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hola lx5 tengo con los sprites no me los inserta
ni los bloques
hola tengo problemas con los powerup de lx5 me gustaria saber que significa unclosed statement
hello someone knows how to create a
Cooperative of 4 players that I need
Hello I have a problem with the treasure chest of this patch that does not finish the level
hello I have trouble inserting these blocks that I have to do
Hi, I have a small problem and I want to know what message belongs to each level. I'm using this patch with this sprite.
Thank you
hello, I have a problem with the treasure chest does not finish the level this is the patch

What would be the problem the patch or chest?
good morning, I want to know how to set up a vertical scroll with this patch I want the vertical level to go up
I have another problem, the other objects do not appear on the screen above because it will be
Hello, I'm sorry for asking so many questions

but why it does not show the other objects in the level, I'm using this patch , I configured it and I already did the rest
good morning I'm using this patch secret passages, but I have a problem why it tells me missing org or freespace command
thank you
Well, I was wondering if the player can move from one screen to another at a vertical level

:example if you move to the right you appear in left as in super mario bros 3 world 7-1
Hello, I would like to know how I can insert

because sometimes I do not know in what number they go

and in what number to insert them as levels overworld etc.
Hello, I was wondering if I could make the third layer act like lava and where I get a vertical level generator that makes you appear on the other screen as in smb3 world 7-1
yes, but it gives problems so if there is a sprite or code of uberasm
Hi, I've been using the powerups patch of lx5 this

and I asked myself if I can separate the colors of mario and create new ones for luigi since they share the same palette
hello I was wondering if there is a patch that allows me to change from mario to luigi in overwordl