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Originally posted by SMW S.N.N
You've been waiting a long time. Long time no see.#w{:>}

By the way, when will it be released? It's already been the year of the race for 2020, and I just want to play this screen shot after a long time, and I want to deliver it to you.

Is it good to use random graphic effects? If you use Super Mario’s object while you’re changing the means, you’d better change the music no matter what the effects are, and you’d better use caution.

I think it's going to be neat and amazing.#w{=D}

Mario was in action by now, but suddenly, Mario was hit by a thunderstorm that caused a lot of lightning.

Mario, it's hard to bring pictures. I was wondering what to do, so this stage stopped taking chances.

We have to get to the end of the line, but the king cloud has to go there and meet with Luigi, Peach and Bouser, locked in jail, locked out.

You may only have to finish the stage, but you'd better release this key.

Tornadoes are hard to beat around storms. I'll tell you how to deal with it later.

It's important to know about Super Mario World that you've been working for.

You'd better subscribe to everything you need to create space for your design, that's it!

...Uh...Thank you? I'm sorry I have no idea what you just said #smw{^_^}
Originally posted by The Yak Smoker
I'm so glad to hear back from you man! Ever since you put up the update on the color change, I never heard from you again. It's perfectly fine to take a break from the hack here and there,
Take you're time and try not to rush and overwork yourself. I'm working on a hack myself and I've taken some pretty long breaks here and there.
Also you are EXTREMELY lucky to still have that ROM file after you're Hard Drive almost killed itself! I've heard from people that have suffered ALOT worse from hard drive crashes losing everything they have/worked on. So welcome back!#smw{:TUP:}

Oh trust me. This wouldn't be the first time this has happened to me. Back when I was younger, I actually made my own private Mario hack for me and my friends. But when my PC ate shit; I lost everything. So then after like a year or so later, I got back to hacking; but this time, I decided to play it smart and save my hack on a flash drive. Then, when the inevitable computer death happened; I was like "Not this time!".......only bad news was; I lost the flash drive to the hack. It was at that moment I gave up on hacking in definite....that is until 2018 rolled around.

And then I guess, as they say, the rest is pretty much history.
Originally posted by lordkronos100
Cool im glad you are back it were a shame if he would canceled and lost forever :D when i may ask which style had your Other Hack like that one or more Vanilla :D

I don't remember much about my old hack. What I do remember was that it used that one version of Super Mario World where all the graphics were based of Super Mario Bros. All-Stars. I used that hack as a base. But besides that; it was still very much vanilla.
Forgive the Double Post, but I'd like to finally post some new screens. These screenshots concern the biggest change I made to World 5, Deltar District (A City Based World). In short, I wasn't really too happy with it and I figured I could have done something much better. After exploring through SMW Central; I've finally come up with a new World 5 that I'm 100% satisfied with. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the NEW World 5

World 5 - Castle Calamity

A few things to point out. The graphics on this overworld are from the Castle Overworld Graphics made by Tob (All Credit goes to them). You might have noticed that this world already has the paths revealed. This was an intended design choice. I wanted to make it seem as though this Castle was already heavily inhabited by the boss, Mowsa, and her minions. Another thing to note is that this world's main color, which was once Yellow, is now Blue. The switch this time around is the Royal Blue Switch.

As far as the levels are concerned; most of the levels remained the same with some adjustments to go with the Castle Theme. Here are some screens to show you.

5-1 [Turtle Terrace] (Was Once Shell Streets)

5-2 [Drowning Dungeon] (Was Once Drowning Danger)

5-3 [Aggressive Arsenal] (No Name Change)

5-4 [Shifty Sapphire] (Was Once Tricky Topaz)

5-5 [Rocket Ruckus] (No Name Change)

5-6 [Watery Weapons] (No Name Change)

5-B Mowsa's Manor (No Name Change)

However, I did make one new level for this world. This level I much preferred it to over the last one. Contains a new layout and a new gimmick.

5-7 Detonation Dread (Was Once Balloon Boom)

Castle Calamity is pretty much 100% complete. Everything that was once from Deltar District is no more. All that's left now is to re-work Castle Calamity's Secret Level; Backwards Brigade and its pretty much done. Oh, I've also edited the final Castle themed level over at Chaos Crater as well; so that one is good to go. Progress is going by smoothly. In my next post, I'll show off some screens for some of the new levels I've created since my return to Mario Hacking. Stay Tuned!!
As promised, on my next post; I'd present some new screens showing off some new levels that I created. I figured I'd add em since they weren't part of the original posts I did show casing their respected worlds.

World 2 New Level - Conveyor Belt Craze

World 3 New Level - Searing Snakes

World 4 New Level - Spooky Sharpturn

World 6 New Level - Furious Flingers

At this point, there really isn't anything left to add or test. I pretty much have everything I need. The only thing I'm missing is a Final Boss. I'm using a place holder final boss until I can come up with something; but for now, it'll have to do. All I'm missing now is to do one last round-about for any last minute fixes and then this hack should be ready for Beta-Testing.

I pretty much new to this whole "Beta-Testing Call out" deal. Are there any important things I need to know before I begin? Please me know either here or on PM. Thanks in advanced!
Hello everyone~! SpoodahBro here, letting you know that my hack is officially ready for Beta-Testing! After much play testing on my own time, I finally feel comfortable enough to present this hack to others for Beta-Testing.

If you are interested in Beta-Testing this hack, please let me know here and I'll send you a PM with my hack.

One important thing I must note. I am not a professional by any means; so there may be somethings that won't look as nearly as impressive as you would normally see them in hacks of today. I'm still learning the basics and this is my very first hack I'm ever showing and releasing to the public. This doesn't mean I dont want any critiques. Just saying to keep that in mind lol.

If you'd like to know more about my hack, refer back to my post Here:

Alright. So. Any takers?
Originally posted by K.T.B.
I'll give it a shot.

Alrighty! Sending it your way
Originally posted by TheMorganah
Originally posted by SpoodahBro
If you are interested in Beta-Testing this hack, please let me know here and I'll send you a PM with my hack.

"If you need your hack tested, make a public thread in this subforum, and make sure that the opening post contains a link to your .bps." - rules section

Isn't a rule that links must be public here?
I mean, private test wasn't be considered as valid points.

Please show info about your hack, as screenshots, plot, difficulty, etc. This will make the work of testers easier.
By the way, you can read the rules here.

Ah shit! My bad! Alright I'll remake this post. Can someobody please close this thread? I'm gonna redo it
Hello everyone~! SpoodahBro here, letting you know that my hack is officially ready for Beta-Testing! After much play testing on my own time, I finally feel comfortable enough to present this hack to others for Beta-Testing.

One important thing I must note. I am not a professional by any means; so there may be somethings that won't look as nearly as impressive as you would normally see them in hacks of today. I'm still learning the basics and this is my very first hack I'm ever showing and releasing to the public. This doesn't mean I dont want any critiques. Just saying to keep that in mind lol.

With that said; here we go!

Five unnamed baddies in Bowser's Kingdom have been forming a group of their own after having been fed up with Bowser's incompetence and failure. Well finally, these five unknown enemies, referring to themselves as "The Deadly Alliance", finally make their move unbeknownst to Bowser. The five hijack Bowser's newest castle in the Quadra Region and take it upon themselves to kidnap the Princess. Mario must now hurry to the Quadra Region and save the Princess from this new imposing threat.

Your objective is to travel through the Quadra Region and its different set of worlds, each with their own theme. The objective is to go through the world, beat the member of the Deadly Alliance who inhabits said world and activated the Switch in the Switch Palace. All four switches must be activated in order to access the Final World.

After World 1, you have the freedom to go to any island that you wish; though difficulty may vary. World's 1 and 2 have a modest difficulty; where as World's 3-5 difficulty is increased quite a bit. World 6's difficulty is quite hard.


Originally posted by SMW S.N.N
Is this the full version? If I could go all the way, I'd love to. What's the exit?

Its the full version, yes
Originally posted by N450
I will be updating this post when more progress in the hack is made.
Well, first of all, let me say that the title screen looks good and can give the player an idea of how the hack will be. Also, the overworlds in the hack are great! Haven't found any perspective issue. Now for the worlds and levels:

World 1: Precious Plateau is a world that introduces the player to some stuff. There are some interesting levels, most of them have a traditional Mario game feeling. I found House of Hammers and Frantic Fishies to be the best levels in World 1. However, I found Fuzzy Fungi and Boom Boom's Bastion to be, maybe, quite too challenging for being World 1 levels, but that's just me. I found some small issues:

1. In Goomba Greens, this one's not really an issue, but you can lower the background on tile so the blue line at the bottom of the screen doesm't appear. Also, that piece of ground where the Dragon Coin is could be one more tile up, but that's more of a niptick:

2. Very minor cutoff in the cave section from Goomba Greens, probably unavoidable because of how the foreground was made. Not important, though:

3. There are only 4 Dragon Coins in Hilltop Heights.

4. A minor issue in Frantic Fishies. After cutting the goal tape, Layer 3 water disappears. Also, some levels have the goal post made differently from the normal ones as ypu can see in the screenshot (actually I don't see any problem there):

5. Fuzzy Fungi introduces a gimmick where Mushroom Platforms act in a certain way depending on their colour. From my point of view, I think it would be a good idea to tell the players how those platforms work. Also, while the level is decent, I think it can be, along with Boom Boom's Bastion, too challenging for being in World 1, due to some tricky jumps. At least, you
reward the player with 3 3-Up Moons
. This part of the level in the screenshot can be unfair due to the narrow space and the Fuzzies:

And now for the title screen level, The Quest to Quadra, it was a pleasant level, it keeps the Mario vibes quite well. Just a minor issue. After entering
the cave section with lots of coins after pressing the Blue P-Switch
, when coming back to the main level, getting the Coin Checkpoint can be a challenge. Maybe a block or something could help. Again, a minor niptick:

The hack is great so far, just some small nipticks, but very enjoyable!

World 2: Playtesting

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! A couple of things I wanna touch upon real quick on some of the points you made.

3 - Wow! How did I miss that? I'll fix that up.

4 - This happens quite alot actually. I'm thinking about creating an area that's meant to be used as exits only so I won't have to worry about the Layer 3 Graphic disappearing on me.

5 - The Thing about Fuzzy Fungi is that its meant to be an optional secret level. The optional levels are meant to be challenging as the reward for beating the challenging level is great! But I'll see what I can do about making the level just a bit fairer.
Originally posted by lordkronos100
Here is The Last Part of the Beta test a Bugy Yoshis House in The Credits was Found so far The Hack was Realy Nice to Play and Full Playable Good Work so far :D

Man that Fire Flower and Spin Jump became your biggest crutch XDD Joking aside, I saw your playthrough of the beta and you were great! Did not die even once!...though this means I might have to change a few things with some enemies.

Regardless, thank you for your feedback and play through of the game~!
Hey everyone~!! Just wanna say thanks to all of you who took up the offer in Beta-Testing this hack! I've gotten alot of great feedback (Even if it was just from 3 people haha). We're nearing the end of February and we are at the final stretch of this hack to its completion, So I should explain what are my next plans, as well as what are my future plans after this hack is complete.

With Beta-Testing wrapping up; I can now focus on my next plan. I intend to make adjustments to my hack based on the feedback that I got, as well as add and change a few things. What you saw in the Beta will NOT reflect what you end up getting in the final version. Some changes were made...some are major. some are minor. Once said changes have been made; I'm going to do one FINAL play test. While Doing so, I'll go ahead and gather up all of the credits needed for the End Credits. Let's hope I can remember who owned what XD Once all that is done; that only leaves one last final job...Creating the Actual Final Boss. gonna be a big challenge and I might need help on that one...We'll see how it goes.

So I know what your probably wondering. Will there be more after Mario Vs. The Deadly Alliance?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer (And I know this is probably speaking alittle too early on this haha): I intend to make a trilogy out of this; dubbed "The Chaos Saga". A trilogy of hacks in which Mario and the gang fend off against a new threat...that isn't Bowser. I'd say more...but that would just go into spoiler territory lol. Just know that what you see now is only the beginning~
Originally posted by K.T.B.
Are you still looking for feedback on the demo you sent out? I've still been playing it and making a lot of notes (it's going somewhat slowly because I do one world at a time, but it's still going nonetheless), and I feel like I've got quite a few bits of critique and comments that might be worth sharing once I'm done.

No worries. Still waiting on your feedback.
NameDonkey Kong Country 3 - Nuts and Bolts
midi fileLink

My #1 fav track on DKC3. Hope we can get this one.
Originally posted by Slash Man
Originally posted by SpoodahBro
NameDonkey Kong Country 3 - Nuts and Bolts
midi fileLink

My #1 fav track on DKC3. Hope we can get this one.

I started this one in 2014 and am finishing it

Oh hell yea! This is one of the songs I was definitely hoping for the most. Can't wait~
Hello Everyone~! I figured I'd let you all know that as of today; Beta-Testing is officially closed! Thank you all so much to those who participated. Things are now looking good for the hack as I'm nearly done with my personal play-testing.

From any and all new updates; please refer back to the original post here: Also, if there are any other Beta-Testers who still haven't gotten back to me with their comments and what not; please send them to me via PM.

Thanks again, everyone~!
Sup Everyone~! I'm here to provide you with one final update before this hack's release! I'd like to personally once again thank all of the Beta-Testers who came forward to beta-test this hack! I took your feedback in great stride and made lots of necessary adjustments! What were they? Well, you'll just have to wait and see in the final product~! Now then, here's whats happening so far.


Now that testing is done, I've made the last and final adjustments to the hack. Added some new things and change a few things here and there. One of the biggest things that I finally completed was the Final Boss (Who's identity is still remaining secret). But! The game does not end after you defeat the final boss! Upon defeating him, you now enter one last level...

-Enduring Escape- In this level, you simply have to escape the castle as it is crumbling to the ground. The level is relatively short but there is a challenge to it!

This level will then follow up with the Ending Credits, as well as one final message that will then lead up to the coming sequel of the Hack. And then from there, the Hack is pretty much done!

What I plan on doing now is doing one LAST LAST LAST personal playthrough; this time just for fun (and for any last minute editing) and once that's done; the hack is ready for release! When, you ask? Sometime this Week! Maybe Tomorrow! Who knows! Can't wait~ Stay tuned, folks~
Originally posted by The Yak Smoker
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Originally posted by The Yak Smoker
Originally posted by OGS93
Man, I dont care how edgy and stupid some people might think it is. I really dig the bloody forest. Its metal as fuck and gives some true emd game vibes. Good job bruv.

Who was saying that the bloody forest level was stupid? I honestly didn't even know there was a bloody forest level until you mentioned it. Then I scrolled up and saw it. I was like oh yeah, there it is... Still don't know what you're talking about.

I think he's referring to the fact that "edgy tryhard" stuff is usually looked down upon in various communities, and that he's saying that he likes the look of the level despite that fact. It's nothing to do with you, just people in general would look at it that way.

Personally I think it looks rad as well.

Who said it had anything to do with me? I just didn't know who said this thing first! That's all.

Its fine, really XD Even if people did look down upon "edgy" stuff, I'm not gonna let that stifle my creativity. If I have to undergo being called edgy just for the sake of keeping a design I love, so be it.
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