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Hi everyone, i'm new to the forums.

I'm having a problem with Sonikku's SMB3 Hammer Bro. Whenever I insert it with PIXI, it has the same problem as the original SMW Thwomp: sometimes doesn't interact with other sprites. I tried adding the sprite-sprite interaction routine in the HammerBro.asm (which was missing), and it worked, but now when the Bro overlaps certain sprites ( for example, a shell) the Bro animation changes from facing left to right like, 934837 times per second. In fact, this bug seems to be present for many custom sprites: the Chasin' Rex sprite faces the same problem. Is there a simple solution to this?

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.
Request 1: Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy - Slippery Climb - I know there is a sampled version, but I want it unsampled and based on the N Sane remix.

Request 2: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - Battle for Storm Hill - Unsampled.

Request 3: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WildN - Hyrule Castle Interiors - Unsampled.

Many, many thanks!
I was facing a similar problem while inserting the Crash Bandicoot TNT sprite. I solved it by downloading GIEPY from its GitHub page and not from the C3 GIEPY thread; not sure why but it worked.
Hello everyone,

Is there a way to change the P-balloon timer? Looking at the ROM map, it seems changing $019FA7 to EA EA EA EA EA makes it last forever, but I only want it to last longer.
Perfect! Many thanks Thomas :)
Try to check if the number in the text file matches the one you are using in your levels. If that doesn't solve the problem, I would recommend redownloading the sprites and trying to insert them again or even trying to insert them with GIEPY, to see if it's a PIXI bug. If you try the latter, be aware that GIEPY can't coexist with PIXI in the same ROM, so you would have to port everything to a new ROM.

GIEPY download:
To solve the Unknown macro problem, you just have to copy-paste the teleport routine which you can find in the download zip of the sprite into the libraries folder of GIEPY (or whatever folder you have the rest of routine files).

For the other problems, I don't have a clue, 'cause I'm not getting them (I'm using this version of GIEPY). Maybe make sure you have the "Enable extra bytes" check enabled when first using GIEPY in your ROM.
Originally posted by Mogu94
Name: Jumping Mechakoopa
Type: Sprite
Tool: Pixi compatible
Description: A Mechakoopa that hops around after Mario instead of it's usual janky walk. When jumped on, it acts as normal by going into it's stunned state and also can be picked up as per normal. Once out of stun, it starts jumping towards Mario once again. Rinse and repeat. Also a variation of this sprite that instead, once jumped on, starts flashing a few palettes before exploding.


I have seen in some ASM files the prefix ! instead of $ to reference some addresses. For example, instead of $150C, !150C. I'm sure it's a super simple question, but what is the difference between using each one? Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure if I understand... I don't see the difference between STZ $14C8,x and STZ !14C8 then (which I don't think it's correct, because I have seen indexed addresses with the exclamation mark, ie !14C8,x), because both of them will kill only the sprite in question, and not the others. What do you mean by "locally"?
Yeah I know about defines. I was talking about, to take a random example, the use of the exclamation marks in the following code (some part of the Ball n' Chain dissasembly):

CODE_02D643:		CLC				;\ update angle depending on direction of rotation
			ADC !1602,x			; | $1602,x is used to store the low byte of the ball n' chain angle

Here, the exclamation mark is not used as a define... (I think)
That could be an explanation. I'll take a look at that file. Thanks! Such a simple thing was driving me crazy :)
I think if you don't have Windows your best bet is to use a Virtualbox with a Windows ISO, and then create a shared folder. There are a lot of programs needed and some of them work with wine but others don't. About the mod compatible emulators, any snes emulator should work (I recommend Snes9x).
Originally posted by maxkm5st1
So I was having trouble with the retry system, and I think I must have messed something up when I was patching a couple other things earlier. I decided to port everything over to a new rom and followed the instructions here: Everything was ported over without problems but when I load into the emulator and die in a level, the screen fades out to black and nothing happens. Mario doesn't get sent back to the overworld. Why is this happening and how do I fix it? If there is a better way to remove patches from a rom I would appreciate it, I already tried applying the undo patch in this thread: Thanks for the help!

Seems like a incompatibily issue between some patches. Your best bet is to reapply, one by one, all the patches on a clean ROM, checking in all ocasions if the fade out is there or not, until you found the culprit/s.
It seems you will have to write and apply a simple patch for that. Check out this thread.
I've been following this project for quite some time and I have to say that even only with your words you can see the love and care you're putting into this. I REALLY like the aesthetics, they are very consistent throughout. I will try the C3 sampler to give you some feedback #tb{:j}.
The video was really interesting. I can definitely recognise those two tipes of level design in my creations. I think I use more the first type, but I tend to mix them in my levels, putting some landmass design between two setups. A full type 2-design level feels disjointed to me, just a collection of "setups" put together, but one cannot ignore the gameplay value that a well-designed group of setups has. Also, it's a lot more easy to adjust the difficulty of a setup-like level.
Originally posted by Romano338
I started doing it, got some new glitchs here and there... (black overworld, goal tape not moving).
I'm completely hopeless when it comes to that hack. It just pains me because I work so long on it but I should have delete it definitely weeks ago now...

Sorry, but I think erasing the hack only for that is just a rushed solution. If you have worked that hard in the hack I encourage you to try and find another solution for this. Maybe you can give up on some patches just to see if that solves it?
Maybe the problem is in the ROM itself. Have you checked it with Romclean?
Try changing:

	LDA $0F33	;load ones
	CMP.b #!TIME&15	;only low nybble
	BNE Return	;if not equal return

	LDA $0F32	;load tens
	CMP.b #!TIME>>4&15
	BNE Return

	LDA $0F31
	CMP.b #!TIME>>8&15
	BNE Return

	LDA $0F31
	CMP.b #!TIME>>8&15
	BCC Return

	CMP.b #!TIME>>8&15
	BNE teleport

	LDA $0F32	;load tens
	CMP.b #!TIME>>4&15
	BCC Return

	CMP.b #!TIME>>4&15
	BNE teleport

	LDA $0F33	;load ones
	CMP.b #!TIME&15	;only low nybble
	BCC Return	;if less than that, return

in the .asm file.

EDIT: Corrected a label. Now should work.
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