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There's no way to do that, unless theres a patch I don't know about. Just put the checkpoint before the pipe that leads you to the next part.
First thing, unless I'm blind, I can't seem to find an ASM patch that makes it to where checkpoints don't make you big (I'm working on a kaizo hack). So it would be great if someone could tell me how to do that. Another thing, when I use ASAR to apply a patch, I drag the files into there where their supposed to go, (My ROM I want to patch in where it says to type it, and the actual ASM patch in when it tells me. I'm dragging them.), It says "error while patching the ROM, ROM has not been modified." I want to know what I'm doing wrong there, even when I expanded the ROM. I patched a retry system and that worked. So it would be great if I can get help with that to.

Thank you.

And, I just noticed after creating this thread theirs a sub forum dedicated to ASM patch help, sorry about that, I'm new here.
This is a kaizo hack is dedicated to a youtube streamer/lets-player/Rom hacker named levelengine.

I'll update this and put more screen shots over time, so stay tuned.

Hard question, I completely forgot... It was probably a new mario world or something.
Hmmmmmmmmmm, let me think...

This hack literally has no problems. You have a TON of original characters, and leeway looks sick. All of the graphics look AMAZING so far. And the custom sprites and bosses are CRAZY. The 3D BG's are just OUT OF THIS WORLD. Keep it up, because I've never seen a hack like this in my life, that is so flawless.

BUT on thing I don't like is the name of the antagonist. "The Dark Lord" is so overused it's bad. Mabee you should think about changing that to something more creative. And another thing is "Extra Mario World" is pretty bland to. Because I'm pretty tired of seeing every hack called something with "Mario World" at the end of it's name.

But overall the hack is insane! Keep it up!
First thing, When I inserted graphics and made a level using it (Pixelator's grassland to be exact), the ROM just crashed after entering the level.
Another thing, when I edited the title screen on another ROM to remove pixels I didn't want in the W, Lunar Magic kept saying "Graphics file 29 is to large, it may cause glitches in gameplay". It doesn't do anything to the ROM, but its just annoying because every time I switch to a new level it brings up that message box.
If anyone has any idea on how to fix this it would be great to know.
I'm in! You know who I am, just BTW.
My first time creating something for VLDC.
The level is called Cloudy Lake.
This taught me how much you could do with the cloud tiles in Super Mario World. And to think they barley used this tile!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy.
Man, I love Kaizo.
But if you didn't know, by the hack names it shows the hack DIFFICULTY. Maybe try and take a look at that. You could also filter the kaizo level out, so I believe there's really no need for an extra kaizo thread. Just ignore them and stop complaining, because there's a lot of people (like me) that really don't wanna hear people complain about other people's preferences. And also, I heard someone say something about their being no restrictions in Lunar Magic, so people make the kaizos. Thats not entirely true (I can indeed say that, just take a look at my footer). People usually make kaizos for their friends or favorite streamer and call it Super [Insert Name of Recipient] World, and could be extremely fun. It's just another side of the ROM hacking community, and you'll just have to deal with it and stay on your side without complaining about it.

By the way, I'm not trying to be rude to the poster of this thread or anything, just posting my opinion on the matter.
Originally posted by akumie
Either they just add kaizo levels to annoying most people or add cool custom things but with generic level designs that are ok at best

I highly disagree with that statement. We don't add kaizo hacks to annoy people, we make them for the Twich and YouTube streamers (or friends) that are actually good at the game. You people just need to stop complaining about kaizo hacks and play the stuff you like. And if you think it's annoying that kaizo hacks are everywhere in the SMW hack submissions, than filter them out! So stop freaking complaining about kaizo, it's getting really annoying when people do that.

And I'm not trying to be rude, just posting my opinion.
Kaizo Mario World 3

Nah, just kidding. If your relatively good at the game, than I would check out Levelengine's hacks. They're pretty good if you want to start playing ROM hacks. He has extremely good graphics and level design, plus fun gimmicks. Most of his hacks are in hard and very hard difficulty, like I said before, if your good at the game.
I know a thing or two about HTML, but this line break right under this here text is annoying me. I checked through my whole code and found nothing indicating that I'm even supposed to have said line break. Would someone tell me how to remove it, or if a Mod sees this could you remove it for me?
FORTNITE. I've tried to play this damn game, and it's awful. It makes me want to faint every time I see this stinken' trash pile of a game.
I'm just trying to go against trends here, but I honestly don't really like it.
I'm hoping to get some criticism before VLDC11 is finished. I've already submitted the level, but could fix it and resubmit it if need be.
My finger hurts from playing Geometry Dash. I've beaten 10 demon levels so far.
I updated Cloudy Lake and fixed a few things, so I would go back and re-download it.
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
- Intro message level has 105 level music and background cutoff because of off palette. Also the message box says "entree" instead of "entry."

I chose not to pay attention to any of that considering the intro don't dock any points in this contest. And I've always been bad at spelling, so thanks for telling me about "entry" being spelled wrong.
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
- The clouds are also cutoff in a lot of places.

Noted. I'm not trying to make excuses, but I couldn't exactly do anything about the cutoffs due to VLDC11's new graphics rule.
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
- Way too overly generous with power-ups.

I'll keep that in mind as well. I'll start setting a goal for two power-ups each checkpoint, or more if need be.
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
- I'll give you some criticsm I recieved since I made an underwater level too... Don't make it so cramped. Underwater levels give Mario the ability to move around but you force him to move through 2 block spaces the entire level.

I've sort of made a habit of creating very clausterphobic levels, so I'll work on that as well.
Anyways, thank you for playing my level and helping me with my mistakes. I'll make sure to fix all of those habits in time.
Could you test my level?
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