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Originally posted by Flabort
OK, so the arrows must be part of the plant things from some levels, so I guess they're vanilla graphics. But certainly the enemies looping must be some sort of ASM, isn't it?

The enemy looping is in fact Vanilla!
I don't fully understand how it works, but i was able to reproduce it in an unmodified ROM!
Morsel's VLDC9 entry, Swiss Hotel, used this gimmick too.

Originally posted by Mogu94

The looping sprites is thanks to Lunar Magic 3.00+ far as I understand.

Originally posted by Emerald Shell
It must be a side effect of LM3.

From what i've tested, this is mostly correct.

The gimmick was possible in previous versions of Lunar Magic, as seen in VLDC9, however, it seems to only be possible in vertical levels, as far as i've tested.

With Lunar Magic 3.0, however, i was able to reproduce this gimmick in a horizontal level! (Yes, an actual standard horizontal level, not a height modified one)
Seems that is caused by one of the new features of Lunar Magic 3.0
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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this...

This is basically my first time trying to record a gameplay video and such, so i'm really new to it

I found out that Snes9x has built-in avi recording, so i gave it a try.
I downloaded version 1.58, recorded a smv movie and then used it to record the video
It actually worked, but then i noticed my video file had over 600MB for a 4 minute video...

I used the codec "Microsoft Video 1" with quality at 100 (i tried lowering it, but it doesn't have any significant change on the file size, while lowering A LOT the video quality), which, from what i tested, seems to be the best of the ones available ("Microsoft RLE" doesn't work, and the other 2, both named "Codec IYUV Intel", give me an even bigger file)

I did a bit of research on it, and from what i found out, it seems to be normal to have a file this huge based on what i used, but there seems to be other ways to reduce the file size.

Now, on most of the places i researched, i only found tutorials for like, official TAS videos recording and such that require a lot of programs and a lot of knowledge about this stuff, and i didn't even understand most of them...

But all i want is to have a video i can upload to my Youtube channel to showcase the levels i create for my hacks... is there anything not too complex i can do to not have a 600MB file for each video?
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Originally posted by LethalBrownies
Download a simple screen capture program like Bandicam or Camstudio.

Thanks for the suggestion!
Well, i tried Bandicam. I was able to record and the filesize was a lot smaller.

However, i had a few issues:

1. The recording had a few frame drop moments, since my PC is pretty old and doesn't handle screen recorders well (which was the main reason why i opted for Snes9x recorder)

2. There are a few informations on the screen, such as watermark and frame counter, which don't apear when using Snes9x recorder

Because of these reasons, i'd rather stick with Snes9x, but i appreciate the suggestion and i'll sure keep Bandicam in case i need it sometime!

Originally posted by Thomas
Anyway, the is, as you assumed, the codec. Most of the default codecs installed on Windows computers are very old and don't provide great compression. Instead, the recommended codec right now is H.264; you can find a Windows codec for it here. Just install that, and Snes9x should let you pick it (though you may have to restart your computer first).

In order to get higher quality for YouTube, it's also recommended to upscale the video after (as Snes9x will only output up to 512x448). For that, you can use VirtualDub. Just load your video file into it, then go to "video -> filters -> resize". Make sure you set the filter mode to "nearest neighbor" to preserve pixels. Lastly, before exporting your video, make sure you set the compression to H.264 again under "video -> compression".

Thanks! That helped with the file size! It's now a much more manageable 55MB in size!

However, i also seem to have a few issues with it (well, i'd say it's more like "questions" than actually "issues", except for the first one)

1. The audio is desynced in the video when i used H.264, while it didn't before

2. The video also seems to have a lower quality (it's kinda blurry) than Microsoft Video 1 when i watch it in Windows Media Player (i don't know if it's supposed to be like that)
I don't know if the video settings used in Snes9x affect that

3. I get a warning when i record using H.264, saying something like "Few frames would probably be lost"
Should i be worried about it?

Also, VirtualDub works well! Thanks!
Would there be a recommended resize rate? My input video is 256x224 (I tried 300%, seems to work fine)
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Originally posted by Thomas
1. In Snes9x, go to "config > sound > playback rate" and change the rate to 48KHz. For some reason Windows doesn't really work well with lower options.

2. Not entirely sure what you mean, that may happen before you upscale with VirtualDub because Windows Media Player upscales with a bilinear filter (which results in the blurry pixels you probably see). What you see when loading the video in VirtualDub is what the actual video looks like.

3. I haven't seen that warning before, I'd recommend going into the config settings for the codec and making sure "zero latency" is checked.

As for the recommended size, multiples of 100% work best (so that no pixels get stretched). It's mostly a time/quality tradeoff; the bigger you scale the video, the longer it will take VirtualDub to re-encode the file. 720p is a good minimum for YouTube (use 400% scaling for a 256x224 video, or 200% for 512x448), but you can go higher if you'd like.

Thanks! The 48Hz Playback Rate and the Zero Latency fixed both those issues!

As for 2, yea, i guess it's just the way Windows Media Player stretches the video. In VirtualDub it does seem a lot better!

Ok, i'll use 400% by now, but i'll give other options a try later.

Well, i guess that does it!
Thanks a lot for the help!
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Hey everyone!

This is my first time making a level for a VLDC (and pretty much the first time i'm really making a full level xD), so we'll see how it goes.

My level is currently called "Vanish Castle". but i don't know if i'll leave it as the final name (though i'm not feeling creative with names right now =P)
EDIT: I'll be keeping this name! I'm actually starting to like it!

As the name already gives out, it's a Castle themed level, and it has as a gimmick making enemies (more specifically, sprites) disappear,
by abusing the sprite limit.

EDIT: Version 1.25 has been released!

Gameplay Video (v1.25)

Vanish Castle 1.25 (Download)

Version 1.25 Info
Version 1.21 Info
Version 1.2 Info
Versions 1.1/1.11 Info
Versions 1.05/1.01 Info

Gameplay Video (v1.2)
Gameplay Video (v1.1)
Gameplay Video (v1.0)

This is version 1.25!

Version 1.25:
- Changes to the Big Boo Boss!

Some people will probably recognize a few segments inspired by other levels, namely:
- Swiss Hotel by Morsel (VLDC9)
- Swissotel by ft029 (VLDCX)

Note: Being pretty new to hacking myself, i'm still kinda unsure about level design and such.
I've played some hacks, so i know how to avoid obvious design flaws, but designing levels myself is a whole new experience!
So any form of feedback would be highly appreciated!

Thank you a lot for all the support and feedback everyone!
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Huge text wall coming!!

Wow! That's a lot of feedback! Thanks everyone!
Being new here, this support really means a lot for me! =D

I've been planning a few changes, and considering your suggestions too! I'll come up with some screenshots later when i have some stuff done!

Originally posted by LethalBrownies
Did the thwomp at 0:12 just despawn naturally somehow by going too far off screen? How'd you do that?

AnD hOw DoEs EvErYtHiNg DeSpAwN lIkE tHaT!?1?


... In fact, I'm at a loss as to how you pull off the majority of the setups in the level. The falling platform and blue blocks room with the buzz saws in particular puzzles me.

Well, Gbreeze pretty much explained it already, this gimmick works by filling up all sprite slots. If the sprite slots are full, Mario can't grab a throw block (Because, while the throw block is an object, when you grab it you spawn a sprite)

Originally posted by K.T.B.
Wow, yet another level from a first-timer that I can tell is pretty good. I too find the despawn gimmick pretty cool.

Same with those blocks that only sprites other than Mario can fall through - though I thought that was a custom block?

As for the "Mario only block", as Gbreeze already said too, it's actually a sprite block (the one used in the dark room of Bowser's Castle). Most sprites in SMW don't have interation with other sprites (See how sprites fall through sprite platforms for example), so this block, as well as a few others, only interact with Mario.

Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Umm... are you sure you're new to this? I'm just.. wow. Totally amazed. The creativity is just insane, I am blown away!

I'll try to comment more critically on things that could be improved later, but for now I'm just quite impressed at the creativity on display here. While I recognize the throw block gimmick from swissotel, this level used it in surprisingly interesting and fun ways.

The way that you turned sprite slot management and despawning as a gimmick was extremely clever, and I'm a big fan of the first section with the "despawn a sprite here" blocks.

I think you could do something a little more interesting with the key than simply tossing it down the pit in that one room (neat setup though).

The big boo fight is cute, but maybe have something more dangerous to do than just grab fire flowers? For example, they could be hovering over spike pits or something? The idea is neat though.

Overall, super interesting concept. It seems a bit on the easy side, but that's quite alright. (Nevermind, difficulty is just fine). Looking forward to seeing more content from you outside of vldc. Nice job!!

Also, the aesthetics seem quite nice to me already! But if you really do want to change them, a custom palette would probably help you nab a few points in the aesthetics category (though that doesn't really matter much when the gameplay is this good).

Edit: okay I played the level, super fun!! Here's some other suggestions

-maybe have a 1-up checkpoint after the throw block puzzle setups?

-the big boo fight can be slightly jank because, if there are too many eeries on screen, you can't pick up a throw block

Wow! Thanks a lot! It really means a lot coming from you Gbreeze, i've been a fan of your hacks for years!

As for difficulty, yea, i was aiming for something more on the easy side, i wanted to focus more on creativity than difficulty, and to be sure it would be accessible for most players without having them struggle to complete it.
There are in fact a few action oriented segments (Layer 2 On/Off part and the end Key Room) where i intented to have a higher difficulty, but i still didn't want them to be overwhelming. While i did use a lot of sprites in these rooms, to keep the player engaged throughout the whole segment, you'll notice there's always a safe spot every few steps so the player can catch a breath and analyse the next move.

I guess i can try a custom palette, i'll also see if i can add more details on a few parts.

The 1-up checkpoint idea is nice, i did think of maybe changing checkpoint distribution a bit, but i just couldn't decide where.
I wanted the Midway Point to be the defined point that separates the 2 uses of the gimmick in the level (The "Sprite despawn block" and the "Throw Block gate").
I guess your suggestion could be a nice place! (since those rooms are puzzle oriented)

As for the Big Boo fight, i'll probably change it, it's a little too RNG dependent as of now...

Originally posted by Kusrry
Wow this is SUPER creative!! I really admire how you use sprite limit!
This will make new paths for VLDC.


Originally posted by Emerald Shell
Holy crap, I didn't know you were such a creative person! Not like most of the other first-timers who supposedly pad out the length of the level because they have no idea what a level should look like.

The boss fight might be some annoyance since you can't really grab a blue block when too many Eeries are on screen. I'd suggest having to eliminate some treacherous sprites before you can touch the blocks.

I'd make the part with the P-switch slightly funner when there are brown blocks blocking the exit pipe and whenever you can't parse in time, you can always reset.

As for aesthetics, if you don't feel confident about graphical edits, palettes are enough to start. Just remember they mustn't be eye searing and the palettes of the objects aren't conflicting. They can be a real nice touch on aesthetics when done right.

Good luck!

Thank you for the suggestions!
I did take some care with lenght, i've already seen good levels being ruined by it (i used a 500 seconds timer to be more lenient in case players mess up some segments)

Yea, i know the boss can be too luck dependent...
The fact is i wanted to use the gimmick in the boss too.
My initial idea was to use a Lakitu to spawn Spinies, and we'd have to kill those to grab the blocks, but Lakitus aren't compatible with Big Boo.
Then i tried Bullet Bills, but their slow spawn time and fast movement speed weren't reliable to fill sprite slots.
Which is when i found the Eeries, they're more reliable with filling sprite slots, but since they can't be killed, it turns into a waiting simulator until we have a patterns that allows us to grab the blocks... and that's not what i wanted...

The P-Switch actually comes from an earlier version of that room, i guess as i changed it, it kinda became out of place, but you just gave me an idea, i think i can make a better use of it!

Originally posted by Ezel
Holy crap, I love that gimmick. It's a very creative use of the sprite limit. I'm still wondering what these "vanish blocks" are triggering to erase the sprites.

The only part I don't really like is the Big Boo fight. Some people may be really confused of why you can't sometimes grab blocks, and that's something you might need to fix or just scrap the Eerie spawner idea. A custom color palette would also be nice, it'd suck to have such a creative level score so low just because of very basic aesthetics.

Yea, i wasn't too sure about the boss, as i commented above. I'll try to see what i can do.

Originally posted by Conal
Very impressive. Levels like this are a Lunar Magic 3 demonstration that the community can really make use of. It almost looks like you added custom code.

Yea, it's crazy what we can do with just Lunar Magic!

Originally posted by Nao
This level design is amazing. Also, I prefer the vanilla pallette over a custom one, because it reminds me of some of my favourite hacks that have similar design to this, but it might indeed cost you some points (even though it really shouldn't).

In fact, i think Castle palettes are one of the best in SMW, it fits the theme well!
But i might try to see what i can do with custom palettes.
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Originally posted by S.N.N.
Really nice for a first level. I was browsing through a couple of these threads and the creativity of this one stuck out to me a lot. I don't think I've ever seen this particular gimmick used, and if I have, then certainly not to this extreme. If I'm being honest, however, I feel like the second half (blue blocks) kind of goes too far in a different direction than the first half. I've never been a huge fan of this particular sprite slot glitch, and seeing how arbitrary it feels on the boss reinforces my opinion of that, unfortunately.

Still, both sections are pretty great, and if this truly one of the first times you've made a full level, you have a boatload of potential. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yea, i know the two halfs can feel quite different (even though the core idea of the gimmick is still the same for both, Sprite Slots management), that's why i intended to have the Midway Point as a defined point to separate both gimmicks.
The Throw Block gate was actually where the whole level started, since the inspiration came from Swissotel, and i saw in that gimmick a way to make a little "100 Rooms of Enemies" like segment, where you have to kill enemies before progressing. (and also have a reference to the level that inspired this)

As for your opinion on the glitch, it's actually really nice to hear a different opinion! =D (It makes us think in different ways)
That glitch is still pretty new to me (you probably know it for a lot longer than i do), so i find it pretty interesting, and i see it can make some neat setups when used in a controlled way!
However, i can totally understand your opinion on it! This glitch can get out of hand pretty easily, and become more of a nuisance to gameplay than actually a gimmick (And the Big Boo Boss in my level is indeed a great example of that). Not to mention it is also pretty limited (The setup required is pretty specific), so it has to be used very carefully!
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----- Update 1.05 -----

Hey guys!
I'm here to say that i've made a few changes to the level, and it's now in what i consider to be version 1.05!

This version contains all the planned and suggested gameplay changes so far, which means by now the level is finished gameplay-wise! (I'll still make any changes if someone finds an issue or gives a good suggestion)

Also, with this version comes a complete rework of the Bossfight! I've (hopefully) fixed any issues caused by the use of the gimmick in the Boss, and removed any RNG dependent element in it!

Note that i still don't have a new download link or video of this version, because i'm planning to release it when i get done with aesthetics (Which i had some pretty cool ideas, and i'm starting to experiment with palettes)

Now, as promised, i do have some screenshots to show off some of the changes made!

Version 1.01 (gameplay changes)

I've made some slight changes to the Layer 2 segment, these should play better and help a bit with the waiting. Unfortunately, since Layer 2 On/Off moves so slowly, some waiting is unavoidable...

Also, yea, i'm pretty obsessed with symmetry in my level design haha.

As for this segment, i just entirely removed the P-Switch...
I just felt it was way out of place, and didn't go well with the idea of the segment.
I tried to make a P-Switch run, as Emerald Shell suggested, but i didn't like it either...
Basically, this room already has a layer of complexity due to the use of the Infinite Sprite Respawn glitch, and it would probably feel pretty new for many players, so i think giving the player time to stop and analyse the obstacles/patterns of the enemies is important here, while the P-Switch would instead prompt the player to rush the room to make it in time.

Also, i added the 1-up Checkpoint suggested by Gbreeze!

It skips the Throw Block gate rooms, and takes us to this room.
I also did some slight changes to the design of this room, as well as some pretty cool changes to the exit with the key!
But i'll leave those to show in the video when i release the level!

Version 1.05 (Boss Rework!)

Well, i've entirely reworked the bossfight!
I wasn't really satisfied with the way the previous version played, it relied too much on RNG and the gimmick was more an annoyance than actually something that improved the gameplay (just as most of you noted as well!)

As you can see here, overall the room is now a bit more dangerous to navigate.
Also, i've completely scrapped the idea of using the Throw Block glitch to get the items to throw at the boss.
Instead, i'm making use of the Infinite Sprite Respawn glitch again, with the keys spawning and falling through the marked spots on the ceiling (just like in the other room this gimmick is used)

With this, i got rid of the RNG dependent elements while still making use of the main gimmicks used in the level! And i believe this version will be a lot more entertaining and challenging to play!

Future Updates

With the gameplay changes done so far, i'm now going to focus on aesthetics.
I'll be experimenting with a few ideas i had, as well as the custom palettes, and i'll be posting them here as i progress to get some feedback!
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EDIT: Ok, i'm not gonna Quad Post xD

----- Version 1.1 -----

Aesthetics Update!

Hey guys!
Here are the changes done to aesthetics in the level!
As i said, i was experimenting with custom palettes, and i got pretty satisfied with the results!

Here they are:

As you can see here, i've changed basically the FG and BG palettes.
I didn't want to go too far from the gray palettes, since i already like the castle palettes, so i went with a purple-ish blue tone.
Also, i reduced palette 3's saturation a bit, because i always felt the original game's orange palette is quite hard on the eyes (#4 castle is the most noticeable example)

In the second area, i've used a darker palette on the Layer 2 FG objects.

Here, i've changed the look of the platforms a bit.
The darker palette on the platforms are only solid to Mario.
Also note that i'm using orange arrows to show where the enemies are falling (these are the same arrows used to show the "Enemy Vanish Switch" block)

As for the boss room, it has basically the same changes made to previous rooms.

Edit: I had previously named this post "Aesthetics Update Pt. 1" because i was still experimenting with a few aesthetic ideas i had.
But in the end i didn't really like the changes i made. So i just scrapped that idea and decided to keep just the custom palettes for aesthetics.
And since i'm already done with these, it means version 1.1 is ready to be released!

Update 1.11 - Bugfix Update
I just wanted to get this quick fix update out after JP32's Fan Judge feedback.
- Fixed 'softlock' on Layer 2 room
- Made it clear in the Infinite Sprite Respawn room that darker tiles are solid to Mario
- Added indicators for spikes that come out of the ground on Layer 2 room
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Hey man!
Could you please do my level?

I've just finished version 1.1, which is the final version i have planned for it.
I'd love to get some detailed feedback like you give here!
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Hey there!
Thank you for playing my level and giving some feedback on it! I especially like the fact that you provided a video, so i can see how someone plays it for the first time (which is something i hadn't seen yet, and considering it's pretty gimmicky, it does give me an idea to what other people might expect)

I have to say, i've been following your thread for a while, and in the beggining i didn't even bother with it too much because of your shallow reviews and unecessarily harsh comments, but i see you've been listening to feedback and trying to improve on these aspects, so good job on that!

As for your review and video, i'll comment on a few points:

"Unique idea here."

Yay! Thanks! =D

"1. you should make clear that mario can stand on the darker parts too, since sprites goes through them I though they weren't solid for mario too, but thats not the case."

Yea, i was kinda afraid of that... I did use a darker palette for Layer 2 in the previous room too, but i think it would be better to make it more clear. I can see the problem it gave you before you noticed it, i'll certainly add an indicator for it!

"2. There is one really tight jump thats soft-lock for less experienced players(see the vid), you should fix that."

Well, here i'd like to quote MaxodeX in one thing:
Originally posted by MaxodeX
I just picked some I felt were unforced errors and that affected your commentary at the same time.

There's a little segment that i felt the same way (though i know i'm not here to judge your way of playing, and i don't intend to do that), i mean, i believe the majority of SMW players would try hitting an On/Off Switch when they see one... especially if it was initially blocked, and now it's reachable!
However, you seemed to delibarately avoid the On/Off Switches at all times while playing my level, even after you saw that was actually the solution! In fact, you didn't even touch the 2nd On/Off Switch at all! And if you did, you'd probably notice a platform rise to help you make that jump, just like in the previous segment!

Of course, i'm not blaming you for being softlocked, the softlock was totally an oversight in my part, and i will certainly fix it ASAP!

But the fact is, you seemed to deliberately avoid playing the level the way it was intended to be played, and it's expected that when you do that, you sometimes get results that weren't intented by the level creator (again, i'm not blaming you, just make sure you pay some attention to what the level is trying to show you, as you might just be entirely missing the solution "on purpose"...)

"3. The time limit is really tight, I had 63 seconds left after beating big boo."

Well, i mean, the level is a bit long, but it's still very doable in the given time limit!
It is a bit gimmicky and puzzly at times, which can take some time for first time players to figure out, but that's just a trade-off when you make a puzzle!
I did notice that you took some time in the puzzle rooms, and those are a one-time thing, since once you figure them out you are able to complete them a lot faster!
(Also, your time was just that low because you also took a lot of time in the 'softlock', otherwise your end timer would be way higher)

"4. that part where you need key to enter the door felt weak compared to the rest of the level, like filter to make the level longer when its already too long, I'd suggest to either rework it or just remove it altogether, personally I liked the small room "challenges" before it more."

Well, i can see where you're going with this, that part might be less interesting gameplay-wise, but that's because that part is more of a gimmicky part than a gameplay-heavy one. My intention with that was to use the main gimmick of the level in an unique way to make an 'illusion' of a door that could only be unlocked with a key, and personally, that's actually one of my favorite parts in the level, exactly because of that 'magic' of having a key-door.
With that said, i'll try to think if i can make this part more interesting somehow...

"Overall I did like the idea, but it needs more polish."

Thanks for the feedback and the video! I'll be making these fixes and see what can be improved in the level!
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Ok, i just had to answer this one...

Originally posted by JP32
you cant just assume everyone hits it and doesn't get stuck

No... Not really! Actually, it's exactly the opposite!
When you put a On/Off Switch in your level, you are expecting the player to hit it! That's the whole point of having the Switch there in the first place!
If you ignore any On/Off Switch in the original game, or in most hacks, you'll straight up die! Because the levels are designed around the use of the switch!
My role was to fix the softlock (which i already did btw), which was an oversight in my part by not having a way to go back to the switch.
But if the player keeps ignoring the Switch and not playing the level the intended way, there's really nothing i can do, and he'll keep getting stuck and die until he learns how to play the level!

Originally posted by JP32
Also read the rules closely, you are supposed to be able beat the level under 500 seconds on your first try, not your 203792nd try when you have all quirks and puzzles figured out, otherwise it wouldn't be an written rule.

Also, yes, i did read the rules! I actually read them a lot of times, in fact i even read them again right before answering this!
And there is nothing saying that the player "should be able to complete it first try"!
That wouldn't even make sense! As if the player had to complete it on first try, puzzle levels, exploration levels and gimmick levels wouldn't even be allowed, because you can't reliably know how much time each player will take to figure these out, and they could possibly time out on their first try no matter what! (And after timing out, they'll be able to play the level a lot faster already on their 2nd try, not the 203792nd one)

This is what's said in the rules:

Originally posted by FPzero
***Your level may not be more than 500 SMW seconds long. Always assume the player will take slightly more time to complete the level than yourself, and remember that the 500 seconds is a total from beginning to end and doesn’t count dying and restarting at the midpoint.

The level is not longer than 500 seconds!
I can complete it with about 200-250 seconds left on the timer, and if i have to assume "the player will take slightly more time than me" i guess that's enough to ensure most players will be able to do it!
And again, a big portion of the time you lost was in the 'softlock', which was already fixed, and was only caused by you ignoring the On/Off Switches.
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Ok, i wasn't even gonna say anything else, because i wasn't gonna take this personally, it's just a review that i didn't agree with, and i already pointed out my reasons as to why i disagree with it.
But, since you went this far, then i guess i have the right to answer!

Dude, did you really just bring my previous post to the contest host's discussion thread just to try getting me disqualified?
Are you really that mad at me just because i didn't agree with your criticism?

I didn't think i needed to explain any further as i already made it clear enough why my level's time limit is completely fine, and i already fixed the issues you pointed out that were oversights on my part.
But you seem to never give up on this!

First of all, you should read the rules carefully, just like i did, because in the discussions thread you said the rule was pointless, just because you can't understand the difference between "the level should be beatable in 500 seconds" and "The level should be beatable on first try".

Second, why are you even making such a big deal out of this? Did you time out in my level? NO!
Then why treat it like i'm breaking the rules if you managed to finish it yourself?

Also, i already pointed out more than once that the only reason your completion time was so low was because you were being completely ignorant of basic SMW mechanics like a simple On/Off Switch. I'm not gonna take into account player stupidity when designing my levels, if the issue you get into is caused by your own mistakes, then learn how to play the level.

Lastly, with this attitude, i don't really think you're fit to be a fan judge.
People come here expecting for feedback, not a close minded judge who won't change his opinion and gives unecessarily harsh comments on every level, focusing on issues that are caused exclusively by his own mistakes while playing.
I said before that i wasn't even gonna bother with your thread, but decided to give it a shot because you seemed to be improving, but this is just reinforcing me initial opinion, because your attitude hasn't changed at all!

As much as i know LethalBrownies is taking things too personally here, i actually have to agree with some of his comments...
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Originally posted by JP32
Originally posted by ECS.98
Ok, i just had to answer this one...

Originally posted by JP32
Also read the rules closely, you are supposed to be able beat the level under 500 seconds on your first try, not your 203792nd try when you have all quirks and puzzles figured out, otherwise it wouldn't be an written rule.

Also, yes, i did read the rules! I actually read them a lot of times, in fact i even read them again right before answering this!
And there is nothing saying that the player "should be able to complete it first try"!
That wouldn't even make sense! As if the player had to complete it on first try, puzzle levels, exploration levels and gimmick levels wouldn't even be allowed, because you can't reliably know how much time each player will take to figure these out, and they could possibly time out on their first try no matter what! (And after timing out, they'll be able to play the level a lot faster already on their 2nd try, not the 203792nd one)

This is what's said in the rules:

Originally posted by FPzero
***Your level may not be more than 500 SMW seconds long. Always assume the player will take slightly more time to complete the level than yourself, and remember that the 500 seconds is a total from beginning to end and doesn’t count dying and restarting at the midpoint.

The level is not longer than 500 seconds!
I can complete it with about 200-250 seconds left on the timer, and if i have to assume "the player will take slightly more time than me" i guess that's enough to ensure most players will be able to do it!

So uhh did he just find loophole or is this really allowed? If so the whole time limit rule is pointless#ab{>_>}.

I'm not even gonna waste my time explaining again everything i said in your thread, and i don't know what was the reason to bring this here.

But i'll just wait until someone officially answers your question.

Also, if you're trying to disqualify my level with this, you might as well disqualify most of the levels in this contest.
I'm certainly not the first person who makes a level you can't beat on first try, as well as i'm sure i'm not the first you came close to time out either (just looking at your reviews, you have pointed this out on other levels), so i don't know why you're trying this so hard with my level specifically.

EDIT: Just gonna edit this post here. Since unfortunately the other thread has been closed...
I just wanna say i'm really sorry for all the trouble this discussion has caused, it got out of hand pretty quickly, and i never intended it to go this far.
As FP said, this is ultimately a contest for fun, and things shouldn't be taken this seriously.
I'll do my best to always be as polite and friendly as possible in the future, as i really admire this community for it's nice behavior, and didn't want to begin being a part of it in this way.
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Probably a late reply, but alternatively, if you only need a shell you can bounce twice, there is one in-game.
It's sprite DF in Lunar Magic, the "Green Shell, won't use Special World color", it allows Mario to bounce on it twice before it stops moving.
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This is looking really cool so far!
I've always seen a lot of potential in Layer 2 scrolling as a gimmick, and it's always nice to see people make levels using it!
It does seem kind of scary to work with, as idol said, but you seem to have a good understanding of it!
And the use of nets is especially awesome and unique! It can certainly lead to very clever setups, i'm looking forward for the finished level!
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This level is looking really cool so far!
I still haven't played Celeste, but the visuals look awesome! It's really incredible what people can do with just vanilla graphics!

I can't judge too much about gameplay just yet, but from what i've seen in the video, it looks fun!
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This looks really cool!
The idea to use Layer 3 scrolling and Message Boxes is pretty clever!
I've played with Layer 3 settings a bit when i was learning Lunar Magic, and i saw it had a lot of potential, so i was waiting to see someone make good use of this potential!
You seem to have a very good understanding of it, and your teasers show a lot of creativity put into the execution of this gimmick!
Looking forward to see the finished level!
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This level is looking pretty good so far!

Level design wise it seems pretty fine. The first part has some space for the player to move and isn't too overwhelming with sprites, which is a nice introduction to the level. As for the second part, it seems to be a bit more engaging while still being fair to the player! It also seems to have some nice bits of exploration.

Also, i'm really digging the visual style! The mix of tilesets has been done really well, and the graphics seem to go really well together! (As a personal nitpick, i never liked lava coming out of pipes, especially when it bends out of nowhere like you did there, it just looks weird)
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