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I need help changing Mario's starting position. I clicked on the Lakitu Button #lm{sprhead} and moved his sprite, but he wouldn't move. Could you help a noob out?
I was editing the overworld and I keep trying to change Mario's starting position, but when I test the ROM out, he stays in the same spot. Even though I moved him on the Overworld Editor. I asked this before in one of the forums, but I just wanna ask this again so that someone is sure to see it. And yes, I have pressed the Lakitu Button. I'm using v2.52 of Lunar Magic, if that helps.
I wasn't using a new save file. I figured it out now. Thanks for helping! #smrpg{y}
So I made a level and imported it into the game, but when I enter the level, Mario instantly dies. Can somebody help me? Thank you.
I'm not a brony or anything, but I kinda like this. Can't wait to see more!
When I put Mario in his starting position, he won't move to the next level, even when I make Yoshi's house beatable, he still won't move. Somebody please help...#smw{-_-;}
Thanks. I also have another problem with the switch palace. It won't destroy when I press the switch. I set it to destroy on Event 9, But it won't destroy. Am I doing something wrong?
Okay, Thanks
I added some music in my ROM with AddMusicK, But when I look at the music selection, it's all just sound effects. How do I fix this?
cool meme
I was hacking the rom, when suddenly, the palette for Yoshi's Island changed. I didn't change the palette myself, and when I change the colors back, other colors change with it. It seems to only effect the 8x8 tiles, like level entrances, etc. How do I fix this?
That doesn't seem to fix it. When I try to change the colors, they change other colors on the 16x16 tiles.
I tried putting in the hammers and boomerangs, but Pixi says this:

An error has been detected:
C:/Users/Donna/Downloads/ROM Hacking/Programs/Super Mario World/Utilities/PIXI/extended/boomerang.asm:30: error: Label Boomerang_xmax not found [CMP .xmax,y]
C:/Users/Donna/Downloads/ROM Hacking/Programs/Super Mario World/Utilities/PIXI/extended/boomerang.asm:34: error: Label Boomerang_xinc not found [ADC .xinc,y]
C:/Users/Donna/Downloads/ROM Hacking/Programs/Super Mario World/Utilities/PIXI/extended/boomerang.asm:39: error: Label Boomerang_ret not found [BCS .ret]
C:/Users/Donna/Downloads/ROM Hacking/Programs/Super Mario World/Utilities/PIXI/extended/boomerang.asm:47: error: Label Boomerang_ymax not found [CMP .ymax,y]
C:/Users/Donna/Downloads/ROM Hacking/Programs/Super Mario World/Utilities/PIXI/extended/boomerang.asm:52: error: Label Boomerang_yinc not found [ADC .yinc,y]
C:/Users/Donna/Downloads/ROM Hacking/Programs/Super Mario World/Utilities/PIXI/extended/boomerang.asm:56: error: Label Boomerang_ret not found [BEQ .ret]

i removed boomerangs from the list and just saved the hammer brothers. however, they don't throw hammers. what do i do?

mod edit: don't stretch tables
my version of lunar magic has its sprites on page 104, when I subtract 200, I get a page that doesn't exist for sprites. What do I do?
recently i was using lunar magic's internal emulator, when i closed the internal emulator, mario disappeared! he was still where i placed him, but i couldn't see or grab him at all. has anyone else experienced this? how to i make him show up again?
finally, a hack that uses SMW Redrawn that actually looks good.