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A while Back I wanted to make a flash game called the Bruchette Brothers about mario and luigi being Gangsters

So I started Playing with Costumes and stuff
This is what ended up being created

What costumes have you guys made?
For My mod I was looking to include in level multiplayer instead of turn by turn as well as a bunch of other things.

1) In Level Multiplayer
2) In game Changes in Physics (Turning "Accelleration" into Acceleration, Saving x and y Velocity when moving off platforms, Jumps do not get higher while Sprinting)
3) Ability to CHange "Character" (sPrites and Physics) Your using outside of game (Using the Exchange Lives Menu

I cant find any way to Change the way Multiplayer Works
-No Variables in ASM according to what I saw in ROM or RAM Map

However, I'm finding ASM changes little more then ingame graphics, Timing, Palletes and Minor Velocity Changes (Accelleration Stays As Just added Velocity, Cannot Change In air X vel to Be saved from the Ground Velocity.)

And I dont Know How to change or Add Menus to Already Established ones

05429-0554B is most of The Accelleration

If someone could help me understand a way to do this or if I just didnt understand, I'd appreciate it.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Originally posted by Sind
also, it's called American hacker =P

Yeah, but that would include south american hackers too, wouldn't it?

According to the US, there is no America besides the USA..

Thats what everyone knows the US as... Americans... Even though its incredibly politically incorrect....

Over 10,000 acres incorrect...
I know For me I've worked with a LOT of games trying to mod them.
Most of Mods havent worked out, with the Exception of Warcraft 3.

However, I'm a big Fan of Ideas.
So if you have an Idea that you want to do post it here.

Technically its not "Art", But for those of us who Arent as patient, Motivated or intelligent as other people, this Thread might be for you.
Or even if you are Motivated but know theres no way of actually getting something done, Feel free to post here.

If you have more the One thing you want to do... I dont know if Double posting is appriopiate (THough I feel it is in certain situations [two seperate ideas], you must also abide to the rules unless you are willing to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM... >.>)

I'll Begin
Single System in Level Multiplayer

I've Always wanted to see in game multiplayer, where two people can play in a single level at once

Theres a bunch of ways this can work
1) SOnic and Tails System-Player 2 has to follow Player 1 and make sure they stay alive. The Way luigi Played in Super Mario Advanced is My Best bet for this.

-Luigi-Will be faster and has higher jumps, However he SKids out making him unpredictable. In this way Luigi COuld Always Keep up

Also A minimap Would be displayed of where luigi the map and where luigi is compared to mario and the level. However, with parts of the map that not been seen yet, they would remain black.

Though, there it would take up part of the screen, it could be done were it only effects the top part, or when player two presses start (Instead of Pausing the game he would display the map for himself

2) Split Screen-This is The worse of the two systems because the each Player would have half the Screen to work with

Online Play



Mario War has brought this idea to life in terms of Competition on a single system... But not online yet and not any more expansive then a small area.
I was Thinking more in terms of AN actual War though

Each team chooses a base
-Each side Can build a base before hand, and each player chooses which base they like the best

Each Team can lay down plans to change a level in terms of ramps, hills, blocks, pipes, holes, lava, water. Anything
-When upi make plans, your base will send out troops that will do the deed. However, their work takes time and they can be killed by enemys.

Each team has a generator to start, to have certain troops to leave the castle, then in game you can hire diffrent troops to adapt to enemies style
-You can hire Classic enemies to act as a distraction for other marios/to make the goal happen (capture the flag, or others as they are created (Neutral Bomb, Raid [Certain number of marios and creatures need to get into enemies castle], death match {Certain number of lives/units}, attack and defend, wutever)/to eliminate other enemies/To protect you. Whatever.


I love Super Mario world, I like playing with my freinds and competition.
THings I've been told to change
-Make his Hands Move Less

It still needs To be in correct format

I'd like someone to edit this or give me critiques on what to do with him.
Something like. "Move his Nose up" or "Widen his Cheeks" This is what I'm looking for.

If you'd just like to edit Him, thats fine too... My goal was to make sonic, not make myself feel like a master Spriter.
I'd like to learn Java but I don't understand anything about it :C
Or anyother programming Languages for that matter :C

I guess if I'd request something, I'd request a way for game lobbys to work like an IRC. Only its based off the websites server and not a 3rd party site.
Since Theres no Place to put this besides Here, I put this here

I was thinking, if it was possible, to change up the way the boards

1) Add Forum Board- So that I don't have to put this in "Talk"
2) Change, N00b, basic, etc into;
-THis Doesn't Work-A Direct Help Thread while the others are more about development of ideas. Its More about, Lunar Magic won't open, or, THis Block Won't work, or.... etc...
-Requests-Not that any of them will be taken, but just for giving a people to satisfy themselves
-Blocks-Sharing of WIP Blocks and Ideas.
-Sprites-Sharing of WIP Sprites and Ideas.
-Misc-Sharing of Misc WIP and Ideas
-Development-Basically a board to discuss how to further edit the details of the rom to the point its all (Data Repository)

Or Basically, the limits of what you can do in mario instead of n00b, basic etc...

I put them in that order because, from my experience, if you put a specific catagory first and then put requests/Doesn't work after. People are more likely to go to the specific catagory for requests and Doesn't work issues
I would Make the MS office Paper Clip. Master Cheif Bosses.

Make The Start Menu icon Be the Starworld teleports(Access to Shortcuts)

Each Switch (Yellow, Red etc) will give you access to MS World, MS Excell, MS Powerpoint, etc)

The Powerups Should be something more like; Cape = Google and Fire Flower = Firefox

Personally, I wouldn't have bill Gates in the Game at all, I would make it more of a "Escape" type Game. And The Final Level would be more of an Escape (Halo-esque) trying to run away from Lag, Virus's,

As for the Over world...
-I would go with from Dos to Vista like others have said.

I gotta say, this is one of those hacks I would be excited for.

If you need help, you edit your first post to say so.
I imagine this could be a HUGE project.

Some of my ideas seem half baked, but if you like em, go for it. Good Luck on your project
Looks Good,
I'm assuming The FIreball and Baseball with have bullet graphics and go straight forward to support the Army feel more.

i really liked the sonic and Super Mario RPG music.
Like other people said, the Boomerang Needs Adgusting,
Possibly making it into a carryable item like a P-switch That has Custom Movement.
Though I don't know ASM, and I only really make grpahics, I still have plenty of ideas, and in the case I can implement them, I would.

With the ASM Ideas, I do this as if I couldn't use anything but in game coded physics and AI.

Helper Sprite-Inspired by Sonic 2's Tails
-Follow Mario-Monty Mole
-If hits an edge-CHange Sprite physics to Lakitu and follow mario.
-For attacking there is no sprite that actually targets other sprites besides Mario and the Blue Koopa Troopa out of their shell. So its possile, if a Shell comes in contact with the sprite it can be kicked or stopped. But otherwise.... I don't know if it can do any damage
-If possible, copy movements mario does with 1 second lag.

-When hit Detection happens with certain Sprites, you will enter through a door.
-In this Alternate Level, Your movement will be turned of, and instead you will be given a 3 option list (Provided by Load Game)
-Using that list you can choose to Attack, Special Attack or Run Away.
--Special Attack will be based on Yoshi (No Enemy in mouth), Yoshi (With Enemy in mouth), Cape and Fire Flower.
-WHen you choose a move, Mario will be instructed to do the move, nyou wil have no control. WHat you do have control over is when your enemy attacks you, you can jump before they can hurt you
--The Necessity for Moving terrain would be key for the game to be moderately difficult
--You only get one jump per enemy attack
--Your Enemies can choose to all attack at the same time, making complete avoidance difficult.
-Atacks done to you ingame (That aren't done by Buzzsaws, Ball n' Chains or any other kind of non-enemy Obstacles) that hit you will also send you through the door. Except when you enter, you will be attacked first by enemies.
-If you attack your enemy first, then they will get hit first while in Fighting Room.

NPC that Will Stun Enemies
NPC that Can be killed by enemies but not by you
-Also Dodges using duck, midjump and high jump
NPC Accessible by Yoshi's egg
You'd prolly get more replys if you posted screenshots
It seems pretty thorough.
I stopped reading it at transfers (and I'm not sure If I can Apply it or not), but its a nice Doc to keep around in case I decide I won't stop reading until I understand it.
Originally posted by Doomdragon
Is this a C3 project unveil thread, or a request thread?

I'm not backseat moderating or anything, I just think this is in the wrong forum

Its not a project, and its not a request.

Its more of just ideas and the hope people can appreciate Ideas as much as actual work.

I plan to work on this, but I don't know if I will ever get it done. I've been trying to learn Programming for a while and have been unsuccessful. But It doesn't mean that I won't become successful.
Originally posted by Dispari Scuro
If you want to learn programming, start with easier stuff. Most of this is pretty unreasonable.

I don't think this thread is about my frustrations with computer programming. Though if you want to hear my history with it, I'd be more then happy to pm you.

It may seem unreasonable, but thats what I want to make, so to me, its but the bare minimum.
Originally posted by Shade Man
Megaman fans (Including me) should join and make a very very awesome SMW- Megaman Hack.
We would need an ASM hack that allows mario (megaman) to dash (to act the same way as Megaman, not MegamanX) and to recharge the weapon.
Then, using Powerups. And custom bosses. That would be the hardest part. The rest is piece of cake.

Would be marvelous...

Its funny you mentioned Megaman X, Because when I was working on Mario Edits, THats who I chose to Create instead of the original
Originally posted by metalgearhunter
Mario is a 16x32 sprite.

Is the hit detection based on hitboxes or real Sprite parameters?

Originally posted by Crys
His eyes are a bit to small. Make the black/green area bigger.

And sonic don't move his arms as much as mario do; So you kinda have to edit your sprite. Jump frame is a good example on how sonic NOT should look like. Make both arms be down instead!

I know he doesn't use his arms much, but I want to remind the player this is Sonic in super Mario World.
However, it probably would look more fitting with no arm movement

What should I do with the Jump especially?

His Run in The new sonic games are actually similar to marios
-Hands backward, the only difference is his head tilts forward

I originally Planned to make his run all Toes since thats what a real sprint is. Walking would be wierd on just toes.

hm.... I got some heavy work to do...
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