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Hi. My name is CalHal and I’m new for SMW central.

I found a video of how to make Mario run faster while being invisible and Mario jumping on a koopa shell on block stairs for a 1up trick.

Do you have any ideas how to make him do that?
I have some custom power up ideas for you LX5

1. can you make blue shell Mario's swimming speed (left and right) move faster underwater like in NSMB for DS? MarioE has made a custom power up blue shell Mario too.
2. When an enemy gets hit by hammers or boomerangs, can you show score sprites?
3. make sure Raccoon Mario's flying speed is slower exactly like in SMB3.
4. make all your custom power ups work for PIXI.
Can you make Mini Mario (add mini mushroom) add these options.

1. Add support so he can go fit in (or works with) TheBiob's half blocks. Mario is really small to fit in 8x16 and 16x8 tiles. You can test this and try.

2. Make him run up on walls without the triangle blocks like in NSMBU while Mini Mario is just running.

3. Make him run on top of water tiles while Mini Mario is walking or running.

4. Add support for him to ground pound so he can hit enemies on top.

5. Fix the Yoshi bug?

Add mini mushroom and update it. Love you LX5 ♥️
Take a good look at this video.

This video shows the NSMB blue shell powerup that MarioE made.
Blue shell Mario swims faster in the water and he makes a SFX while ducking.
While Mario is sliding on slopes, the shell keeps spinning.
Can you please make it happen.
I see you are finding idea for 1up shell trick, but what about Mario’s super fast running speed while he’s Invincible?
In SMB3 and NSMB, after Mario gets the star, when he jumps, Mario does a barrel roll.

How do you make Mario do a Barrel roll jump while he is invincible.

Here are the GFX
Name: Better SMB3 Rocky Wrench

Type: sprite (extended sprite)


GFX: or

Description: Unlike Koyuki's Rocky Wrench with acts like a piranha plant throwing dry bones bones or Chuck’s baseball and dies in a puff of smoke, this one throws an actual wrench (custom extended sprite). When Mario stands on top of the sprites before it rises up, it acts like a little platform or a rideable enemy (mega mole or shy guy). When Mario jumps on the sprite after it rises, is falls and dies. Seen in airship and tank levels. When the extra bit is set, the Rocky will show up again after it dies. Make it work with PIXI (Add SA-1).
Hey you! I want Invincible Mario to do a barrel roll jump! Can you please? 😖 I’m waiting for a reply.
On the first post, I found the GFX for Mario’s Barrel roll or somersault jump. You can use it and copy it.
Name: Mario stays invincible while entering pipe or door

Type: patch

Code: org $00A651
NOP #15

Description: When Mario gets the super star, he gets invincible. When Mario is entering pipes or doors while he is invincible, he still has his invincibility on like in SMB3 or NSMB. Unlike SMW's, Mario's invincibility disappears after entering pipes or doors.

Make it SA-1
The fire bro fireball is fixed.

Here it is.

This thread can be closed.
How is that SMB1/NSMB scale platform coming along.

They updated the mushroom scale platform already into PIXI.

You can use that.
Name: SMB1/NSMB 1up jumping shell trick on block stairs

Type: patch

Description: This patch will allow the koopa-troopa or buzzy beetle shell on block stair to add a trick giving Mario 1ups while jumping on the shell like in SMB1 or NSMB. There are no bugs in this shell trick, just Add SA-1.
What is the acronym for GIEPY? What’s it stand for?
Name: Somersault Invincible jumping

Type: Patch


Description: After getting the super star or starman, he gets invincible. When Mario jumps while he is invincible, he does a special move. There are 4 frames for the animated somersault jump. Make it SA-1.
I would love it if you can make RussianMan‘s coin sprites stunt on top when the bricks broke. Only sprites (enemies) on top of the brick block stunt when it’s broken not block tiles (coins).
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CalHal's Profile - Posts by CalHal

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