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After some months working on a new hack, I guess I already have enough material to show. Yeah, I know I made another hack a few weeks ago, but I was working in that a year ago, so...

Nevermind, here's new ideas and a better difficulty, because I thought "hard" it's not always "better". It's still kaizo though.

The name is not really chosen yet, so I would apreciate if you help me with that ;) (maybe some japanese name)
The hack it's still not over, so there's a lot of things I wanna change, you can also help me with that (graphics and stuff). And that's all! Thanks for read this shit, I hope you like it haha.


(There's not Overworld yet :v)

.....Why did I do this? Hmm... Maybe I wanted some publicity hahaha!
Originally posted by natanmv
Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for custom palettes, but the last three screenshots look really good in my opinion, but I think you should tone down the green on the last one, even if you are planning on a digital looking level, it's kinda an eye sore.

Can't say much about the design, there's nothing that catches my atention but nothing there looks bad.

I just didn't understand the numbers on the screenshots, are they there to hint something?

Anyway, hope to see more from this hack (videos if possible, they're the best way to show off stages and design in my opinion).

Well, I was planning to change the last one, but there's a problem. That palette is animated, like a flashing light. I know it's annoying to see something like this so I think I'll change that, and maybe some colors. Videos are coming soon! ^^

I changed some stuffs in the palette. It's still green, but now there's some colors like violet or yellow.
And the numbers are like a hint, because sometimes the tricks can be confusing for someone who doesn't know so much about kaizo levels.
There's news!

Here's the preview of the game:

Just 5 levels, but I think is enough for now. Tell me what you think about it, I need more feedback to improve the game! ^^
Ok! Finally, here's the demo of my new hack, I hope you like it. Tell me if you find some mistake to improve the game!


I guess Super Sweet World is now an oficial name hahaha
I've already finished my entry for this contest, but I'm not totally sure if it's good enough, so if anyone has a suggestion to improve it, I'll be glad to hear it!

Originally posted by quietmason
Looks very cool to me! It does seem to be quite fast-paced, the player may have to give multiple attempts to figure out some obstacles. Have you thought about some form of retry?

Yeah, I tried but the baserom I used always gets corrupted, so sadly I had to give up
Originally posted by KevinM
If you have problems with the retry patch, you can try using this uberasm instead.

Thank you so much, I'll try to use it, I hope it works...
New uptade, I was able to succesfully patch the "reload on LR/death" patch, so now you don't have to wait that long to retry the level.
It took me all day, I had to recreate almost the entire game because of some baserom stuff, but now it finally works. I only had to change a small section, but it doesn't affect the gameplay!
You can already download the game here!
KLDC entry
Here's my entry:
Shell in a nutshell


Base rom: 2019 BLDC contest
Graphics: Hayashi Neru
Patches: lolcats439
UberASM: Thomas
Music: Samantha, Wyatt, SiameseTwins
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