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Hi everybody,

I'm interested in making another hack at some point in the future, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I already read linkdead's opinion on it and I was happy to see that many things came across as intended.

I'm also aware that some players seem to have difficulties with dropping the throwblock on the first stage. I don't know why though, because I gave it a pretty big leeway.
Maybe it was not clear enough how it should be done? On the topic of this, I uploaded a walkthrough to my Youtube channel, so use that as a reference whenever your salt level reaches a critical value.

Have fun!

link to hack
Oh, yes! I'm so glad to hear that. Banzai Mario World was my first kaizo hack I've ever completed and, despite it's flaws, I loved it. Even got my name from it. :)
I wasn't able to find this on the list and I've never seen it before:

I tried many times but I could not replicate it, neither in Korosu nor in vanilla Mario World. I haven't tried TASing it, though.
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