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Request: I'm surprised none of the songs from this game was requested. Hope to see this
NameMighty Morphin Power Rangers The movie - Stage 5
Well...long time no see, SMW Central! Let me start off with intro. I'm SpoodahBro. For those of you who don't know [Or probably forgotten], this is actually my second account. I used to go by the name "SuperLario". But that was like in 2013. I also was in the process of creating a hack during that year called "The Adventures of Lario". However, many many many things had happened that required my attention and I just wasn't in the hacking mood; so I put the project on ice altogether, hoping to regain my flow. Unfortunately, that may have been a massive mistake because with how long I waited to get back into hacking; MANY THINGS have changed since I started hacking. New tools, New Utilities, A brand new version of Lunar Magic, New conveniences, you name it. This made things rather difficult for me. Well, come 2018; my flow returns and I decided to get back into it and adapt to the new stuff.

So with that out of the way, I present to you a new hack in the making!

--Mario Vs. The Deadly Allience--
[Not associated with Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat]

Five unnamed baddies in Bowser's Kingdom have been forming a group of their own after having been fed up with Bowser's incompetence and failure. Well finally, these five unknown enemies, referring to themselves as "The Deadly Alliance", finally make their move unbeknownst to Bowser. The five hijack Bowser's newest castle in the Quadra Region and take it upon themselves to kidnap the Princess. Mario must now hurry to the Quadra Region and save the Princess from this new imposing threat.

After the first world, Mario will enter the Main Island of the Quadra Region. This island is connected to four separate islands. Each island will have a means to travel to take Mario to its designated world. The objective is to go through the world, beat the member of the Deadly Alliance who inhabits said world and activated the Switch in the Switch Palace. All four switches must be activated in order to access the Final World. Mario can go in any order as he pleases, though difficulty may vary.

World 1 - Precious Plateau

1-1 [Goomba Greens]

1-2 [Hilltop Heights]

1-3 [House of Hammers]

1-4 [Frantic Fishies]

Castle 1 [Boom-Boom's Bastion]

So what I'm going for in this hack is keep it at a mid-range. Not too long and not too short. When I mentioned that "Difficulty may vary", I mean that in the sense that it depends on what island world you wish to go to. Once you beat the 1st world, its really up to you on what order you want to go.

This hack is being made under the same vein as Donkey Kong Country. By that I mean that every level will have its own theme/gimmick to it. Sure it may seem difficult to pull off, but the results will be well worth it for me.
And that's about it. I'm not sure when this thing will be finished. Knowing my luck, this hack will probably see itself being released sometime in 2019, if I'm being generous. However, this hack will not suffer the same fate that Adventures of Lario faced......I hope #ab{>_>}

I'll be posting more screens of the upcoming Worlds and Levels as time passes~! #tb{^V^}
I'm having some trouble applying the Flashlight UberASM into the game; but after inserting it; it comes out all janky and causes the entire level to dawn this strange light effect. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

I placed the name of the ASM just, placed the files on the Level folder, and the appropriate graphics where it should go. I had assumed that was it. I could really use the help because I'd like to incorporate this into a level of mine.
Originally posted by Skewer
Originally posted by SpoodahBro
[Not associated with Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat]
This is exactly why I came to the thread though. ;_;

Either way looking really nice, I'm mostly liking the looks of the House of Hammers and the castle level. The castle level is more my favorite as I've always loved the themes of the SMB3 Fortress levels.

Thank you very much~! I'm glad you think so. While I am happy to know that I've completed the starting World, I still got a long way to go. But progress is a smooth as it should be #smw{:TUP:}
Didn't there used to be a generator that makes it so that Mario is being pushed either to the left or right? Kinda giving the feeling of strong winds. What happened to them?

Been working steadily on this Hack! With the free time I had, I was able to work on the entirety of Wordl 2! I'm now happy to report that World 2 is now complete. So with that said, here's some screens!

World 2 - Spearmint Summit

2-1 Perilous Platforms

2-2 Vicious Vegitation

2-3 Enchanted Emerald

2-4 Temple Turmoil

2-5 Flooded Forest

Castle 2 - Spina's Spire

Originally posted by JetWing34
I saw that you're working steadily on your hack!

Looking at the screenshots you took, the map for World 2 looks great. There were no flaws at all for this map, and therefore it had a nice, clean design.

World 2-1, the first screenshot featured some question blocks, but the top ones should probably be removed. My reason for this is because it will allow more room to be made for Mario to actually jump/spin jump over the pipe with a green piranha plant. Another reason is to avoid excessive question blocks.

World 2-2, the first screenshot question - It's a great level design with two pipes and above them, a chargin' chuck punting footballs. My real question with the dragon coin after collecting it is, are there hidden blocks above it so that way you're not stuck?

World 2-3, I love the design of the level for both screenshots! Excellent level design and I also love the green magikoopa!

As far as the rest of the screenshots go, the levels are amazing. Keep it up!

Thank ya kindly~! I've been keepin hard at work with this! So with that, I present a new set of screens!

Plain and Simple, World 3 is now complete! Three down, three more to go~!

World 3 - Molten Mines

3-1 Blazing Barrels

3-2 Ruby Ride

3-3 Gatling Gauntlet

3-4 Fire Falls

3-5 Switchlight Stroll

Castle 3 - Fraud's Factory

Originally posted by SupInvisible
The graphics and design here are amazing. Are you still working on this game?

Thank you~! and yes, I still am working on fact, this is the perfect time to segway into the next Progress Report.

Another World has been completed! So happy with this one too!

World 4 - Withering Wasteland

4-1 Ghastly Glue

4-2 Sneaky Spiders

4-3 Lightning Leap

4-4 Dead Darkness

4-5 Creepy Chill

4-6 Tanks of Terror

Castle 4 - Soulpyr's Sanctuary

Originally posted by SMW S.N.N
Hey, hacking looks like fun.

I'd love to, but when will Demo 1 come?


I might put out a demo really soon. Like maybe around Early July. Although, I'm nearly completion with this hack (Even though there's still a few things I need to change)

That being said~! More Progress!!

After weeks of work, I have completed World 5! And with that, all 4 main islands have been completed! What's left to work on now is finishing and cleaning up the main overworld. And once that's done, I can finally move on to the main attraction itself; the final World; World 6. But for now, enjoy new screens!!

World 5 - Deltar District

5-1 Shell Streets

5-2 Drowning Danger

5-3 Tricky Topaz

5-4 Rocket Ruckus

5-5 Watery Weapons

5-6 Aggresive Arsenal

5-7 Balloon Boom

Castle 5 - Mowsa's Manor

Originally posted by The Yak Smoker
How come you haven't changed that ugly lavenderish grey palette yet? Was it the way I came off as?

I'm alittle confused on what exactly you are referring to XD if you can pinpoint that "lavenderish grey palette" you are finding unsavory (Like perhaps find the screen in particular), please show it to me so I can quickly examine it
Originally posted by The Yak Smoker
Originally posted by SpoodahBro
I'm alittle confused on what exactly you are referring to XD if you can pinpoint that "lavenderish grey palette" you are finding unsavory (Like perhaps find the screen in particular), please show it to me so I can quickly examine it

Well... Presumably everything that uses palette B the 4th of the sprite palettes. palette for all bluish lavender objects.
If that's to technical here are some examples of the objects that use said pallete.
1. The Urchin on the second picture of Frantic Fishies.
2. The Koopa Shell Mario is holding on the second picture of Flooded Forest, and the urchin again on the 3rd picture.
3. The Disco spotlight ball thing is on this palette in both pictures of Switchlight Stroll. (Also the Galoomba's Wings and the Hammer in the second picture.)
4. The Message Box in Tricky Topaz.
5. The first balloon in the first Picture of Balloon Boom.
6. The Rotodisc on the second picture of Mowsa's Manor.

Ah yes the standard Blue the came with SMW...yeah I didn't like that blue, but I didn't think to change it. But since you brought it up, I decided "what the hell?" and went with it.

How's this?
Hey Hey Hey! I'm back everyone~!! Sorry about the loooonnng absence. I took an...unannounced break from hacking due to some...many complications IRL. I won't go into too much detail as there are alot of downs that I...really don't want to get into. On the plus side, I've been keeping busy with a job; so that's good! But hey, you ain't here for that. Your here to see the latest updates.

I'm in the process of playing through the finished levels in order to find any bugs, issues, etc. I'll be posting a few screens of a level that isn't part of the main 4 islands. Also, recently, I've decided to change things up and added a few new levels; Secret Levels. These levels will be just as hard (if not harder) than the others.

But for now!! Here's a thing I can show~ The main Overworld, The Quadra Region

Stay tuned. I've got a few more screens prepared!
Originally posted by RedFoxGaming
Man, I wish I could build overworlds like this.

But besides the point, I'm definitely going to be following this. I like the graphics and the design and also like the pallet choices. This seems like a really interesting and good romhack.

Thank you kindly~! I'm working as hard as I can with this hack~! We are nearing the completion too! Speakin of which, onward to a new post.

Here's a level that isn't part of the main islands; but a main quest level regardless. Its the level you do before you make your way to the Main Islands.

-Quest For Quadra-

So say you've managed to beat all the islands, defeated the 4 members of The Deadly Alliance, and have pressed all of the colored Switches. What happens now? Well it would now be a good time to make your way to...

-The Switch Bridge-

This is level serves as your typical "Road to the Final World", kind of deal. However, you aren't able to gain access unless you have activated all four switches.

But if you do manage to press all the switches and activate the Bridge; you'll be able to make your way to World 6.......provided you get past this level first.

As for World 6 itself, I'm just about finishing up the final level before the Big Bad Castle itself. Once that level is complete; I'll show off World 6 in all its glory~
Thank ya kindly for the feedback so far! Highly appreciate it~!

Originally posted by Reiga
I've been liking this so far. Really like how almost every level sorta has its own signature palette, helps makes them stand out one from another

If I may point something out though, is that I feel the palette chosen for stuff like the Koopa's skin in the latest level may be too dark, and end up mixing in weirdly with elements like the hills in the level

Good job though!

Thanks~! I'm still fiddling with the colors so things are subject to change. But before we get to that; time now for another update~!

After getting back into the swing of things, I've decided to work on the final world. This world, of course, is going to have many tricks up its sleeve. The levels here are no joke. With it being the final world; you are almost certain that your skills will be put to the test! Here are the new screens!

World 6 - Chaos Crater

6-1 Hectic Highway

6-2 Brotherly Brawl

6-3 Ghoulish Galleon

6-4 Hungry Horrors

6-5 Bombastic Basement

6-6 Juiced-Up Joy Ride

6-7 Hazard Headquarters

6-8 Final Frontier

6-9 Deadly Destination

Of course, there's still the final castle; but that is yet to be finished. I'm saving that for after I finish all the secret levels...speaking of which; next update will be just that! Until then, see you next time~!

Why 1 of 2? Well because so far, I've managed to complete 3 of the 6 secret levels. So I figured I'd show off what I have completed so far!


S-1 Fuzzy Fungi

S-2 Murderous Mushrooms

S-3 Skyhigh Sprint


Apologies for the Double Post! But I'd like to post a few more screenshots with the last 3 Secret Levels!


S-4 Amethyst Antics

S-5 Reverse Route

S-6 Wasted Warehouse

At this point, I have nothing else to show! All that is left is the Final Castle. And like I said, that will take a while~! But just know that once the castle is complete; the game will be 98% complete. So what needs to happen now before this Hack can go gold? Well..

>Finish Final Castle (with Final Boss)
>Go through a full playthrough of the game to check for any last minute bugs, glitches, slowdowns, and any unfair level designs
>Last few adjustments
>Put this game up for Beta-Testing
>Make the necissary adjustments suggested by the Beta-Testers

And once that is done, this game will be fully complete. I'm not going to say when, but I'm looking at some time early 2019. Until then, see you next time~!
No new images; just a quick update!

The Final Castle's level layout is pretty much complete! I've also done a major sweep around the game and made a few more smaller changes to it as time went on. As far as I'm concerned, the hack is becoming more promising by the moment!

The hack should be ready for beta testing within late June, Early July months (Just before my Birthday)!

Thanks for keeping up with this project, folks! I promise you guys won't have to wait any longer! Its like 98% complete!
Hello Everyone~!! Been a long time, hasn't it? Alot of things has happened in my IRL life that's made me not focus on hacking. One of the biggest hits was my computer ate horse shit last year, so I had to re-install windows. Fortunately; I had my hack saved in a back-up so my progress was left off to when I had just completed creating the Final Castle. Alas; it still damaged my motivation, so I hadn't touched my hack for months.

Well I'm happy to report that with the new year, Mario vs. The Deadly Alliance is back from its random frozen fate. Progression has resumed and since then; I made a boat load of changes to my hack. I changed some levels, added some new ones, and made a massive overhaul to World 5. I'll post screens of that in another post. I just wanted to make this post to announce my return to Hacking.

Release date has changed. It is now slated for a 2020 release. I won't make any promise on exactly when, but I'm hoping maybe before Summer rolls around. I'll keep you posted on that.

So yea...I'm back y'all!
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