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ok.....can anybody help me ?
maybe you know that the mountain next to the first level will grow up if you have done the first level. and.....i erased the mountain with lunar magic but if i make my own overworld near the erased mountains ....then the are growing too....but this is a glitch then. it destroyes my hole overworld -.-
has anybody got the full version of brutal mario?
I want to know what happenes if you take all the orbs to bowser
and i wanna see luigi's castle
hey guys some of you made their own custom sprites
can you tell me how to create a custom sprite?
hey everyone ^^
i saw the 5 high ratest hacks.
the highest was 9.1 but i saw this -> brutal mario english rate: 9.3

hey guys ^^
i just wanted to know who your favorite enemy is^^
my favorite enemy is mecha koopa ;D
1. Level ender of course ^^
2. Birdo
3. Mouser
4. Fire bar
5. Springboard appear
hey guys ;D everyone knows that dkc2 is one of the best games ever ;D
my question for today is : did you find all the 40 dk coins? i did it ;D

hey guys^^
i am still on level 1. but i write in the forum and i uploaded a hack.
but i am still on level 1.. why ;P?
my favorite enemies are....( without custom stuff ;P)

1.mecha koopa
2.clappin chuck
4.dino torch bouncing koopa
hey guys^^
the tip on smwcentral said : avoid using level 24.
why ;P?
wow =)
hey guys ;D
my question for today is : who is your favorite driver ;D?
hey guys ;D
what is your favorite donkey kong country ;D?
hey guys ;D
who is your favorite pokemon ;D?

i like is otaria ;D

Tag (a) was not closed.
hey guys ;D
what was your favorite course in SM64^^?
i like

Hey guys what is your top 5 music of donkey kong country 2=)?

my opinion ;P theme
2.forest interlude
3.stickerbrush symphony
4.rigging theme
5.cannon'S claim

snakey chantey is awesome ,too ;D

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