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I tried to use this patch to insert the ninji,and it worked,but when i tried to insert the Rex sprite did not work,can someone tell me how can i insert?

Details:My ROM is converted to SA-1.

I love how a good amount of the SMW samples is so calm and gentle,I mean,the @3 Celesta one mainly at 5th and 6th octave,that makes me sleep lol.#smw{-_-Z}

Instrument #instrument Data Values Notes
Bassoon @6 $8C $E1 $7F $03 $00 All octaves

bebn edit: fixed .spc link at request

Instrument #instrument Data Values Notes
High Violin @4 $F7 $E1 $7F $03 $00 Soft Violin
@4 $F4 $ED $7F $03 $00 Trill Violin
@4 $F9 $E1 $7F $03 $00 Attack Violin
@4 $F6 $ED $7F $03 $00 Fast Trill
As it is supposed to be high,so o4 to o6 ia the best range,the SPC also uses from o4 to o6.The vibrato parameters I've used for the p command were p10,40 and p10,48.The fast trill ADSR is for shorter trills.I also used $F4$10.

This is a actually a "pack" of various ADSR parameters to use for High notes on @4.
The Trill Violin is just a variation to make the volume increase
smoothly as if increasing the strength of the bow.I also recommend using $F4$01 for the trills,cause even with high attack,it doesn't sound natural,the trill may sound weird with $F4$01 in 4th octave,so using the Attack Violin is better.
In the lowest notes of 4th octave,I would recommend using the Attack Violin instead of Soft Violin.

Here is our entry:
"Celestial Wonders"
Collab with TuophX

Touhou Ports (Mostly light sampled)

Hi everyone! Ahem!

So, this is a little compilation of ports I've done in the course of 6 months, they were - and still are - intended to be used in a ROM hack project of mine with a friend, but that's a long term thing.

In order not to leave these ports in my AMK folder with no use for a long time, I decided to submit them to the 2021 Winter C3, "Captain Murasa" being specially dedicated to the event. HOWEVER, it was an idea that came out of the blue, and because of that, there is an issue that (unfortunately) is common to all the ports, that being:

The lack of optimization.

They aren't super optimized just because I didn't intend to use them right after making them, so I just left it as it was and hoped that one day I'd touch them again, so that I'd do the job lol, and at the place I'm staying at currently doesn't allow me to have the same conditions of work as at home.

So well, as you can see, there is not a lot I can do at this point, with basically 12 hours left until the deadline.. But it turns out that apparently, I can still edit this thread for the period of 1 week after C3 is over, so if that's true, I'll try my best to optimize these ports and keep updating this thread until every thing is over. Nonetheless, I'll probably update all these ports to the SMW Music section later #smw{^_^}.

ANYWAY, sorry for making you read this huge Grammatically incorrect essay I wrote. I hope you all enjoy the ports, and as always, feedback is welcome.

Anyways, here is the song list (you can listen to the songs by clicking on it):


And here is the link:

Have fun!

EDIT:Fixed download link which led literally nowhere.

Who cares about grammar anyway.

Originally posted by Teows
Ohh you got some nice material here! Despite not being a 2hu head there are a few songs I recognize from older ports over around (you been listening to wakana's stuff alot huh), and from my remembering you did good at both accuracy and instrumentation/arrangement with most of them.

Thanks for appreciating it! And yes, I've been listening to Wakana's ports for even longer than I started porting. He does an amizing job with both the arrangement and accuracy, his Vanilla Necrofantasia port sounds bombastic!


Hey, this is a great coincidence! I actually ported this song about two years ago, and I recently "polished" it. At first I intended to make it unsampled, but I thought the SMW Piano didn't really sound that good in this case.

Anyways, here is the SPC and here is the MML. You may give me feedback if you wish.
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Marcozzo Daro's Profile - Posts by Marcozzo Daro