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Sorry my bad english, I´m a mexican.
I know it's something basic but the truth is that I do not know how to change Mario by Luigi
I do not know how to send photos from my PC, but what I want is that instead of Mario, say Luigi or Lives
I have 2 problems but with 1 that could solve me I would appreciate it a lot
1- When I use the program YY-CHR nothing is saved, I supposedly give it to '' Save '' but when I open Lunar Magic it does not change anything, neither in layout 1 view or '' 8x8 Overworld ... '' 'Being that I edit for example the GFX1E #smw{o_O?}
2-I've seen hackroms that have more sprites to use in the overworld, (for example they have desert pyramids without needing to replace another sprite) but how does it do it? I give it to insert and only change the ones that are already there, maybe it's because of the option '' Submap GFX (in hex) '' It changes where it says''FG5 '' but it does not let me change that .
A basic hackrom
The truth is that I had many ideas but as much as I follow the tutorials only give me problems, until I try to do exactly the same thing and with the same files but again, only it does not work for me, until I solve that I will cancel my first ambitious project #smw{T_T}, and I will replace it with a simpler one, the title in question I will call it ´´Mario explora la isla´´/ "Mario exploring the island"
I want to know if that name is already used by someone else or not?#smw{o_O?}
By the way, how do I insert images around here?
Un hackrom básico
La verdad es que tuve muchas ideas pero por mucho que siga los tutoriales solo me dan problemas, hasta trato de hacer exactamente lo mismo y con los mismos archivos pero, solo a mí no me funcionan, hasta que resuelva eso cancelaré mi primer proyecto ambicioso #smw{T_T}, y lo reemplazaré por uno más simple, el título en cuestión lo llamaré "Mario explora la isla" / "Mario exploring the island"
¿Quiero saber si ese nombre ya está en uso por otra persona o no? #smw{o_O?}
Por cierto ¿Como inserto imágenes por aquí?
I thought to do Luigi's hack from scratch with a lot of things, but because of the overworld at the end I decided to cancel it
The only possibility of bringing it back is under 3 circumstances
1-Instead of using the typical SMW rom, I would use a hackrom with the graphics I want (New Super Mario World 1)
2-Make the overworld simple, but within the levels will see things that are not seen in the overworld, for example in a city world, it would look like a simple overworld (green grass) but even entering the level is when the change happens
3-Walk asking every little detail about the overworld because I found tutorials of all kinds, except to insert graphics to Overworld, I tried with the YY-CHR, but I do not know what move I have to keep, I click where it says insert GFX and insert EXGFX, but still in them
Pensaba hacer hack de Luigi desde cero con bastantes cosas, pero por culpa del overworld al final he decidido cancelarlo
La unica posibilidad de que lo traiga de vuelta es bajo 3 circunstancias
1-En lugar de usar el tipico rom de SMW, usaría un hackrom con los graficos que deseo (New Super Mario World 1)
2-Hacer el overworld sencillo, pero dentro de los niveles verán cosas que no se ven en el overworld, por ejemplo en un mundo de ciudad, se vería como un overworld simple (pasto verde) pero hasta entrar al nivel es cuando sucede el cambio
3-Andar preguntando cada pequeño detalle acerca del overworld porque he encontrado tutoriales de todo tipo, menos para insertar gráficos al Overworld, intenté con el YY-CHR, pero no se que movimiento debo hacer que guardo, hago click en donde dice insertar GFX e insertar EXGFX, pero sigue en las mismas
Since nobody answers me what to do for my other hackrom in Discord, you will not copy other graphics, but without giving me help. While I'm doing this hackrom called '' Mario Adventure in the island '' But as they see the overworld does not seem to be an island, then I thought to change the name to '' The adventure of Mario in the Magic Pipes ''
Here I leave you a glimpse of the overworld, keep in mind that it is still in Beta and especially I need to change the paths of the levels, as well as change the levels themselves
Como nadie me contesta que hacer para mi otro hackrom en Discord, nadamas que no copiara otros graficos, pero sin darme ayuda. Mientras estoy haciendo este hackrom llamado ´´Mario Adventure in the island´´ Pero como ven el overworld no parece ser una isla, entonces pensaba cambiarle el nombre a ´´The adventure of Mario in the Magic Pipes´´
Aquí les dejo un vistazo del overworld, tengan en cuenta que aun esta en Beta y sobre todo me falta cambiar los caminos de los niveles, así como también cambiar los niveles en sí

I want to insert graphics for the overworld or even better create mine
But I do not know how to insert the graphics on the page, besides I want to have more graphics, not change them, although if you can not tell me how I can change the SNES logo for example, if you are using YY-CHR, tell me how I can save these changes and insert them in the rom? because when I change something in that tool, nothing is saved, but I do not know if I'm doing it right, I follow these steps.
1-I edit the graphics
2-I give to''Save''
3-I close the program and I go to Lunar Magic
4-I give you to insert GFX and EXGFX (not to export)
Quiero insertar graficos para el overworld o aun mejor crear los mios
Pero no se como insertar los gráficos de la pagina, además de que quiero tener más gráficos, no cambiarlos, aunque si no se puede entonces diganme como puedo cambiar por ejemplo los gráficos del logo de SNES por ejemplo, si es usando YY-CHR, diganme como puedo guardar dichos cambios e insertarlos en el rom? porque cuando cambio algo en esa herramienta no se guarda nada, pero no se si lo estoy haciendo bien, sigo estos pasos.
1-Edito los gráficos
2-Le doy a ´´Save´´
3-Cierro el programa y me voy a Lunar Magic
4-Le doy a insertar GFX y EXGFX (no a exportar)
Track Name: Mario Tennis Power Tour - Soundtrack 23 - Rope climb
Port or composition: Port
Porting references:
Sampled or unsampled: Unsampled
I don´t know how I can create custom music #smw{o_O?}
I think that music is perfect for the circus levels #smw{:TUP:}
No se como crear música customizada #smw{o_O?}
Yo pienso que esta música es perfecta para niveles de circo #smw{:TUP:}
I want to change the scenario and perhaps the boss too, so that for example, instead of being Larry, it is a giant Koopa, or how do I create a battle from scratch? that is, without having to edit the existing bosses #smw{o_O?}
Well I´ll try
Thanks #smw{^_^}
I may cancel this project and resume the ´´Luigi´´ project in a few moments I will make it known
Or I may postpone it
Quizás cancele este proyecto y retome el proyecto de ´´Luigi´´ en unos momentos lo daré a conocer
O pueda que lo posponga
Finally, I managed to fix certain details that made my hackrom not perfect as I imagined it, but after walking through Lunar Magic and altering a few things, it is that I have finally managed to edit the overworld correctly and just missing the levels so as well as the occasional sprite and dialogue
Occasionally I will give the progress of the project, more likely by twitter
Finalmente conseguí arreglar ciertos detalles que hacian que mi hackrom no fuera perfecto a como yo me lo imaginaba, pero despues de andar navegando por Lunar Magic y alterando unas cuantas cosas, es que finalmante he conseguido editar correctamente el overworld ya solo faltan editar los niveles así como tambien uno que otro sprite y dialogo
Ocasionalmente daré los avances del projecto, más probablemente por twiter
I do not understand where this problem arose, the point is that it only affects the main, it does not affect the other side like Yoshi Island, another thing I do not understand is that it arose from nothing, it is more, I do not remember editing something, being what little that edits the ´´enable´´ but the bowser valley, not the main
The blue bird already had it when it looked good and I do not think they are the graphics, then insert some custom graphics on both Main and Yoshi Island, they are the same but only this problem affects the main
Not that I remember, but if I open layer 3 of a hackrom that is fine, is it fixed? Or in those cases what would I have to do to fix it?
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