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I've added a clarification to the Rules post:

You can use previous versions of worldpeace's patch, including the one used in the 2017 KLDC baserom.

I'm not a doctor.

Thank you, worldpeace!

I'm adding that baserom link to the post alongside the RHR baserom.

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Originally posted by Mandagary
Kind of a stupid question, but here are my two cents.
Since this will going live for Twitch, is the use of savestates encouraged for level-testing purposes, or can they be used throughout the entirety of the level?

7 up addressed this but I'll say it as well:

Feel free to use savestates when testing your level design, but know that judges will not be using savestates to play your level. Kaizo: Light requires the level be beatable without savestates, and if judges feel like your level requires savestates to be completed, they are empowered to automatically disqualify it.

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Originally posted by AbuseFreakHacker
You get it wrong, I love Kaizo but what annoys me and it is also my opinion that I am not allowed to do a Kaizo hard level. I can understand that Light is praised in the sky, but if a Kaizo Contest is held then both Light and Hard should be allowed. It is also annoying after a while if you have to read or hear things like that is too hard you shouldn't be taking part, and that's what I do I don't take part in this contest and will concentrate on my hacks. Nevertheless, I wish you all a lot of fun

The reason that we are asking our contest to hold to Kaizo: Light is not due to a desire to limit anyone's creativity or cap the difficulty of creations - it's a matter of logistics. To us, Kaizo: Hard is defined not by difficulty but by the usage of tools, and it was our aim for all of the levels to be completed without the usage of tools.

I totally understand if that limitation keeps you from participating, and I don't want you to feel like you aren't wanted here. If the cursor in your video is controlled by a controller, then nothing in your preview video strikes me as disqualifying in any way.

If you feel your level can be completed without tools, then we would love to see it entered.

I'm not a doctor.

Gamma, I wish you well and hope you are able to find your spirit again.

Whenever we race one of your hacks for our Mystery Monday events, I know we don't have to worry about anything, because you are one of the most constantly reliable creators our community has. The art (and yes, it is art) you make is awesome, and no more a sin than any other remix of existing creative work.

Thank you so much for everything you have contributed to this point, and I hope that one day you'll find the spark to make more of your amazing work.

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Originally posted by HomebrewEnabledToaster
does the difficulty matter, if not, should i submit a near impossible hell made just to torture the souls of the damned? or a simple kaizo run through a unique adventure, the possibilities are near endless!

The only rule on difficulty is that it must be clearable without the use of savestates. As long as it's RTA-viable, go ham, but be sure it really is beatable without savestates. If a judge feels the level is beyond the ability of anyone to do without external tools, the level will be DQ'd.

I'm not a doctor.


It's not an instant DQ or anything, but please try and keep your name out of your entry title screen/messagebox/credits.

We want judges to be as blind as possible when they are playing these, and that includes any knowledge or experience they have with your previous work.

Please and thank you. #w{<3}

I'm not a doctor.

What should we use for the English level name for this entry?


I'm not a doctor.

As they feel like. They've all been given the same set (everyone's entry 1 is the same, for example), but they are taking different approaches to what order they play in.

I'm not a doctor.

Hey all -

First of all, thank you so much for all of your contributions, creations and comments as part of this year's KLDC. It has been an honor for me to help bring this event back for the first time in three years, and you all have come very, very strong.

Judges are either finishing up or approaching the end of their playthroughs. I don't want to promise an exact date for results, but I'm hopeful to have everything ready to announce by the end of April, if not sooner.

In the meantime...

It is our intent to make KLDC an annual event again, and while I don't want to assume that I will be back to host next year's contest (though I would love to), I do want to take time to hear from you with your feedback and comments about how the event was organized and operated. What you thought was a good idea, what you thought was a bad idea (and why), suggestions for future rules revisions, and other things you feel it is important to share.

Things I know we will address going forward:

- Total level length restrictions. Yes, this is the big one as far as volume of comments, and it's one we're going to address to try and find a balance between not punishing creativity and respecting the player/judges.

- Scoring system. While I still feel that the system we went with (5 judges, Olympic average scoring) is an effective one, we are not married to it. Any suggested improvements are welcome.

This isn't a "Doc defends his choices" thread. I'm happy to provide my rationale, but this exists to make the 2021 contest better, not justify why the 2020 contest is the way it is. I'll hang up and listen.

Thank you all again for making this contest as big and as impressive as it has been!

I'm not a doctor.

Maybe a bit on the nose, but I suggest seeking out the Celeste.smc demo that MiniMawile released for C3. It's literally a hack that plays like Celeste with the retry patch.

I'm not a doctor.

The request for a Vanilla Kaizo/Choccy Kaizo split is an interesting one, and I don't mean that in a condescending way.

Using the last VLDC as a guide, here's what that might look like from a rules perspective:

- 3 sublevels + main level, for a total of 4 levels.
- Your level may not be more than 500 SMW seconds long.
- You can use one full map16 page for FG and one for BG, for a total of two full map16 pages.
- You are not allowed to modify the first 3 Map16 pages.
- You are allowed to use ExAnimation.
- No custom graphics beyond recoloring original palettes
- No custom ASM outside of provided patches

When asking for a Vanilla KLDC, is that what you have in mind? Or are you looking for just a more restrictive form of the rules we had this year?

I'm not a doctor.

Originally posted by Samuel Zuccati
Maybe we can have a 24hor Kaizo LDC

That's definitely on the agenda, though likely well apart from the main KLDC, calendar wise.

I'm not a doctor.

Originally posted by algae5
I spent over 15 hours just coding asm before even doing any work in Lunar Magic for my level. To create a vanilla level, you need to spend more time on the level itself.

That is what makes me think a 24hoKSMW (or maybe a 72hoKSMW) would work, especially if we limit it to vanilla to remove advantages gained from people who just have ASM lying around.

I'm not a doctor.


After 3 years of dormancy, 52 levels, and 260+ hours of streamed judging, we are finally ready to reveal the results of the 2020 Kaizo Level Design Content.

First, though, a word of massive thanks to our judges: GlitchCat7, Linkdeadx2, white_moth, Strizer86 and Dode. Unfortunately, Katerpie had to step back due to personal concerns and commitments. We were fortunate to have a backup judge in place, but still want to say thank you to Katerpie for the effort and willingness to be part of the competition.

And now, here we go:

The Top 10

10th - P-Winged by MDBattlefrog - 85.00
9th - Shigeru's Nightmare by RussianMan - 86.33
8th - A Vulgar Turn of Events by NaroGugul - 86.67
7th - Terminal Slam by FerpyMcFrosting - 87.33
6th - Do They Float? (hard mode) by Lazy - 87.50
5th - Circadian by idol / Medic - 88.00

IN 3rd PLACE, with 88.33 points -

Stoned by KevinM
Infinite Ascent to the Heavens by snoruntpyro

In 2nd PLACE, with 90.00 points -
Destroy the Planet! by Sweetdude

And receiving 1st PLACE, with a score of 91.33 -
Chroma Castle by HausPanthr

Congratulations to our winners, and to ALL of the creators. Top 3 will receive their trophies soon and should contact Noivern to receive their GAMEZ. Participant trophies for all of our entrants are on the way as well!

The full breakdown:
1 - Chroma Castle - HausPanthr - 91.33
2 - Destroy the Planet! - Sweetdude - 90.00
T3 - Stoned - KevinM - 88.33
T3 - Infinite Ascent to the Heavens - Snoruntpyro - 88.33
5 - Circadian - idol / Medic - 88.00
6 - Do They Float? (hard mode) - Lazy - 87.50
7 - Terminal Slam - FerpyMcfrosting - 87.33
8 - A Vulgar Turn of Events - NaroGugul - 86.67
9 - Shigeru's Nightmare - RussianMan - 86.33
10 - P-Winged - MDBattlefrog - 85.00
11 - Hour of Death - Sariel - 83.67
12 - I Played Metroid When I Was Younger - algae5 - 83.33
13 - Wooly Bullied - dogemaster/Sillymel - 83.00
14 - Carl Fredericksen - Sixcorby - 79.50
15 - Double Star - ECS.98 - 77.33
16 - Sky Temple - kaigem - 77.17
17 - S W E E M - Pat - 76.33
T18 - Rope Dream - Luca_mlns - 75.00
T18 - Poison Shroom Beach - Green Jerry - 75.00
20 - Blackout Basement - BabaYegha - 74.33
21 - Double Trouble - Magmatic - 74.33
22 - Abnormal Athletics - 7 up - 73.83
23 - Prismatic Palace - Mithrillionaire - 73.33
24 - KLDC Dolphin Tides - sio-kedelic - 72.67
25 - Industrious Mining - Morsel - 71.67
26 - Cyberwave Destiny - Ryaa - 70.83
27 - Bonkers - mikairanutshack - 70.33
28 - Kazoo Hill Zone - Samuel Zuccati - 70.00
T29 - Adrift in Infinity - Sancles - 69.83
T29 - Zoroku's Strange Sickness - nirv - 69.33
31 - Talpidae Grotto - Teows - 68.67
32 - Untitled - HD_DankBaron - 68.50
33 - Cursed Cavern - SokobanSolver - 66.33
34 - Special Relativity - Remalis - 64.33
35 - Level Mechanics - SAMPLE - 62.83
36 - Sol Draconi Septem - octopodes - 62.67
37 - Does Peach Dare to Eat a Peach? asks TS Eliot - Darkbloom - 60.33
38 - Throwback - HLXY - 59.00
39 - Crystalline Coast - bebn legg - 56.00
40 - Boiling Hot Chocolate - MarioFanGamer - 54.33
41 - Succ World 1-1 - rextep - 49.33
42 - The Belaytionship - airplaneface - 48.83
43 - ur getting kicked - waterwithoutanyice - 48.67
44 - Tomato River - Fullcannon - 35.83
45 - Controller Melancholy - EternityLarva - 32.67
46 - Jumping on Things - Tomato Jonson - 29.67
47 - Twisted Plains - TheBiob - 24.33
48 - Kaizopunk Castle - Dispace - 19.00
49 - Boardcar - crm0622 - 18.00
50 - he schlee - xjakku - 4.00
DQ - Switch Relay - koine - Bad Patch
W - Modular Arithmetic - FrozenQuills

Here is a link to a spreadsheet with all of the judging, as well as individual judge score breakdowns:

View 2020 KLDC Scoring Breakdown

And here are judge’s comments:


Thank you all for participating, and see you in 2021 for the next KLDC (and maybe sooner for other things)!

I'm not a doctor.

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