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This looks super fun.

EDIT: It is indeed, just beat it and it's way fun.
Hey y'all, MD here, happy to show off


I had hoped to get this out for C3 as a full release, but due to circumstance and not wanting to rush a really cool...thing, it'll be about a week until I can actually release it.


There are three worlds, in which the levels may be played in any order with a boss at the end of each. Once all bosses in a world have been beaten, a door in the hub will allow you access to the next world.

The hack has 11 exits, 12 bosses, a MOSTLY brand new set of ports to keep the music fresh and a bunch of secrets. Levels are fast paced, roughly a minute in length and (hopefully) full of interesting tricks.

Here, have some gameplay.

Sorry for the janky gif sizes lol

Originally posted by FedoraFriday
Oh my word that Toad house is mildly terrifying.


Originally posted by SammmUuU
This one is the type of hack that attracts me a lot to play. I liked your work building "Darkstar" and, according to screenshots and gifs, I believe that I will have a lot of fun playing. Great aesesthics and tricks!

Great work MD :D

Thanks, friendo.
Originally posted by KevinM
I've already seen most of the levels from playtest streams or vids you showed me, so I already know this is going to be good (and hard as shit). Can't wait to see people get wrecked :)

Hack sounds pretty good too, thanks dude #smw{:peace:}
Been months of not working on it at all periodically, one of the main reasons it's not done yet, could have been forever ago lol
Originally posted by Scrydan
This looks rather nice and intense! I can see some really interesting jumps in those gif screenshots. The teaser really has me looking forward to when it is ready. Good work! ^.=.^

Yeah, it is relatively difficult, but I tried to tone it down from my last hack Darkstar (which was monkaS tight) while still keeping it hard. I think the shorter levels do wonders for balancing that.
Originally posted by idol
loving all the custom sprites used here - i kinda feel like chocolate elements are the future of interesting kaizo.

If only I could wrap my head around chocolate physics. Sprites are best chocolate anyways #lm{sprites}
Originally posted by Katerpie
For a "couldn't finish in time for C3" content, this is nothing short of amazing, from the gameplay to the aesthetics. I mean, Invictus already set a quite high bar for our innovative kaizo hacking standards, so this one isn't different. The screenshots depict some creative mind from you.
Definitely keep on developing this hack! I'm looking forward for a final release #smrpg{<3}

Hey, thanks! It is functionally finished aside from a...thing (and my perpetual obsessive polishing until release) but is well worth an extra week or so wait imo. Glad to see people interested!

Originally posted by ECS.98
This hack looks really cool!
The gifs show a lot of really clever gimmicks, with creative design that looks very fun to play through! It seems you're going for a very interesting format with the freedom to choose the level order and every level having a boss.
I don't know if i'd have the skill to play this, but i look forward to the release.

Kinda took inspiration from Bui Bui with the boss thing, I think they're the only ones to do it otherwise. Thanks a bunch!

Originally posted by Counterfeit
This looks hectic! I think making a Kaizo level out of a Toad House and beating up on poor Toad is pretty funny, too. This is also quite visually appealing with solid use of SMAS/SMW graphics. It's pretty cool that on the overworld and above the boss door it has a portrait of the boss you will face.

Toad sick of Mario stealing his treasure and shit #smw{x_x}

Tested by louisdoucet, SJ_And_CharlieTheCat. Cnaught, MarcyAugust and Canuck

Clear vid, edited out deaths-

This is really cool, I use the RHR baserom for everything but this has direction a lot of newcomers might lack. Good shit.
That dolphin stacked on the yoshi house bird lol that's pretty smart
Love this but the only thing I dislike is the ability to spin jump literally everything but I get it would be insanely hard otherwise.
Does this work if you place it at the end of a level or is it still restricted to the first screen? Asking for a friend.
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