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Hiya, everyone! Welcome to the Winter 2018 SMW Central Creativity Convention!
This time, your host will be me, Toadette!

It seems that the leaders of the SMW Hacking Kingdom, the Foreign Kingdom, the Administrivia Kingdom and the Donut Plains Kingdom have gotten into a bit of a tussle and are looking to claim the position of the biggest, bestest Kingdom by showing one another up by collecting the most Power Moons!

This means that you, as these Kingdoms' citizens, are tasked to earn as many Power Moons as you can during this Creativity Convention. In the unlikely chance that you've forgotten your place of birth, you can always check which Kingdom you belong to by looking right under your username in your post sidebar, like at the bottom of your profile!
There, you will also find your Power Moon Meter! Each Power Moon you collect will be displayed here, permanently, even after the Convention wraps up.

Should you manage to fill all of the outlined slots by the time the Convention ends, your Kingdom will even award you with one of these fancy commemorative badges:

To earn Power Moons, simply participate in the SMW Central Creativity Convention by creating and posting in project threads, as well as submitting your C3 resources to the site's resource sections, among other things!
Who knows, maybe one or two of you will even find one of the extremely difficult Grand Moons, worth 3 normal Power Moons!

If you're missing a few moons by the end of the weekend, don't fret! Power Moons will remain up for grabs for an entire week afterward, during which you'll continue to be able to post in the C3 forum, although there will not be any new project threads allowed.
Additionally, C3 trophies will award bonus Power Moons! This means that, should you win a bronze or silver trophy for "Best Demo Hack", you will earn an additional Power Moon, while a gold trophy will even award you with a Grand Moon!

Feel free to share any information you have about any Power Moons you've earned with others by the way, in this thread or otherwise! Helps to have a map!
Sadly, I'll also have to let you know that if you're found to try to abuse the Power Moon system by submitting spam resources or anything of the sort, your Power Moons may be stripped from you, so don't do that!

Just to get everyone going, here's a hint: If you post in this thread, I'll grant you your first Power Moon just like that!
Sadly the gimmick for this C3 did not work out and has been removed. We bit off more than we could chew, sorry! Please enjoy the new site scheme and C3 as a whole anyway!

Before I leave, below you'll find travel brochures for each of the 4 contesting Kingdoms that contain lots of information about all of the Kingdoms, with all of their quirks and specialities!

Administrivia Kingdom

Center of global Peacekeeping and Bureaucracy
The Citadel
Foreboding Fortress of Administration This seemingly impenetrable, foreboding fortress is build directly into a mountain within the Administrivia Kingdom. While only a select few are ever able to enter and leave this place, tourists are welcome to observe from outside one of the most ancient buildings in SMWC history, with an impeccable construction which has not deteriorated slightly since time immemorial.
The Citadel Almost as ancient as the Fortress is the Citadel, a small city reserved for those whom the Administration chooses to recruit. While, like the Fortress, the Citadel is closed to tourists, the silvery metal buildings that comprise the citadel, bearing no signs of wear despite their age, are a similarly spectacular sight to observe. One can only wonder what it is like to observe the Citadel from the inside - but inquisitive tourists can sometimes peek in over the walls with enough height.
Pit of Moderation While at first this pit may look like a pit of hell, well ok, it's not far off, these natural chasms close to the Administrivia Kingdom's major port are where Moderators sort and process all submissions from around the world of SMW Central. These pits are a bountiful source of the precious mineral motivationium, necessary to help the moderators through this arduous process. Within the pits, this mineral is being mined constantly, and the efficient systems in place is a sight to behold.
Announcement Plaza A ornate public plaza from which Moderators broadcast announcements all across the world. The plaza is open to the public, and announcements made by the Moderators are frequently discussed by others here. The announcement Plaza is a small part of Eventopolis, a large city where frequent tournaments, contests and other events are held.
Eventoplis, City of Events The newest part of the Kingdom, Eventoplis was built by the moderators for the purpose of serving as neutral ground for events. Many contents and projects have been held here, from Pokemon Tournamants, to SMW Hacking Contests, to collaborative efforts. (The SMWCP2 wing has been consumed by rampant jungle growth, but moderators assure us the site is being reclaimed by their flamethrower teams.)
Maximum Security Prison Not so much of a tourist spot, but impossible to miss, the Maximum Security Prison is the final resting place for lawbreakers, at least until their sentence is served. In the center of the prison exists a portal through which the worst offenders are exiled from the planet into a mysterious dimension. Few people exiled this way ever return, but it isn't impossible. Just don't ask for a tour.
The Ruins of Nightfall In the thickest parts of the jungle that covers the Administrivia mainland, one can find the mysterious Ruins of Nightfall. As of the current day, nobody knows the true origin of the ruins, or the meaning of the apocalyptic messages carved on the stone tablets. We can only assume this apocalypse is long gone, or averted. These ruins were long believed to be created by the same people as those who built the now sunken fortresses of Solitude and Seclusion in the Sunken Ghost ocean. However, recent scholars have argued these fortresses are unconnected. Was the apocalypse foretold what sunk those fortresses, or is this a mere coincidence?
Idol, the Monarch of Monarchs Idol is the head honcho of the Administriva Kingdom, and only just below the de-facto world leader, having worked her way up from lesser positions in a very short time. She's known to be a little crass, but ruthlessly efficient and adept at running the Administrivia Kingdom.
Three Keys to the Kingdom 1. Take in and ponder the mysteries of the timeless architecture scattered across the Administriva Kingdom 2. Participate in all kinds of fun and events in the less exclusive parts of the kingdom. 3. Keep your nose clean around the moderators, lest you end up taking an extended vacation in the maximum security prison.

SMW Hacking Kingdom

Home of many multi-talented and hard-working SMW hackers
SMW Hackers
Dragon Coins
SMW Levels, SMW ASM, Graphics, Music
Rotates yearly, currently located in the WIP Woods
Museum of Featured Hacks If you're going to visit just one place in the SMW Hacking Kingdom, it has to be this one. No expenses are spared on this vast and lavish museum, open to the public. The museum of featured hacks holds the greatest, the most popular and the most influential SMW hacks, all on display. Visitors can pick up a copy of any of the hacks on display for free at the gift shop after browsing. The museum can also give you a great look at the evolution of Hacks produced by the SMW Hacking Kingdom over time.
Tutorial Tower This huge tower is the center of all SMW Hacking knowledge, filled to the brim with information about every faucet SMW Hacking. However, those not there to learn can enjoy the view from the top of the tower, a birds eye view of the rapidly changing environments, from forests to deserts and poison swamps to cloudy mushroom chasms, changing as swiftly as the environments in any SMW Hack you would play.
SMW Hacking Discussion Swampland You'd be forgiven for thinking that a swampland is a weird place to discuss hacking, because, well, it is. But something about the swampland makes it at least feel like equal territory for everyone, where people can discuss ideas, or just put their feet up after working and talk about their hacks for a while.
WIP Woods Within the woodlands, many small towns where people share and build their own in-progress SMW hacks exist. Some go for a more traditional, rustic theme, living in treehouse communities, while others have cleared out areas of the forest to build their towns and cities. It is here that you're the most likely to see a few OCs living alongside the users, stars or otherwise in their own hacks.
Drawing Desert Within bustling cities in the sands, graphics artists unite into communities, producing the custom graphics, as well as graphical rips, that are commomplace in today's SMW Hacks. By far one of the most active areas of SMW Hacking, the Drawing Deserts are a hotspot for travel and tourism.
Musical Mines Underneath the SMW Hacking Kingdom is a vast network of tunnels and caves, and within those caves many communities of musicians have formed. While caves may seem like an odd place for them, the solid rock's varied formations offers varied acoustics, and the underground location prevents the noise from leaking outside.
ASM Abyss Living among many floating houses and castles in the vast, cloudy mushroom chasms scattered across the SMW Hacking Kingdom, those who create ASM make their home. The clouds unique properties make them an excellent power source, alongside geothermal power from volcanic vents at the bottom of the chasm. Due to the depth of the chasm - at least as deep as ocean trenches - many rare deep-earth minerals can be found there, all with useful hacking properties, and the molten core of SMW Central itself can be accessed.

Scientists theorize these chasms formed through natural geological activity millenia ago, created as the crust of the planet was torn apart by incredibly violent earthquakes.
Scorpion, Hostile Takeover Following a military coup which took place a week ago, Scorpion has declared himself the new ruler of the SMW Hacking Kingdom and is asserting his rule with positively megalomanical displays of power, forcing the already hard working people to work even harder towards global domination.
Three Keys to the Kingdom 1. Find your favorite part of the kingdom and don't be afraid to indulge and spend time there. 2. Check out the many amazing hacking creations by the people living here, from music, to art, to coding and game design. 3. OBEY YOUR NEW RULER, SCORPION.

Foreign Kingdom

Home of brave pioneers in unsettled lands
Non-SMW Hackers
YI Hacks, SM64 Hacks, Misc. Hacks.
Yoshi's Island Resort City
Yoshi's Island Just off the coast of the SMW Hacking Kingdom lies a small island known as Yoshi's island, notably warmer than the icy Foreign Kingdom mainland. While closer to the SMW Hacking Kingdom, this island falls under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Kingdom goverment. Many people visit this island to take a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life, and those who produce YI-Hacks gather here.
Sea of 64 This odd, star shaped inland sea, trapped inside the mainland appears to be of natural causation. While still frosty, the taiga surrounding the sea makes for a fairly hospitable backdrop to those who hack SM64, and one of the largest pioneer communities in the wasteland has built up around there.
Bay of Misc. Romhacking Near the less star shaped lakes close to the southmost point of the Foreign Kingdom, the city of the first pioneers in the Bay of Misc. Romhacking can be found. Many people live here, content in following their own projects, even if they don't receive quite as much recognition as other hackers. The city has many amenities to assist brave hackers of the unknown, and waves of fervor for specific games have in the past taken the city by storm.
Temple of SMRPG A large temple can be found within the Bay of Misc. Romhacking, dedicated to those who hack Super Mario RPG and work on advancements towards hacking in that area. Some say that Super Mario RPG hackers were some of the first pioneers of hacking other games in this world, but for now it seems this large, regal temple which houses and teaches SMRPG hackers is the legacy they've left behind.
SMAS Memorial Gardens A small garden in the city, dedicated to Super Mario All-Stars hacking, a project with much potential, but which never fully came to fruition.
Modernia Trail Amidst the taiga as it gives way into the harsh alpine lands on the second, northeastern landmass of the Foreign Kingdom, one can find the beaten paths of the Modernia Trail, where pioneers treck north for the prospect of hacking more modern games and systems, and perhaps hitting gold in the process. During the coldest part of winter, the sea between the two halves of the kingdom freeze over, making it possible to cross this wide gap.
Hacking Research Facility Hidden underground among the icy pillars of the northmost wasteland, a small team of devoted researchers are constantly pushing science to the limit, testing new techniques, finding new ways to modify games, and hack reality itself. Whispers of parallel universe research, speed running and homebrewing abound, but nobody has corroborated any rumors so far.
Noivern, head of the Pioneer's Council Representing the collective will of all the city states founded in the Foreign Kingdom, Noivern encourages other kingdom's users to migrate over and functions both as the main diplomat and head of confederacy, making sure each city-state under his authority is getting what they need.
Three Keys to the Kingdom 1. Experience the wild and varied experiences offered in the kingdom's many cities. 2. Chat with the friendly locals who are excited to share their knowledge and grow their own hacking scenes. 3. Make sure you wrap up warm and bring lots of supplies if you want to go exploring into the unknown north.

Donut Plains Kingdom

A metropolitan utopia of ideas, but mostly memes
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
Discussions, Creativity, High Quality Memes, Forum Games
Fairly-Grande City
General Metropolis The largest city in Donut Plains, this sprawling metropolitan area covers nearly 10% of Donut Plains grasslands and parries. Originally, several cities thrived, focusing individually on general thought, media, gaming and therapy, but as the cities grew, they eventually became districts in a larger metropolitan area.
Bar and Grill Skyscraper In the center of the General Metropolis is the bar and grill skyscraper, a huge restaurant which is open 24/7 and overlooks the whole city. Thanks to hard light technology, the entire place can be redecorated on a whim, and the menu changes frequently. Just don't order food on pee night.
SMW Central Broadcast Tower The main tower where the various shows and series of SMW Central are broadcasted from, including SMW Central Radio, the SMW Central Podcast, the 3AM Show with Impetus, Content Spotlight, hack trailers, and many more. Publicly owned, people from across many kingdoms broadcast their content from here, and the tower is usually accepting more programming from those who would submit it.
Creation City The creation city is the smallest of all of the cities in the Donut Plains Kingdom, but the hub of their breaking technology and creations which keeps them competitive with the hacks created by the SMW Hacking and Foreign Kingdoms. Within this city, brave researchers experiment with building their own creations, and others live peacefully with their OCs, enjoying the quieter atmosphere of the city to live a peaceful life of creativity.
Donut Lake The huge lake in the center of the Donut Plains Kingdom, from which half of the name originates, comes from the huge lake in the center of the kingdom. This lake is created and refilled from rainwater, but the big hole itself is actually a gigantic crater from a meteor impact long ago.
Fairly-Grande City The de-facto capitol of the Donut Plains Kingdom, Impetus built the city by hand through the help of advanced augmented-reality nd hard-light technology. Within the city, reality and games are blended together through augmented reality, and within the Forum Games Square, many forum games take place, brought to life through hard light.

While certainly sprawling, the city's 'User' population is fairly low, and the majority of the city is populated by NPCs, affectionately called figments or OCs.
Amalgamation Project The Amalgamation Project is an array of pocket dimensions hidden beneath Fairly-grande city. The cost of keeping the project alive was immense, and yet it remains through the hard work of only a small handful of users. Regardless, not many people know it exists, and few walk in and out of it these days.
Impetus, High Empress Impetus is the (definitely democratically elected) Empress of the Donut Plains Kingdom. From her seat of power in the Fairly-Grande City, she administrates affairs, lays down laws, and funds whatever creative or scientific endeavors her citizens request. Funding is easier when your country is full of NPCs that fuel the economy, allowing endless financial manipulation, of course. And being elected is easier when they all vote for you.
Three Keys to the Kingdom 1. Explore the varied metropolitan areas, and partake in the many varied activities between all of them. 2. Partake in forum games, or just some good old classic gaming with other users in the Kingdom. 3. If you're interested, ask Impetus for a hard-light permit. She might just grant it.
Woah, hold up everyone! Except, er, Idol. You should probably be a bit more heated.
I have the perfect way to settle which Kingdom is best!
I like to track people's achievements and award Power Moons to those high-achievers.
Rather than fight, let's find out which Kingdom is the best by seeing whose Kingdom can earn the most Power Moons. Your citizens will surely be able to help you!

C3 seems like the perfect place to solve this little argument peacefully.
(Formerly known as "Ropebox Nominations".)

Here you can nominate C3 threads to be placed into the spotlight up at the top of the page.

A few things to keep in mind before you nominate anything:
  • Please don't nominate your own thread, unless it is really being ignored strongly!
  • Try and nominate threads that are getting too little attention for how good they are!

Currently spotlighted threads:

SMWC3 Content Spotlight
Mogu94's Hot Graphics Rips!

SMWC3 Content Spotlight
TheBiob's Random Hacks!

Hey there! A lot has gone on since the last time we talked. Turns out Todd locked me out of my account - I was helpless! I didn't realize I could've just asked for a password reset this entire time... But when the admins found out, they got rid of Todd for good. So, we can all go back to normal! On that happy note I'd like to present our C3 Winter 2018 Winners!

1. Best Feedback
PlaceVote CountUser

2. Most Impressive
PlaceVote CountThread
1st8[SM64 Hack] Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo by cpuHacka101
2nd6SMWDB (a curated catalog of SMW hacks) by Zandro
3rd5Mario Gaiden: An SMB hack intended to be EPIC. HELP WANTED! by w7n
3rd5[ROMHack] An unnamed 8-bit like hack & [ASM] Item Memory Plus (is already here!) by LMPuny

3. Biggest Game-Changer
PlaceVote CountThread
1st8SPRITE TOOL WARS by 6646
2nd5[SM64 Hack] Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo by cpuHacka101
3rd4Custom powerups patch v3.0.0 update by LX5

4. Biggest Surprise
PlaceVote CountThread
1st12SMWDB (a curated catalog of SMW hacks) by Zandro
2nd5[SM64 Hack] Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo by cpuHacka101
2nd5SPRITE TOOL WARS by 6646
3rd4✂✂✂ by idol

5. Most Promising Hack in Progress
PlaceVote CountThread
1st9[ROMHack] An unnamed 8-bit like hack & [ASM] Item Memory Plus (is already here!) by LMPuny
2nd7NOT SO SADISTIC MARIO. by lolyoshi
3rd5The small progress on The Haunted Desert 2... by Dan
3rd5Super Wakana Land - Teaser trailer and pics by Wakana
3rd5[SM64 Hack] Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo by cpuHacka101

6. Quality over Quantity
PlaceVote CountThread
1st8[SM64 Hack] Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo by cpuHacka101
2nd2Erik's ASM Showcase and Request Booth [ASM requests closed] by Erik
2nd21 Port Release for this C3 by tcdw
2nd2[ROMHack] An unnamed 8-bit like hack & [ASM] Item Memory Plus (is already here!) by LMPuny
2nd2Boos by RussianMan
2nd2The small progress on The Haunted Desert 2... by Dan

7. Funnest Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st4Cooking Waka - Spaghetti with tomato sauce, meat and provola by Wakana
2nd3supre amrio 1 & 2 by Meirdent
2nd3drtapeworm's cool new and not rushed c3 thing by Dr. Tapeworm
3rd2a hot threesome! (Mauls, Tob & Luks) by Luks
3rd2butt.smc by yogui
3rd2my c3 thread by Hobz
3rd2CHUCK FUCKS by Minimay

8. Weirdest Item
PlaceVote CountThread
1st4drtapeworm's cool new and not rushed c3 thing by Dr. Tapeworm
2nd2SNAKE by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd2(Update v2.4) [VIP] Banana's World (Hacks Error, Requires an impossible measure of Because of the Halloween attack) by SMW S.N.N

9. Least Organized Thread
This category got 11 first places, each with a single vote. As such it's been ignored (and probably means this award will be retired next year since no one could choose a definitive thread for it).

10. Best Finished SMW Hack
PlaceVote CountThread
1st22Sicari Remastered (oh yeah it's actually done) by Eevee
2nd8Morton's Empire gradual release thread [nothing.] by Erik
3rd2Bowser's Castle 2: Bowser's revenge by PMH

11. Best Demo SMW Hack
PlaceVote CountThread
1st10NOT SO SADISTIC MARIO. by lolyoshi
2nd8[ROMHack] An unnamed 8-bit like hack & [ASM] Item Memory Plus (is already here!) by LMPuny
3rd5The small progress on The Haunted Desert 2... by Dan

12. Best Non-SMW Console Item
PlaceVote CountThread
1st11Super Chip8x - A Chip-8 Emulator for the SNES by Ersanio
2nd10Mario Gaiden: An SMB hack intended to be EPIC. HELP WANTED! by w7n
3rd8[SM64 Hack] Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo by cpuHacka101
3rd8Yans World by Heraga

13. Best SMW Hack Teaser
PlaceVote CountThread
1st7✂✂✂ by idol & JUMP TEAM
2nd5[ROMHack] An unnamed 8-bit like hack & [ASM] Item Memory Plus (is already here!) by LMPuny
2nd5Super Wakana Land - Teaser trailer and pics by Wakana
3rd4Extra Mario World: New Character Portraits, Dialogue Boxes, and Sprites! by PercentN

14. Best Trailer
PlaceVote CountThread
2nd8Super Wakana Land - Teaser trailer and pics by Wakana
3rd6EVIL CONQUEST 2 [Trailer] by Luks

15. Best Graphics Release
PlaceVote CountThread
1st16Alternate global graphics + some other graphics by Katrina
2nd13me and im screaming out old graphics by idol
3rd5A Ghost Pumpkin Soup (my c3 thread of various things) - NEW GRAPHICS RELEASE! by StrikeForcer

16. Best ASM Release
PlaceVote CountThread
1st18Custom powerups patch v3.0.0 update by LX5
2nd12Boos by RussianMan
3rd6Erik's ASM Showcase and Request Booth [ASM requests closed] by Erik

17. Best Tool Release
PlaceVote CountThread
1st16SPRITE TOOL WARS by 6646
2nd9SMWDB (a curated catalog of SMW hacks) by Zandro
3rd2Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: The Prequel to the Prequel by yoshifanatic

18. Best Music Release
PlaceVote CountThread
1st22Port's C3 Pincis [+1 new port because why not] by Pinci
2nd13Wakana's C3 Ports by Wakana
3rd9Sexagésima Nona Sinfonia de Gloomy (Kirby 64 & Pokémon Red Rescue Team Music) by Gloomy

19. Best Request Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st14Mathos Draws, Bros ! ~ 1st Edition by Mathos
2nd10aaaaaa (layout reuqest thread) by MaxodeX
2nd10Zekrom Art Request Thread: Part 3 by Zekrom PKstarship
3rd5Erik's ASM Showcase and Request Booth [ASM requests closed] by Erik

20. Honorary Mention
PlaceVote CountThread
1st4Dear admins and moderators and PR by Ruberjig
2nd3C3 Winter 2018 in less than 5 minutes by ThePat545
2nd3Biob has nothing prepared so here's random stuff he found on his hard drive. by TheBiob
2nd3Cooking Waka - Spaghetti with tomato sauce, meat and provola by Wakana
3rd2Switch Palace themed site scheme by randomdude999
3rd2Super Mario Odyssey - Snapshot Pictures by Falconpunch (Spoilers) by Falconpunch
3rd2This COULD have been the Asar 1.60 release thread... by RPG Hacker

The full results can be seen here! Congrats to cpuHacka101 and Wakana for netting the most amounts of awards, with 6! It was a good C3, and here's to making the next C3 even better. See you guys around!

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