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Originally posted by hash
I say hosted because I know there are a few custom sprites out there that are non-hosted disassemblies such as the Flying Question Block released during the 2018 C3).

Depends on what you consider a disassembly, because most of the code that matters for the flying question block is actually inside the sprite contact routine.
That sprite you linked is actually a lot simpler to make than the disassembly because we have generic stuff for that.
So if all you want is a sprite that flies around, draws a wing and has act-as set as the flying question block so the sprite contact routine works properly and set some RAMs for the power up, I have it. Otherwise no, fuck disassembling sprite contact routine lmao. It's already there, I don't see any point in disassembling it.
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Boo on a chain, based on chain chomp
it's slower and 'follows you' a bit at max range before coming back.
Don't worry too much about the chain physics, it can be kinda like wiggler until it stretches.
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Request me anything.
Requests will be tented to within 2 days. Give me your best shot! The most interesting ones will come out of the oven faster!
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That patch only fixes vanilla stuff and whatever uses vanilla code to generate smoke, which doesn't seem to be the case.
You would have to code support for that in LX5's stuff. Good luck with that lol.
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