,

Nope. Have you played Cheese Bridge Area? #5 Roy's castle? both objects used in there make a clicking sound that could interrupt the jumping sound and vice versa. As such, there never is a SFX Priority, and never was.


Jumping plays through just fine. With amk you would get almost no frames of the SFX played and sometimes it would just not play at all.

Important EDIT:
Yes, jumping does get silenced sometimes. But it's not as often as it is with AMK, and the important part is, when it does play, it plays through. Which actually implies there was no priority coded whatsoever. So yes. But it handled SFXs better so yeah...

Priority would solve the issue though.
Originally posted by Konata Izumi
Looking at AMK, it gets remapped. Going into AMK's tweaks.asm and changing it back will fix it. However I don't know enough to change it back, otherwise I'd gladly change it back for you, though I'm 75% sure it's changing
org $01D745
LDA #$1A
STA $1DF9|!SA1Addr2

org $01D745
LDA #$1A
STA $1DFA|!SA1Addr2

but as I said before, it's virtually untested and as such I'm not sure if this'll break anything.

Tried that already. AMK plays nothing when you do that. I think it re-registered the values 1DFA recognizes, so #$06 plays echo and stuff like that.
Never mind my ASM request. AMK 1.1.0 beta let's you move around SFX to other channels, which fixes the issue to some degree (enough so that the priority system does not have to exist).
I like the line guided ideas. So I will go to that direction too with my request.

Make the 3 platforms on chains clockwise / counter-clockwise line guided.

EDIT: Pixi
Holy Moly dude, that's sooo cool.
I'm going to try it out at the weekend / next week. I'm sooooo hyped!
Try adding this:

org $05DA1E
	db $80

This is not well tested in any way. Would appreciate feedbacks and proper testing on this.

Basically the game branches to a different direction if translevel is higher than #$52, that different direction isn't really hijacked by this patch.

But since I know very little about this part of this game's code, testing is healthy.
I see no reason for any of this you reported and I got very very different results than you regarding the Yoshi.
Currently the minimalist status bar and smb3 status bar patches are broken in the new LM. They use the same RAMs claimed by it.

All lineguided disassembles and custom sprites don't work in the new level settings (they all implement getmap16 instead of calling pixi's routine or using the in-game code). They work normally in normal level settings.

Sprite 7B has been reserved to LM in pixi, so you can't use any custom sprites in this slot (it just gets by-passed). It won't get fixed, LM claimed these extra bits (this info is in pixi's changelog).

I think if anyone wants to fix anything, the status bar patches would be a good candidate, people like these a lot.
Originally posted by Deeke
From what I could find in my own bucket of patches ... Wall Kick both need to be looked into.

Vitor already updated a fix for that patch, not long after LM was submitted.
Use the new pixi (1.2.4). 1.2.3 doesn't work with it properly.
Originally posted by GreenHammerBro
Just to warn everyone, yes, LM also loads and despawn sprites that are on/off-screen vertically in horizontal levels and on/off-screen horizontally in vertical levels. Vanilla SMW only spawn/despawn laterally off-screen when they fall into a bottomless pit or going too far off the sides in vertical levels. Thus LM actually have spawn/despawn on all sides of the screen instead of just two opposite sides.

They are actually configurable with 4 different flavors of configs. It's in the lakitu box thingie.
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Interestingly, Yoshi eating berries works perfectly fine[...]

New level settings are still considered horizontal levels despite everything, internally. So yeah, it works just fine.
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