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to make a tile interact with mario in mode 2, you need to make it act like tile 130 (grey cement block)
Oh Genial, Hablo Español Tambien (soy argentino, sjkaafgaglrjfkerfs)
oh boii give some screenshots lol
looks promising and cool!
i can help you with the spanish version, after all, i'm argentinian xd
it could be a patch, there are some patches that change some behaviors of the death music, did you used any patch related with that?
in the comments section of the file, is a less buggier version of the patch,but using some edits on the rom, will make the patch work out of nothing, but only after or before using any sprite tool
if you inserted sprites after inserting yeet (and boom boom), you should save your sprite list, if not...
that's probably because you did not patch levelheight.asm, that probably would fix the glitch, if not...what did you patch?
if you don't want to use levelheight, you may want to use lm's bottom row feature, but using using levelheight is better (yes, it generates an horrible cutoff in c7 but you can scroll the bg one or two tiles and do same with fg) because it probably fixes that
I patched ladida's status bar in my ROM, but it crashed (and yes, i used both layer 3 exgfx thing and the VRAM thing)
Also, the ROM was clean and unmodified, help plz
lol, thanks
star fox - out of this dimension
i don't care, but it would be great to have both sampled and unsampled versions.
what it would fit/tags:
the bug you have is a known bug, it happens when you have a 32x32 player, you could just hide your caracter under the layer 3 border, remove him using a hex edit (it's in the rom map), or not making use of red path tiles.
hello bois!
i'm currently working in this new hack called...
lmao don't be lazy, read the title of the thread, since it is actually the hack's name.
The hack will have nine worlds (with 71 exits i guess...since i don't know)
i will not upload images (except for the overworld, and the next posts in this thread) also, the reason of this post being imageless is because...


Overworld Images:

- i changed boo's pallete in the first castle, they look like this:

- i changed map stickman's sprite, he looks like this:

-a preview of gfx01 and 2:

note that i'm NOT the best pixel artist (yes, i drawned/edited/ripped almost every graphic there), so they will not look beautifull.
q: how did you make stickman's graphics?
a: erased everything in a pose of mario/luigi's graphics, made the body, using the
ball n' chain's chain
made the head, edited some frames to look different, and presto pronto, it's kirby
an stickman that looks smw-ish!.
Originally posted by K.T.B.
Your level design is pretty nice (though I personally think your constant hesitation/rewinds in the video kind of does a disservice to the showoff), but there are a few suggestions I have:

1. @1:02 You shouldn't have invisible blocks right beside pits, for pretty much the reason seen in your video - a player could very easily fall to their deaths unfairly.

2. @1:21 The vine platform in the air feels kind of pointless. A few coins is a weak reward for a semi-secret area - it is the first level after all, maybe a dragon coin or a 1-up could be there?

3. @2:00 Don't have the ground obscured by the lava like that, because then the challenge of the room suddenly becomes "play this level while simultaneously squinting at the few pixels on the floor that give away where the spot is that will kill you". That sort of thing is mostly just annoying.

@6:46 The note block graphics glitch out when you bounce on them.

@7:55 I'm guessing you were already planning on fixing this, but you didn't mention it in your OP so I'll point it out anyway: The happy, out-of-place SMW theme starts playing after you defeat the boss instead of the typical victory theme. Or is this intentional?

@8:17 I dunno, this level feels kind of weird to me from a challenge perspective. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna be the one to tell you how difficult you're supposed to make your hack, but I will tell you if the difficulty is just inconsistent. The entire video so far as felt pretty on-par for a typical "world 1" mario game, but suddenly this castle level comes along with awkward tight spaces you have to do a crouch-run to get through, and a spot where you have to climb a vertical passageway with the boo-blocks (which you seemed to be having trouble with yourself). I'd change those spots a bit.

@10:00 What exactly would you have to do here if you ran out of throw blocks?

Also, this isn't really much of a complaint, but why do you keep randomly rewinding and enabling/disabling the GFX layers? I mean, I guess it made sense when you rewinded after getting hit or something, but it seemed like you were doing it a lot for no apparent reason O_o And just saying, by the way, if you have to use savestates and rewinds on your own levels then that's not a great sign - take that as a general rule of thumb.

Otherwise, I think it looks like it's got potential. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

1. mm, i should make more evident that there is something there, thank you
2. you got that right, i should put a 3up moon or something.
3. lmao
4. that is just a gfx problem, i'll be fixing that
5. lmao, i'll fix that too
6. i'm planning to use ghb's infinite throw block block (that wasn't badly written)
7. i like to enable and disable layers (i think i have a problem aaaaa)
8. lol

thanks for the feedback!
(also, i don't think if i insert sprites with pixi again will end good, so i'll have to change musics with amk to fix the boss clear music)

fixed ALMOST EVERYTHING you listed...
-castle 1 difficulty
-1-1 bonus and 1-up, it is on the sky now (the vine area)
-the weird note block
-the lava in the 1-1's bonus area

thank you for listing this :)
New Level!
It's Called clockwork
using a song with "not" the same name


The video includes also, the ghost castle updated and easier.

i updated bosses!


any updates will be submitted either my youtube channel or this thread, so, stay tuned!

i'm also trying to beat my rewindless phobia
Thank you, i think i should put a history or something
the player has to escape the clock, or kill the enemies and fix the clock (non animated on purpose)

However, i should fix the clock, since it has some with pixels that sould not be there.

however, the bottom of the clock still looks ugly, btw, but, lmao, i should move clockwork to another level, and the message box to a sublevel lmao.
Finished clockwork!

This is the boss, the "story" behind the level is that lambda thwomp king (that's the name of the thowmps in this hack, he is their king)
is mad at you, because you only beaten the level and did not fix the clock

he comes back in the fortress at world 6
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