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Originally posted by Dan
Also, if we were to accept donations for the server, would you donate? If yes, how much? We want to know for any future decisions we might take.

I certainly would. I'm active enough on the server to have the urge to donate $5.00, especially for the cosmetic features a donor gets.

Originally posted by Dan
In order for the server to stay relevant to people, a fun and unforgettable experience is a necessity. We can't do this without your help. We would like to ask you what you would like or want to see on the server and why, without changing the way the game is originally played (e.g. McMMO alters the game too much, we will not include this).

I have some suggestions for what could be added to the server.

There's not enough /warp locations to discover. Maybe add more for easier access to places like the villager trade podium, parkours, public services (like enchant tables), and featured player's bases. Really, anything that cuts down traveling time will do.

Since there's no economy as far as dragon coins go, how about something like Chest Shops? It could be nice to have unneeded items to sell (perhaps in spawn), and the money may be used to buy things that players may have a hard time finding. Also give players access to create chest shops of their own.

Since the scoreboard isn't being used for anything, there can totally be events that occur each week (like mine the most coal, kill the most zombies, catching fish, etc. if this is possible). The top player gets a reward/prize when it ends. The scoreboard can be used to see the progress of current players.
This is an approximation since my memory isn't totally accurate. Games will be listed only once for the year I first played it, and I'm only including games that are relevant to me.

2001 - Chip's Challenge
2002 - Sonic Advance, Super Mario World, Mario Party 4
2003 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Super Circuit
2004 - Toontown Online, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
2005 - Sonic Adventure Battle 2, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Spyro 2: Season Flame
2006 - Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Monkey Ball, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Big Kahuna Reef 2
2007 - Paper Mario TTYD, Nintendogs, Mario Kart DS, Mario Party 7
2008 - Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, Cooking Mama
2009 - Ghost Squad, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, wii Fit
2010 - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario Party 8, Link's Crossbow Training,
2011 - Hanging with Friends, Jetpack Joyride, Minecraft
2012 - Super Mario Bros. 3, Kingdoms of Camelot, Subway Surfer,
2013 - Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, Fortune Street, Bloons Tower Defense 5, Super Mario Galaxy 2
2014 - Toontown Rewritten, Pokémon X, Pokémon Alpha Saphire,
2015 - Splatoon, Super Smash Bros: Wii U, Super Mario Maker, 100% Orange Juice, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
2016 - Dokapon Kingdom, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Pokémon Sun
2017 - Mario Kart 8: Double Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Stardew Valley, Pokémon Ultra Sun
I think it's easier if I use the piano roll first to make a MIDI, then port it over with PetiteMM. The .txt files (while I can understand it) is harder to go by to me. Although I never actually tried it myself, I can imagine it being harder since I'd have to be counting how many times a note plays without even hearing it in the .txt file. It could potentially lead to more desyncs too.
I asked for help first on Discord, but I felt like I would be better off asking here instead so I can read it later when I need it.


I'll get one error that says:

Could not find sample .\Gray Hued\pianohq.brr

While I get another that says:

File: grayhued.txt Line: 19:
The specified sample was not included in this song.

I get that second error when I change the locations of my files.

Also, I decided to actually load a song that uses samples from this site into the SPC player (for once), and I'm still getting these two errors.

Someone please educate me on this. I really want to learn how to add and use samples for my songs.

If I need show what it looks like in my .txt file, just tell me, then I'll reply to the thread of what it says.
Originally posted by LadiesMan217
C:\...\AddmusicK\samples\Gray Hued

Oh, I figured it out just from that actually. For some reason I thought the samples folder goes in the same place as the .txt files.

Thanks, I can play my songs with my samples now.
These are some nice maps you made.

I could suggest a song that can fit the volcano sub map:

It's song's called Dokapon Kingdom - Lava Cave. This song is used in a volcano on a map in the game it's from, so I'm sure it will fit your submap the same way.
Hello everybody!

I'm Giftshaven. Now, pronounce it right! The syllable breaks between the S and the H, like this: Gifts-haven. Of course, if that's not easy to pronounce, I have a nickname you can go by if you find it easier to say; Gift-y.

I first registered to this site 3 months ago. I only intended to join this site just to share some music ports I created. Some of them got rejected, which I didn't like to see, so I decided to stay here so I can gather some advice and improve upon my music ports. Since then, I've done well and I've gotten better.

You may recognize me from CaffieCraft, the Minecraft Server that SMWC owns and runs. I'm nicknamed as Gifty on that server, and I've built an entire town with some of my friends on there. (You should check it out sometime, PM me if you wanna visit!)

Oh... and I like to drink Snapple... a LOT.
In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I was trying to get a high score in the Home-Run Contest using Mario. I somehow managed to find the most bizarre way to score a distance of 0.0 feet (or meters, I guess). It's hard to describe. Let's just say... the audience cheered when I reset the sandbag's position back to where it started.

I saved a replay of it for you to see for yourself.

It is to the hack moderators whether or not a hack is good or bad in level design and quality. I wouldn't think that most of the recent hacks are low quality for this reason, unless they're getting lots of rejections as of lately. I wouldn't know exactly, but then again, it's a matter of opinion.
Let me try and add one to the thread.

Electric Marimba

@16 $BF $98 $BB $03 $00

It sounds pretty similar to the Electric Marimba instrument that comes with Garage Band. Example of this is in channel 6 of this port.
I really like some of the content that is on the YT channel actually, including the coolest hits and some of the live streams. As a user who has only been here for nearly 4 months making ports and hanging around on CaffieCraft, it kind of irritates me that I'm hearing things about the community becoming quiet, or that everyone's too busy and what not on the PR team. I'm only annoyed by this because it feels like I'm "missing out" on what makes this place fun. I haven't been here for as long as most people here... but then that could explain why I'm not really feeling bored of it.

Also, if content for the YT channel was lost because Dan stepped down, doesn't that mean he could still have it?
Much deserved! #tb{^V^}

Lots of elements were used, and it's very retro-styled; with the pixel art in the BG, and the HP meter along with the font it's using.

Originally posted by Giftshaven
OP was made yesterday. I edited this message today to add the quote and code boxes.

Lets just assume the code used here is in MML format: 

I can tell this avatar was neatly drawn and shaded by the hair and hat. It's a nice touch.

I don't know who that is, but I feel like the avatar could look a little happier than that. Seems odd to have an avatar to look like they're on the verge of tears.
Originally posted by Wakana
@9 $02$00

I feel like these tuning values are wrong for the piano sample. I tried to find something more accurate. I ended up with this:

@9 $05$59

EDIT: Originally I had @9 $05$67, but some notes at different octaves were a little off.
Originally posted by Wakana
@15 $03$00

Also these values might be off for the orchestra hit sample. This sounds better:

@15 $01$E4
Giftshaven's SPC Thread


I will be updating this thread periodically by adding groups of SPCs once every 3-6 months (depends on what I have done).

Each one of these songs on the list below have a download link to the file containing the SPC.

I also decided to upload these songs to YouTube in case you want to listen to my SPCs without needed to download them.


• 100% Orange Juice - Chicken's Theme: YouTube SPC
• 100% Orange Juice - Robo Ball's Theme: YouTube SPC
• 100% Orange Juice - Seagull's Theme: YouTube SPC
• (*) Super Mario 64 - Slide Theme: YouTube SPC
• Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series - Amp Plains: YouTube SPC
• Dokapon Kingdom - Spring Cave: YouTube SPC
• Dokapon Kingdom - Lava Cave: YouTube SPC
• Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade - Arena / Victory!: YouTube SPC
• Sonic Advance - Neo Green Hill Zone Act 2: YouTube SPC
• The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Vaati Reborn: YouTube SPC
• The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Cave: YouTube SPC
• Sora - Gray Hued: YouTube SPC
• Sonic Mania - Press Garden Zone Act 2: YouTube SPC
• Chrono Cross - Zelbess: YouTube SPC
• Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Sky Garden: YouTube SPC
• Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series - Infinite Dungeon 3: YouTube SPC
• The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Fortress of Winds: YouTube SPC
• Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Stony Cave: YouTube SPC NEW!
• The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Palace of Winds: YouTube SPC
• Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All - Trick and Magic: YouTube SPC NEW!
• Castlevania Chronicles - The Tower of Dolls: YouTube SPC NEW!
• Star Fox - Corneria: YouTube SPC NEW!
• Pokémon X/Y - Kalos Power Plant: YouTube SPC NEW!
• Stardew Valley - The Wind Can Be Still: YouTube SPC NEW!
• Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire - Team Magma and Aqua Hideout: YouTube SPC NEW!
• Donkey Kong Country 2 - Lockjaw's Saga: YouTube SPC NEW!

* For this port, MarkVD100 did the instruments and ADSR, while I did the looping and optimization.


YouTube playlist of all of these SPCs can be found here.

If you have suggestions on what I could implement to the thread, or if there's any errors I made, let me know.

The #1 option seems like a backpedal, rather than an option.

The #3 option is a absolute NO for me, because PetiteMM is so handy that I wouldn't need to do all this in a .txt file.

#2 is the best option for me.

Originally posted by musicalman
I am especially curious about those of you who make transcriptions. What program do you use? How picky are you about the accuracy of the sound before you begin working with the SPC? And how do you write the txt?

My very first ports were done by transcribing the actual songs with a program called Music Maker. I'll say this right now, making MIDIs with this program is NOT something I'd recommend because while it was a piano roll, which I prefer over reading sheet music, the instruments were super limited. In fact, I needed to use Anvil Studio just for hearing it with the right instruments. In other words... I transcribed only ever using pianos, and synthesized instruments. It almost made me give up on porting entirely. Eventually, I ditched that program and installed Sony ACID Pro 7.0, a program I used to fiddle around with as a kid. Thankfully, it had all the GS sound set tones, which Anvil Studio pretty much had. Only difference was that it uses the piano roll. It even has the ability for me to put in .mp3 files. This way, I can match up the MIDIs I'm transcribing with the .mp3 by having them play both at once. Now, to decipher the pitches and note lengths, I gather what I seem to hear from the .mp3, then I place it down in the MIDI. This definitely requires some serious ears and patience. Sometimes, it may require trial and error, especially for those subtle harmonic chords, and for "rapid fire" notes. I don't bother with every little instrument and note I hear though, only the relevant ones, because 8 channels maximum. Then, I export and convert to MML. There's still some things to add and adjust such as the instruments (obviously), volumes, correct octaves, and correct tempo. At this point, it has the minimum requirements to play in the SPC player. I'd say it's worth the effort though, and it's so satisfying hearing how it turns out. Then from there it's just a matter of putting in the samples (if any are being used at all) and the details, which include panning, echo, ADSR, pitch bends, looping, yada yada yada... just to make it sound much better than it already is.

Strange thing for me though is that my first ports were done without me even knowing that I could just look up MIDIs. IDK why I didn't think of that at first, but there probably weren't any 100% Orange Juice MIDIs out there anyway, so I guess I was fine.

While this next bit of info isn't a part of the response to musicalman, I do feel as if this information is neat:

Originally posted by Ultima
Actually, if I get on this situation, when there isn't a MIDI on VGMusic, I try to search up for the name of the game in Japanese language (mostly kanji IIRC) + the word MIDI (with no kanji), and sometimes, that actually works really well since there are a lot of Japanese websites where people upload their MIDIs that would normally be too obscure for most musicians who use a MIDI

That's actually really clever. Since most search engines don't give you worldwide results due to differences in languages, I'd imagine that there's many MIDIs out there that in existence in some other website that we may not know about.
Some of my favorite cries:

Are we counting Mega Evolutions too? In that case, I'll add in Mega Venusaur's cry as well.
It requires HTML knowledge, but if you don't know much about that, there's RanAS's Layout Maker XP 2. I used this to create my layout, and it's easier for most people to create layouts this way.
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